Chapter 10 - 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One

Chapter 10: A Strange Encounter

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Cheng Anya and Yang Zekun arranged to meet for a meal at a French cafeteria.

Yang Zekun, who came from a family of distinguished lineage, was Cheng Anya’s senior by two years. He was a well-known gentleman in the upper-class society, possessing good looks and a graceful disposition. He always had a light smile on his countenance.

When the both of them were studying in England, Yang Zekun and Cheng Anya were on very good terms. He was kind, magnanimous, elegant, and refined, He was practically the dream lover of many girls akin to Prince Charming, ever so gentle and grandeur.

Two years ago, a decree from the Old Master Yang summoned Yang Zekun back from England, and Yao Hua Group was officially handed over to him.

This chivalrous guy possessed great skills in the business world. Yao Hua Group grew steadily under his lead. Knowing that Cheng Anya was returning back to the country, Yang Zekun had the intention to recruit her.

Cheng Anya had only agreed to him the day before after she pondered for a long time. She had not expected Ning Ning and Li Yun to mess it up. Therefore, she could only reject his offer now.

After getting stuck in the traffic for the whole journey, she finally arrived twenty minutes later than the scheduled timing. Filled with remorse, Cheng Anya cursed City A’s terrible traffic softly as she ran in the direction of the cafeteria hastily.

In a moment of inattention, her high heels missed a step. Cheng Anya let out a scream, tottered and fell forward. “Ah…”

As she knocked onto a man’s hard chest, a clean and light tobacco smell wafted. Confused, Cheng Anya grabbed the man’s hand in panic.

What a warm temperature!

“Sorry, sorry…” Cheng Anya showcased her most sincere smile and was about to apologize properly when her mind went blank momentarily. Her heart thumped at the sight before her.

Ye Chen was waiting for Yun Ruoxi to have lunch. Just as he alighted at the station, he saw a lady stumbling and crashing over. He extended his hand and held onto her subconsciously. Abundant in pleasant fragrance, lustrous hair, pale skin, and a dainty hand that seemed boneless—these made Ye Chen feel a sense of déjà vu.

Her pupils were dark as ink drops, yet they sparkled brighter than the sun. A tinge of sadness enveloped the young lady’s visage, making it hard to take one’s eyes off her.

The bubbling adrenaline rush from just now painted hues of red on her fair skin and delicate facial features. Her natural rosy cheeks flushed a deeper shade of red; a resemblance of moist peaches.

Chen Anya’s smile stiffened!

Why was it him? It was not due to her good memory that she remembered the one night stand she had with Ye Chen seven years ago. Instead, it was because she faced the mini version of Ye Chen—Ning Ning—daily. She could not forget about it even if she wanted to.

That aura of elegance was still the same as before.

The first feeling that Cheng Anya had was to escape and run far away.

Ye Chen’s mien puckered, but forced a smile nonetheless. “Miss, do I look very scary?”

Cheng Anya shook her head subconsciously.

Ye Chen asked, “Why did you avoid me?”

He forgot about her?

It was normal to forget. It had been seven years after all. Their fate was short-lived like morning dew.

But what was with the surge of sour feeling in her heart?

The guy wore a tailor-made Armani suit. The fitting cut accentuated his robust body and profound facial features.

The indifferently elegant aura and cold gaze—every move of his was carried out in a kingly style.

Cheng Anya cursed silently. Do most money boys have such high quality? Are they all this bewitching? It is really sinful!

“Sorry, I am in a hurry.” Cheng Anya smiled and bowed politely. Wiping off her dumbfounded expression, she calmly walked past him and headed to the cafeteria.

She found out that she was pregnant a month after she left City A for England that year. She was stunned and very surprised.

Since it was tough to learn a new language and prepare for school admission at the same time, her aunt suggested to abort the child.

However, Cheng Anya stubbornly kept Ning Ning and delayed her studies by a year for him. She had never regretted it.

This child is her everything!

It did not matter how the child came about. Cheng Anya was very grateful to Ye Chen for giving her a child. It was because of Ning Ning that she was able to bear with the endless loneliness, mockery, and the hardships of living in a foreign land.

Cheng Anya floated into the cafeteria like a ghost, her feet trembling. She honestly did not think that she was still able to see him again.

Ye Chen looked at Cheng Anya’s back, thinking that the view was very familiar. He pondered in silence as sunlight left its traces on his shoulders, covering him with a faint halo.

“Sorry, Chen, I came late!” Arriving late in a light yellow western-styled dress, Yun Ruoxi’s gentle and beautiful facial features brimmed with apologies.

Ye Chen suddenly realized. He finally understood why he found it so familiar. That girl’s eyes and back view looked similar to Yun Ruoxi’s.

“Let’s go have our meal!” Ye Chen smiled gently and hugged Yun Ruoxi as they walked toward the cafeteria.