Chapter 3 - 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One

Chapter 3: One Million Yuan and Ten Million Yuan

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Ye Chen who could no longer restrain himself closed the door with a bang. He turned around and pressed Cheng Anya to the door. With one hand cupping her head, he kissed her lips harshly.

His handsome face flushed furiously, causing the atmosphere to heat up with passion.

Ye Chen’s beast-like approach scared Cheng Anya. “Oh… Hold on… Bastard… Let go of me…”

“What’s wrong? Are you playing hard to get now?” The deep red streaks in Ye Chen’s eyes warned her of simmering danger. He pinched Cheng Anya’s chin evilly. “Since you started this fire, you have to be the one to extinguish it!”


F*ck! Don’t you have any better way to put it?

Cheng Anya was slightly frustrated with him for using the same words repeatedly in this situation.

Fire, fire… I hope you get burned by it!

Cheng Anya swallowed her saliva nervously. To be honest, she really felt a little afraid now. What should she do? Moreover, what’s with the sudden rush of heat in her body? She was heating up, face flushing harder by the second. Her gaze toward Ye Chen was practically dripping with lust.

I really want to kiss him… I want to touch him…


What kind of strange concoction did Lin Li make her drink?!

The unfamiliar feeling caused Cheng Anya’s gaze to wander confusedly. Given that she drank some alcohol and was even drugged, it was a miracle that she managed to stay conscious for so long.

“You were drugged?” Ye Chen finally realized something was wrong with Cheng Anya. No wonder her body temperature was so high. He had even thought it was because of… The young lady’s cheeks were flushed, her seductive gaze resembling silk.

It was like an enticing drawing coming to life—the kind of temptation that all guys found irresistible.

“Damn it, why would you come to a place like this by yourself! Didn’t you realize that you were drugged?”

Enraged, the usually cold and calm Ye Chen could barely contain his anger. If this silly girl bumped into someone else, then… that person could do whatever he wanted with her?

The thought of other guys seeing her in her current state caused a killing intent to rise within Ye Chen.

No, she’s the one that should be killed!

Unable to tolerate how dry her mouth felt, Cheng Anya stuck out her tongue to lick her lips. In Ye Chen’s eyes, such an action was undoubtedly a coquettish move, an absolute seduction.

Ye Chen gave a devilish smile in return as he lifted her chin with ambiguous passion. The tips of his fingers brushed against her soft red lips. His hot breath engulfed Cheng Anya’s ears, sending an electric shock through her entire body.

Damn it, this guy is really a demon! Why does he have to be so good looking? She’s falling hard for him!

“If you are really trying to play hard to get… Congratulations, you have succeeded!”

He lowered his head, attempting to kiss her.

Damn it, still playing hard to get! Don’t you think you are overconfident?

Cheng Anya’s face was rid of all infatuation. With a sweet smile, she said, “Before that, how much do you charge per night exactly?”

She would not be able to afford a high price. Initially, Cheng Anya wanted to wait for Ye Chen to name a price before telling him she could not afford it and escape from this situation. However, the reality was never the same as what one imagined.

Ye Chen’s face took on a livid look. F*ck!

He’s the great Third Young Master Ye. When did he fall to a point so low that allowed someone to buy him? This damn girl!

He laughed deprecatingly and lifted Cheng Anya’s chin in anger. His deep red gaze had the ability to bewitch the heart, causing Chen Anya to indulge in it, “One million! I will buy you for a night!”


Cheng Anya’s brain exploded with a bang!

Damn it, the one thing she hated was people who acted high and mighty just because they were rich. Those people always looked so arrogant.

She felt anger consuming her entire being, yet a sweet smile was plastered on her face. Cheng Anya raised her head haughtily with a disposition befitting of a queen. Arrogance seeped into her voice. “Ten million yuan. I will buy you for a night. How about that?”

Damn it, you want to compare our riches? I can even knock you out with money, haha.

I can sure as hell burn as much money as you want!