Chapter 2 - 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One

Chapter 2: Accidental Love

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She had a pair of beautiful eyes, bright and clear. Her pupils resembled drops of paint—the color of pristine onyx stones—crystal clear and witty. It was as though her eyes encompassed the beauty of the whole world.

“Eh? Are all money boys 1 so handsome nowadays?” Cheng Anya muttered to herself.

This guy was way too good-looking! According to Lin Li, the ones at this pub were all top-notch quality. Outstanding looks, elegant aura—this guy basically had it all.

Ye Chen’s face fell, his long and slender pupils narrowing dangerously.

He, Ye Chen, a money boy? F*ck this damn girl! You’re dead!

Before he could even say anything, Cheng Anya held onto his collar, asking viciously, “Hey, how much do you charge per night?”

The veins on his forehead bulged, his ice-cold eyes shooting soul-chilling gazes. The arm around her waist tightened suddenly, her soft body bumping into his rock-hard chest. “You are here to find a guy?”

“Obviously, why else would I ask you?”

Not only was this guy good-looking, he even had a pleasant voice!

“Very well!” Ye Chen’s voice sent shivers down one’s spine. For some reason, hearing her say that caused him to boil with rage. He dragged her into the private lift. Since she was here to find a guy, there was no need for him to have any reservations, was there?

He was initially in no mood whatsoever after rejecting numerous women who tried to flirt with him. However, her appearance stirred a spark within him.

By the time Lin Li and Mr. Rude returned to the pub after getting their receipt, Cheng Anya was no longer there. Lin Li stomped her foot angrily, and a murderous glint appeared in Mr. Rude’s eyes.

Cheng Anya’s body was sweating, causing her to start moving restlessly in the lift. A pure and innocent lady transformed into a sexy goddess. Her young body rubbed against Ye Chen’s body, fragrance lacing her breath.

“Hmm, this guy smells really nice. Light tobacco scent without any artificial perfume, clean and warm.”

Forgetting his anger, he lifted her chin devilishly, his deep eyes gazing into her beautiful ones. Unable to control himself, Ye Chen lowered his head and kissed her red lips.

His nimble lips pried open her mouth, hooking her pretty little tongue. He sucked and bit lightly. His actions sent a shock down Cheng Anya’s back, her whole body shuddering. If it wasn’t for Ye Chen’s grip on her, she would have fallen to the ground in shame.

This guy’s seductive ability was no joke!

This woman was like a poppy seed, dangerous and lethal.

The two young bodies were practically glued together, rubbing against each other furiously. Cheng Anya’s cheeks turned rosy as Ye Chen’s breath labored. The whole space was filled with ambiguous passion.