Chapter 7 - 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One

Chapter 7: Cheng Anya’s Violence

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It had been two weeks since Cheng Anya returned, and everything had been going smoothly.

The apartment that Li Yun rented for them was close to the school—just a ten-minute walk. The transportation in the area was relatively convenient with well-equipped facilities. The environment was also quiet, making it very suitable for them to live in.

Cheng Anya brought Ning Ning to visit Daddy Cheng

Daddy Cheng and Gao Mei were still living in the ghetto. Seven years ago, Lin Li borrowed money from some loan sharks and ended up getting caught by an underground organization. There had been no trace of her since then. The people from the underground organization were fiends that commoners like Daddy Cheng and Lin Li’s mom could not afford to anger.

Due to the tough life, Gao Mei’s temper worsened over time. Daddy Cheng was an even-tempered person, always putting up with her. It was hard for them to get by.

Cheng Anya had been extremely busy these past few years, juggling between her academics, caring for Ning Ning, and working part-time. As such, she was not able to return home and could only chat with Daddy Cheng over the phone every week without fail.

Seven years had passed just like that. Looking at the strands of white hair on Daddy Cheng’s head, Cheng Anya felt an indescribable sadness in her heart.

“Anya? Are you Anya?” Gao Mei’s eyes lit up upon seeing Anya’s fashionable appearance. “Anya, let’s leave. I have had enough of this place. Your father is useless, and he barely has any savings despite having worked hard all his life. Fortunately, he has a filial daughter like you. Get us out of here quickly. I am your mother by law no matter what, so you have the responsibility to support me.”

“I only have one mother. You are merely my stepmother.” Cheng Anya smiled sweetly.

‘Damn it, some things never change. How dared she mention my filial responsibility! If it wasn’t for my dad, I would have torn down your facade. If it wasn’t for the greed of you and your daughter, my dad wouldn’t have suffered all these years.’

“What did you say, you ungrateful girl! Aiya, why is my life so tough! Cheng Anya, I don’t care. You have to get me out of here!” Gao Mei wailed, making a scene on the floor. Daddy Cheng watched her helplessly.

Ning Ning tugged on Cheng Anya’s sleeve, his voice young and innocent, saying, “Mommy, I finally understand what you meant by ‘a retard’ that time.”

Gao Mei’s wails halted abruptly. “My darling is so clever!” Cheng Anya laughed merrily.

“How dare you insult me, you bastard… Ah!”


Cheng Anya’s slapped Gao Mei harshly, silencing her sharp screech. “I dare you to repeat that!”

Cheng Anya had a pure and innocent appearance, always wearing a harmless smile. Only those close to her knew that she was not a force to be trifled with. She could still be smiling at them even if she actually felt like chopping them into pieces.

At this moment, she finally ripped apart this innocent facade, her eyes shining with fury. If possible, she would love to whack her with a wooden stick.

She would fight anyone who dared to touch her darling.

Frightened, Gao Mei fell to the ground and wailed, “This daughter just hit her mom! Everyone come and be the judge! She must be punished…”


‘With your acting skills, you should go and be an actress. You will probably be awarded for your performance, you know?’

“Are you done making a scene?” Daddy Cheng could no longer tolerate her nonsense. He brought Cheng Anya and Ning Ning away with him. He must have been blind to have married her back then. That very decision destroyed his life!

“Dad, come over and stay with me so that I can take care of you. I worked in England for a year during my study and still have some savings. I can take care of you and Ning Ning without any problem.”

Daddy Cheng sighed and caressed his grandson’s head. “Anya, don’t trouble yourself over this. You know how Gao Mei is like. If I go to stay with you, she will come along too. The lack of money at home can at least deter her gambling addiction. If she knows that you have some money on you, she will probably waste it away again. Dad cannot drag you down. It was hard for you to get to where you are today. You can’t ruin that because of your dad. Moreover, you have to take Ning Ning into consideration as well.”

“Dad… Do you expect me to just look on while you are suffering?”

“Dad is already used to it. I am satisfied as long as both of you are well.”

“If so, I will bring Ning Ning over to visit you once I am free. If you have time, you can also come over and stay with me for a few days. Ning Ning will also be very happy.”

“That’s right, Grandpa. Ning Ning also wants you to tell me stories.”

“Good boy. Grandpa got it.”