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Chen Nian hurriedly urged Shen Yan to eat. She enthusiastically helped to pass some dishes to Shen Yan.

A divorce could only be completed when the person was currently holding feelings of resentment.

Therefore, Chen Nian was really worried that Shen Yan was just casually saying it this time. She looked at Shen Yan with anticipation and stated, “I’m not hungry. Shall I help you to draw up a divorce agreement now?”

“No need.” Shen Yan shook her head.

Chen Nian’s heart was in her throat. She was fretful that Shen Yan was just half-heartedly saying that she wanted a divorce.

Shen Yan swallowed the food and calmly continued, “There is a divorce agreement in my luggage.”

Chen Nian almost knelt down. Her good friend was finally willing to cut off that cancerous Fu Hang!

Chen Nian grinned and deftly went to find the divorce agreement in the luggage. However, the smile on her face froze as she flipped through the agreement.

“Yanyan, this is the divorce agreement that you proposed?” Chen Nian took the document and walked over to sit at Shen Yan’s side. Her brows tightly furrowed as she asked in puzzlement, “Why do you want to let this trash off so easily? What should you leave the Fu family with nothing?”

Chen Nian felt injustice for Shen Yan as she recalled the grievances that Shen Yan had suffered in the Fu family for the past three years.

“Do I lack that sum of money?” Shen Yan asked indifferently.

“You don’t lack it,” Chen Nian grumbled unhappily.

Shen Yan was the only daughter of the Su family, a hidden reputational family in the capital. However, people regarded her as a pheasant who wanted to fly to the top and become a phoenix after she married into the Fu family.

Chen Nian knew that Shen Yan did not care about the Fu family’s bit of money. She felt that wouldn’t it be too easy for the Fu family if Shen Yan didn’t want anything?

However, Chen Nian did not try to persuade Shen Yan as she knew that she had her own ideas. She stood up and uttered, “I’ll go and handle the hospital discharge procedures for you.”

Soon, they left the hospital.

Chen Nian was driving in the driver’s seat. She looked at the red light in front of her and questioned, “Where is Fu Hang now? You can go dump the divorce agreement in front of him right now!”

Chen Nian was worried that Shen Yan would not want to get a divorce as she might become soft-hearted with time.

“He should be at the company,” Shen Yan replied calmly.

A white car stopped outside Fu Corporation building forty minutes later.

Chen Nian stopped the car and unbuckled her seatbelt. She got off the car with Shen Yan. Afterward, she helped Shen Yan fix her hair and reminded, “Remember, you must quickly get rid of this mess. Let that stupid man see how beautiful and valiant you are!”

Shen Yan smiled and nodded in agreement.

Those three years in the Fu family were the most painful years in Shen Yan’s life. Hence, her love for Fu Hang was long tormented and gone.

The receptionist recognized Shen Yan, so she did not stop her when she entered the building.

Shen Yan walked gracefully in high heels into the building. There were many disdainful gazes from the workers.

She had long been the object of everyone’s disgust, thanks to Lin Xing.

Fu Hang already knew that Shen Yan was coming up before she arrived at his office.

Fu Hang hung up his call. He sneered when he remembered Shen Yan leaving with her luggage yesterday.

He wanted to see what other kind of tricks she still wanted to play!

Shen Yan came out of the elevator and walked to his office with a cold expression. Then, she knocked on the door politely and pushed the door open without waiting for a response from the person inside.

“Sign the divorce agreement.” Shen Yan placed the document on the table and glanced at Fu Hang without blinking.

The way he looked at her was still emotionless and cold.

Shen Yan retracted her hand and continued coldly, “See you at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau at 9:30 am tomorrow!”

Shen Yan turned around arrogantly and left without much hesitation.

Fu Hang sat there quietly. His black eyes were cold and emotionless, so tranquil that no emotions could be seen.

His gaze fell on the divorce agreement on the table. It appeared that the remaining space was left for him to sign on, as Shen Yan had already signed.

He briefly glanced at the divorce agreement.

She wanted to leave with nothing?

Fu Hang’s hand, which was about to sign, paused. Was this another trick of Shen Yan?

Sure enough, this woman was scheming something.

Fu hang picked up the divorce agreement with a solemn expression. His well-defined fingers elegantly tore it into pieces and threw it into the trash can.

He wanted to see if she really wanted to divorce him.

The secretary stood at the door and knocked on the door forcibly. He lowered his head when he sensed the cold aura emanating from Fu Hang. He said in a low voice, “President Fu, the meeting has begun.”

Fu Hang’s gaze fell on the secretary. His dark eyes were bottomless. Then, he walked out expressionlessly.

Shen Yan raised her head to look at the blue sky and white clouds when she walked out of the building. She felt inexplicably relieved in her heart.

She walked to the car and entered it. Seeing that Chen Nian was preoccupied with her game, she sat down silently.

“Are you done?” Chen Nian ignored the curses of her teammates in her game and decisively chose to exit.. Then, she glanced at Shen Yan with anticipation.

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