Chapter 6 - 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One

Chapter 6: A Brief Encounter Between Father and Son

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Seven years later.

City A’s airport.

A fair-skinned little boy stood in the airport hall. He had milky-white skin, exquisite features, and a cute face. Despite the adorable appearance, an elegant smile was etched on his face. He was practically the child version of a gentleman.

Every part of him was perfect beyond belief, stealing the hearts of numerous tourists—young and old alike.

“Ning Ning…”

“Mommy, I’m here!” Cheng Ningyuan waved his little hands to welcome his beloved Mommy with a smile.

Cheng Anya’s straight hair cascaded down her back, a pair of sunglasses shielding her eyes from view. She wore a rosy red blouse with a diamond-studded belt around her waist and finished off her attire with a pair of red high heels. She looked youthful and fashionable.

Finally, I’m back!

The hometown that I’ve missed for 7 years… Even the air seems fresher than London’s!

“My darling, how does it feel like to be in our hometown?” Cheng Anya stabilized her luggage before bending down to kiss Cheng Ningyuan’s face. She really loved him too much.

“The weather here is better than London’s.”

Cheng Anya removed her sunglasses. The sweet smile on her pure and fresh face concealed her cunning thoughts. “Come on, let’s go and blackmail Auntie Yun. Remember to give her a huge kiss when you see her. This way, both of us will have a sumptuous meal.”

“Got it, Mommy!” Ning Ning blinked in all seriousness. The partners-in-crime headed toward the exit.

Her son was really too smart.

In the airport hall, Ye family’s housekeeper asked curiously, “Old Master, what are you looking at?”

Old Master Ye’s sharp gaze landed on the mother and son as he fell into a deep thought.

“Did you see that little boy just now?” Old Master Ye’s voice was slightly cold. The housekeeper followed his gaze, only to see young Ning Ning’s retreating back.

“What about it?” the housekeeper asked in confusion.

Even though it was just a glimpse, the boy resembled Ye Chen greatly.

That face, although young, was so similar; it was like seeing the face from when he first met the child all over again.

With a hidden expression, Old Master Ye shook his head slightly. “It’s nothing. I may have been mistaken. Let’s go!”

“Yes, sir!”

Li Yun was Cheng Anya’s close friend when she was studying abroad. She returned three days earlier than Cheng Anya and her son.

She could not stop hugging Ning Ning ever since they returned. The mother and son did not even have to do anything and were immediately treated to dinner.

This was a renowned Hunan restaurant. Its dishes were greatly influenced by local flavors.

Upon alighting, Cheng Anya went to use the restroom. Li Yun made Ning Ning wait for her while she went to park the car. Li Yun appeared from another exit, waving at Ningyuan. “My darling, come over here.”

Running over with a smile, Ning Ning accidentally bumped into a man, almost falling. His small foot stepped on the man.

“I am sorry!” Ning Ning immediately bowed his head in apology. Growing up in England since young had undoubtedly turned the boy into a little gentleman.

After apologizing and seeing that the man did not blame him, Ning Ning walked over to Li Yun. Li Yun was relieved to see him uninjured and brought him into the restaurant.

“Chen, what’s wrong?” a delicate lady asked sweetly, her arm hooked onto his in an intimate manner.

Why does he keep looking at that little kid?

Ye Chen shook his head, his icy pupils narrowing. He did not know why as well. It was as if the kid bumped into the softest part of his heart, causing it to throb slightly. Ye Chen regretted not getting a clearer look at his face.

“It’s nothing, let’s go!” The both of them entered a neighboring Western restaurant together.

Just like that, the father and son had a brief encounter.