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Fu Xiaoxiao looked at Fu Hang incredulously and said in astonishment, “Second brother, what are you talking about? She clearly…”

“You can head home if you don’t want to stay here!” Fu Hang looked coldly at Fu Xiaoxiao and didn’t say anything else. His brows knitted as he glanced at Shen Yan, who was not far away.

If he had not seen it with his own eyes, he would not have believed that Shen Yan would turn out like this.

Fu Xiaoxiao pouted reluctantly. Then, she picked up the auction manual. She must bid for a few more items to comfort her wounded heart.

Soon, the auction began.

Shen Yan was not interested in the first three items. She came to the auction venue today to bid for the fourth exhibit, the aquamarine.

“This aquamarine is about 200 grams. It is blue on the inside, and it appears green on the outside. Not only that, but it is also clear and transparent! This gives it a high collection value,” the auctioneer introduced the details of the aquamarine. Then, he continued with a smile, “The aquamarine starts at five million dollars. Each increment must not be less than ten thousand dollars. Let the auction begin!”

“Six million dollars.”

“Six million dollars.”

Fu Hang and Shen Yan raised their placards and bid at the same time.

The two of them glanced at each other upon hearing each other’s voice.

Shen Yan sat there indifferently. Then, she raised her eyebrows and said with a smile, “President Fu is ungentlemanly as always. Oh, wait! You are only gentlemen to crying women. I wonder if you let me have the aquamarine to me?”

Fu Xiaoxiao, who was sitting next to Fu Hang, heard Shen Yan’s sarcastic words and grunted coldly. Although her brother would not quarrel with Shen Yan in public, it was different for her. She was always thick-skinned.

“Shen Yan, you think you can afford it with your nouveau riche manner?” Fu Xiaoxiao still remembered that Shen Yan was a woman who could not even afford an ordinary brand during their first meeting. How could Shen Yan afford to come to this kind of auction?

“Seven million dollars.” Shen Yan could not be bothered to talk to Fu Xiaoxiao. She raised her placard and continued bidding. She liked this aquamarine very much and wanted to make it into a necklace to wear!

Fu Xiaoxiao proudly raised the placard in her hand and exclaimed haughtily, “Eight million dollars. I propose to check Shen Yan’s account. She definitely doesn’t have that much money in her account!”

The auction had a rule that the assets of each attending guest would be tallied in advance.

When the auctioneer heard her words, he smiled politely and replied, “Miss Fu, Miss Shen has the Black Diamond Card of our Jia Hang Auction.”

Black Diamond Card?

Fu Xiaoxiao was stunned for a moment. There were only three black diamond cards in the entire An City, and the Black Diamond Card could not be transferred to others. She did not even have it, but Shen Yan actually had it?

On what basis?

Shen Yan had a black diamond card, but she did not have one?

Fu Xiaoxiao was flustered, and she walked out with her phone exasperatedly. She had to get her father to give her a Black Diamond Card for the auction!

“Ten million dollars.” Shen Yan calmly glanced at the auctioneer and raised her placard.

This time, Fu Hang was very tactful and did not compete with Shen Yan. Not only that, he did not bid as long as Shen Yan raised her placard.

The auction had already ended when Fu Xiaoxiao came back after finishing her call.

“Second brother, what did you bid for?” Fu Xiaoxiao looked at him with anticipation. She had requested Fu Hang to help her bid for a few pieces of jewelry.

“Nothing,” Fu Hang said expressionlessly. All the items that Fu Xiaoxiao had her eyes on were bought by Shen Yan, and it was not convenient for him to snatch the bid.

Fu Xiaoxiao glanced at Fu Hang incredulously. She took a deep breath and said in confusion, “Second brother, you promised me…”

“I’ll buy you something else in the future,” Fu Hang said perfunctorily. He tilted his head and glanced at Shen Yan, who was sitting not far away. He was extremely puzzled.

“Alright then,” Fu Xiaoxiao said in disappointment. Anyway, her father already promised to get her a Black Diamond Card. She would become a reputable person in An City in the future. “Oh right, Grandpa asked you to bring Shen Yan home!”

When Fu Xiaoxiao called just now, she added fuel to the fire by telling her father how Shen Yan had beaten her up, and she cried pitifully.

The Fu family did not like Shen Yan to begin with. Her father was naturally furious when he heard about Shen Yan bullying Fu Xiaoxiao. However, he handed the phone over to Old Master Fu as he had always been hypocritical.

Old Master Fu had always cared about the reputation of the Fu family greatly. Previously, Shen Yan released a fake video that caused the Fu family to lose face. He had not even settled the score with Shen Yan yet, and now she beat up his precious granddaughter! How could he put up with it?

As soon as Fu Xiaoxiao’s voice fell, Fu Hang received a message from Old Master Fu on his phone.

“Bring Shen Yan to the ancestral hall!”

Fu Hang frowned, and his face darkened. He was about to return the text message when he saw Fu Xiaoxiao standing up and blocking Shen Yan’s way.

“Shen Yan, my grandfather wants you to go home and kneel in the ancestral hall!” Fu Xiaoxiao yelled loudly, and her clear voice spread throughout the entire auction.

At this moment, the auction had just ended. Many people were about to leave when they heard Fu Xiaoxiao’s voice.. Hence, they stopped to watch the show.

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