Chapter 9 - 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One

Chapter 9: The Genius Son 2

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MBS International, President’s office.

Wearing a body-fitting Armani suit, Ye Chen sat on the sofa made of genuine leather. This young president with a pair of cold eyes and enchanting face commanded respect and emanated a sense of elegance to the point of indifference.

Fragmented streaks of sunlight slanted in and leapt on his body, casting a layer of intimidating charm.

Ye Chen, twenty-seven years old, the Ye family’s third young master who graduated from Harvard University. Ever since he took over MBS International three years ago, he relied on his own efforts and capabilities to build a name for himself in the industry, bringing MBS International to new heights.

Iron-fisted style and decisive strategies had allowed this young president to become influential and successful in every endeavour.

At the same time, he was also the notorious promiscuous president. With a billion yuan’ worth in status and a handsome face, Ye Chen was a target all ladies fought to please, especially celebrities. He could pick anyone—plump or slender—as he pleased.

It was rumored that Yun Consortium’s princess, Yun Ruoxi, was his official girlfriend. Marriage was already in the cards for the couple, and their intimate photographs were also reported by major newspapers in the past.

Nevertheless, Ye Chen’s speed in changing his female partners remained astonishing. Celebrities, socialites, girls from respectable families, daughters of humble families—so long as Ye Chen was interested, they never escaped his palms.

With the exception of Yun Ruoxi, no lady ever stayed by his side for ten or more days. Third Young Master Ye’s game rule was to part with no hard feelings. His wealth and good looks might induce people to flock to him, but his coldness and iron fist deterred people from having the guts to pester him.

Therefore, he had the reputation of a promiscuous president.

At this very moment, his eyebrows were knitted in a frown unhappily. He swept a cold look past his secretary, You Lili.

Said secretary bursted into cold sweat. Although she was the wife of his good friend, she could not help feeling scared. Nobody expected she would get pregnant all of a sudden and was forced to leave. “President, I will select a suitable candidate to be your secretary.”

“No need!” Ye Chen narrowed his pair of eyes and answered callously, “Notify the Human Resources department to advertise!”

You Lili hesitated for a moment before deciding to risk the chance of getting scolded. “President, I know a suitable candidate. Will you consider it?”

Oh god, Ye Chen’s facial expression was beyond frightening. Was she destined to fail at the first hurdle?


“I have a friend who worked as a secretary under GK International’s president for a year. She has just returned and is currently looking for a job. With her outstanding capabilities, I dare affirm she is definitely more competent than me for this secretary position.”

GK International? Her capabilities must be indisputable if she was able to work there as a secretary for a year. Klose, that pervert, changed secretary every month and was full of idiosyncrasies, demanding strict requirements, rejecting nymphos and flower vases alike 1 . For those who managed to work under him for three months were usually deemed to be the world’s most capable secretary .

“Pass the resume directly to the Human Resources department. There is no need for an interview!” Ye Chen said firmly, “Get her to report to work on Monday!”


At a certain condominium.

Cheng Anya was dumbstruck and went silent for a long while upon answering Li Yun’s call. “Damn it, Li Yun! Have you gone mad?! You actually passed my resume to MBS! Ugh, I want to kill you!”

“My good sister, it was not easy for me to plead Lili to help you speak. They offer 70,000 yuan monthly salary. If I have the capabilities, you would never get this chance. What are you not contented with? Moreover, I only passed your resume to Lili because darling Ning Ning said you have agreed to it. Aiya, I don’t care anymore. You taking on this job is settled! You will report directly to MBS’ 32nd floor—the President’s office, precisely—on Monday, you heard me? I have something to attend to so I will hang up for now. We’ll talk tonight.”

Cheng Anya…

“Sorry, Mom. I thought Mom was in a hurry to find a job so I consented.” At the kitchen table, Ning Ning crinkled his eyebrows, feeling wronged. Tears started to flow down his pale face.

“Darling, be good. It’s fine. Mom initially promised Uncle Zekun to join Yao Hua Corporation… But it’s alright. At most, Mommy will just have to push it away. It’s not a big issue. Mom will look for Uncle Zekun and inform him of this.”

“Mommy really doesn’t blame Ning Ning?”

“Even if Ning Ning sold Mommy away, Mommy would still help Ning Ning count the money.” Cheng Anya kissed her son’s delicate face and missed the sly smile that flashed on Ning Ning’s lips.

Mom, I have really sold you away!