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Shen Yan’s popliteal area was covered with the marks left by Fu Xiaoxiao’s high-heeled shoes. The bloodstains were mottled, just like her shattered heart.

She knitted her brows tightly as she was in so much pain. She would be kneeling on the floor full of broken porcelain pieces if she bent down.

Fu Xiaoxiao stood at the side as she crossed her arms to look at Shen Yan’s miserable appearance. The corners of her lips curled up slightly, and she took a few steps back slowly to watch the show.

Fu Hang looked at Shen Yan’s pained expression. He felt that she would admit her mistake at this point.

Shen Yan gradually straightened her back when her knees were about to touch the broken porcelain pieces. Her almond-shaped eyes could not hide her dispirited look, and she pursed her lips stubbornly!

“Shen Yan, are you trying to rebel?” Old Master Fu shouted in exasperation as he saw Shen Yan’s indifferent look.

Shen Yan suddenly smiled upon hearing his voice. She glanced at Old Master Fu faintly before shifting her gaze to Fu Hang’s face.

“I didn’t push Lin Xing into the pool yesterday. She jumped into the pool herself,” Shen Yan explained word by word. Seeing a look of disbelief on Fu Hang’s face, she stood up straight. “You don’t believe me, so…”

“Let’s get a divorce, Fu Hang!”

Fu hang was slightly dumbfounded. He contemplated that Shen Yan would plainly admit her mistake. He was simply too naive! How would a woman that was as bad as Shen Yan acknowledge her mistake?

However, he didn’t merely expect that Shen Yan would actually ask for a divorce.

Shen Yan retracted her gaze from his face. Then, she turned around with arrogance to head out. Each step was especially painful as her legs were wobbly from Fu Xiaoxiao’s kicks.

But even so, Shen Yan still straightened her back and walked outside without trepidation.

Shen Yan endured the pain and sent a message to her good friend, Chen Nian, after returning to her room. She treated the wound on her foot briefly and packed her luggage swiftly.

Although she lived in the Fu family for three years, this place did not have much of her belongings.

Afterward, Shen Yan dragged her luggage out of the house. Fu Hang happened to walk into the room coincidentally. However, she did not even spare him a glance. She continued dragging her luggage and left with her bloodied feet while still wearing her high heels.

Shen Yan forced herself to walk out of the Fu family’s house. Then, she sat on the luggage in a daze while waiting for Chen Nian’s arrival.

The world felt like it was spinning. Chen Nian finally arrived before she could faint.

Chen Nian got out of the car and saw Shen Yan sitting on her suitcase with a pale face. The sight almost made her explode with exasperation!

“Shen Yan, what happened to you?” Chen Nian observed the densely packed wounds on Shen Yan’s legs and instep. Her heart ached so much that tears started welling up in her eyes as she saw that there was a lot of blood. “Where’s Fu Hang?”

Shen Yan wanted to pull out a smile, but her vision darkened. She couldn’t help but faint.

Chen Nian quickly supported Shen Yan’s body. She glanced at her friend, who was pale, worriedly. She got even more upset and heartbroken after realizing that she was feverish.

“Is Fu Hang dead? He doesn’t even care about you when you are sick!”

Chen Nian knew that she didn’t have time to settle things with Fu Hang. Subsequently, she helped to carry Shen Yan to the back seat of her car. Then, she threw the suitcase neatly into the trunk.

She tilted her head and glanced at the Fu family, which was of close proximity. She didn’t have time to settle scores with them right now. That being so, she got into her car quickly and stepped on the gas pedal to go straight to the hospital.

Shen Yan woke up on the afternoon of the next day.

Chen Nian was sitting at the side while looking at the computer. Her fingers were scrolling swiftly on the screen. She closed the screen when she noticed that Shen Yan had woken up.

“Shen Yan!” Chen Nian stood up with a cold face plastered on her face. She placed one hand on her waist and continued, “A high fever of 40 degrees and injuries on your hamstrings and legs. Was this all caused by the Fu Family?”

Shen Yan was stunned for a moment. Then, her eyes darkened as she recalled everything that happened yesterday.

“Shen Yan, what’s so good about Fu Hang? You are in this state, so I called to tell him to get over here. He actually hung up on me right away!” The more Chen Nian thought about it, the angrier she got. That man, Fu Hang, was just a brute who had the appearance of a human being.

Shen Yan sat there and listened to Chen Nian’s words quietly. Her tears started to fall uncontrollably instantly.

Shen Yan did not cry when she was being beaten and scolded by the Fu family. However. Her tears started falling when she heard Chen Nian’s words.

Chen Nian had repeatedly reminded her that Fu Hang was not as good as she believed in the past. However, she ignored her words and still wanted to marry Fu Hang.

She was wrong. She was really mistaken.

She should not have believed that she could warm up Fu Hang’s stone-cold heart. Lin Xing was the only person in Fu Hang’s eyes all along.

She was like a clown, a joke in the eyes of the Fu family.

No wonder Lin Xing often told her that she was dumb.

She was probably the only dumb woman in the world who tried her best to love a man who disliked her.

“I said wrongly.” Chen Nian sat beside Shen Yan’s bed hurriedly and handed her a piece of tissue. Her mouth always seemed to blurt out frank words. She tried coaxing her helplessly, “Don’t cry. Maybe Fu Hang is busy, that’s why…”

“He won’t come.” Shen Yan took the tissue and wiped away her tears. Then, she looked at Chen Nian with her teary eyes.

“No, he’ll come over after he finishes his work,” Chen Nian told her as she didn’t want Shen Yan to cry anymore. “Let’s get out of the hospital after we eat our lunch. We haven’t stay together for a long time. Besides, we can call Xiao Liu and the others over. Let’s…”

Shen Yan glanced at Chen Nian and asked in a low tone, “Where’s my phone?”

Chen Nian’s expression froze slightly. She didn’t give Shen Yan her phone due to the Fu family’s matter exploding on the internet. The netizens were all scolding her.

“Shen Yan, those people from the Fu family…”

“There must be a lot of people scolding me on the internet,” Shen Yan laughed self-deprecatingly. For the past three years in the Fu family, she was admonished by the netizens frequently. “I can’t be bothered with those stupid netizens.”

Chen Nian gave her her phone reluctantly. She stated indignantly, “You’re just too good-tempered! If it were me, I would have directly scolded them back.”

Shen Yan remained silent as she looked at her phone. The top three trending topics were all about her pushing Lin Xing into the pool and causing her miscarriage.

The netizens’ comments were as one-sided as always. They were all chiding her. They even scolded her ancestors up to eighteen generations.

Shen Yan mustered a smile on her pale face. She placed her phone aside and got out of bed. “I’m going to wash up.”

Chen Nian glanced nervously at Shen Yan’s thin back and sighed softly. She still couldn’t understand why Shen Yan was so insistent on marrying Fu Hang.

After Shen Yan washed up, she came out and saw Chen Nian setting up the table.

“Come here! It’s all the food you like.” After Chen Nian finished placing the food, she walked to Shen Yan and pushed her to the table. “Eat more. Look how skinny you are!”

“Okay.” Shen Yan smiled at her and sat on the sofa. She smiled and tried to say in a positive tone, “After we finish our meal, will you accompany me to file for a divorce?”

Chen Nian glanced at Shen Yan in disbelief.. Then, she smiled brightly and nodded.

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