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Shen Yan stood there calmly. She narrowed her eyes slightly and glanced at Fu Xiaoxiao with a smile. She questioned, “Fu Xiaoxiao, is your face itching again?”

Hearing Shen Yan’s words, Fu Xiaoxiao’s face changed. She declared angrily, “What nonsense are you talking about? Don’t you dare touch me again!”

“I don’t want to dirty my hands by hitting you.” Shen Yan looked at her disdainfully. She turned around to bypass Fu Xiaoxiao. Then, she tried to walk out of the auction with Chen Nian.

“Stop right there!” Fu Xiaoxiao shouted in exasperation.

Shen Yan used to obey her every word, but now she completely ignored her. Fu Xiaoxiao felt that this was simply too much.

Shen Yan walked out without looking back. Chen Nian, who was at the side, peered at Fu Xiaoxiao, who was about to explode, and a scornful smile appeared on her face.

Chen Nian glanced at Shen Yan with a smile, and said, “Yanyan, Fu Xiaoxiao is about to explode from anger!”

“She has a bad temper, to begin with. She loves getting angry.” Shen Yan had been tolerating Fu Xiaoxiao previously. To put it bluntly, if Fu Xiaoxiao had not been born in the Fu family, she would have been killed long ago.

After Shen Yan and Chen Nian left the auction, they took a car to head to the production site together.

Shen Yan always wanted to be an actress in the past. However, she gave up her dream later because she was chasing after Fu Hang. Therefore, she signed with Imperial Star Media after leaving the Fu family. Her first acting role was in ‘The Way of the Stars’.

As for Chen Nian, she joined the set as just a passerby today.

Therefore, the two of them went straight to the auction without removing their makeup after the filming in the afternoon. This was because they still had scenes to shoot in the evening.

After filming the entire day, Chen Nian collapsed in the hotel room. She turned her head to look at Shen Yan, who was still reading the script seriously. She frowned slightly and said somewhat helplessly, “Yanyan, aren’t you tired?”

“I’m not tired.” Shen Yan looked at Chen Nian with a smile. Seeing Chen Nian’s exhausted look, she could not help but smile and say, “There is no harm for you to exercise more!”

“I’m not fat at all!” Chen Nian grumbled sorrowfully. She lay on the bed and browsed the social media on her phone. She coincidentally glanced at the top trending article and instantly sat up in fear. “Yanyan, you’re trending again?”

Shen Yan looked up at her and put down the script helplessly. She said, “A Nian, don’t disturb me while I’m reading the script. I still have to…”

Chen Nian got up swiftly and held her phone in front of Shen Yan. She continued, “Look!”

Shen Yan saw the top trending post. Then, she frowned and asked, “The movie ‘The Way of the Stars’ got on the trending search so quickly. Didn’t they say that it would be promoted after the shooting?”

Chen Nian frowned and said quickly, “Miss, please look at the main point! Look at the post title.”

“The new lover of the famous director, Gu Cheng, is actually the ex-wife of the second young master of the Fu Family!” Shen Yan frowned and read it out loud. She said nonchalantly, “Sure enough, the paparazzi only need a picture, and they can make up all the content!”

“Quickly take down the trending post!” Chen Nian looked at Shen Yan and suggested quickly, “You can let your manager handle this matter?”

“What’s there to handle? Gu Cheng usually doesn’t care about these things, and I don’t either. Besides, maybe we can promote our movie for free,” Shen Yan said with a smile.

In the Fu family.

When Old Master Fu saw the top trending topic, his face completely darkened, and he immediately sent someone to call Fu Hang over.

“Fu Hang, look at the good wife you married! She’s been missing for a month and a half, and now she’s seducing other men when she comes out! She completely tarnished the face of the Fu family!”

Hearing Old Master Fu’s words, Fu Hang stood where he was with a calm expression. He pursed his thin lips into a line. Then, he exhaled heavily and said, “Grandpa, I have nothing to do with her anymore!”

“Nothing to do with her?” Old Master Fu got so angry that he stood up and pointed at Fu Hang, “Your sister-in-law is crying every day. Yet, that Shen Yan is now seducing men outside. People don’t call her Shen Yan, but they call her the former Second Madam of the Fu family. Do you still think she has nothing to do with the Fu Family?”

Fu Hang lowered his eyes slightly and said expressionlessly, “Those are all nonsense written by the paparazzi.”

The temperature in the room suddenly dropped.

Old Master Fu looked at Fu Hang suspiciously. He frowned and asked, “Did you see the Lin Xing when you got home tonight?”

Fu Hang stayed silent.

Seeing Fu Hang like this, Grandpa Fu got so aggrieved that his head hurt. He couldn’t help but say, “Lin Xing has always been sensitive. Now that she’s being pointed at and scolded on the internet, she will feel miserable. Also, she has bonded pretty well with usually. No matter what, you have to go and see her.”

Fu Hang looked at Old Master Fu coldly and didn’t say anything.

“Although you want to avoid doing anything that may arouse suspicion, it doesn’t mean that you don’t even say a word to her.. After all, she is your sister-in-law,” Old Master Fu advised him earnestly.

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