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Shen Yan gazed calmly at Fu Hang, who was walking in front of her. That man was as cold as ever, and he would never look at her.

“Lin Xing, I hope you like the gift I gave you.” After Shen Yan said that, she hung up the phone without hesitation.

Then, Shen Yan headed to her parking spot and drove back to Chen Nian’s house. Chen Nian opened the door excitedly.

“Yanyan, where’s the divorce certificate? Can I see it?” Chen Nian asked, as she was worried that Shen Yan would become reluctant to part with Fu Hang. However, her face lit up when Shen Yan flashed the divorce certificate. She took it immediately.

Shen Yan looked at Chen Nian with a smile and strolled inside. She said, “Okay, let’s go!”

They had already booked flight tickets to the capital. Shen Yan really missed her parents as she hadn’t been home for three years.

“Let me take you somewhere.” Chen Nian glanced at Shen Yan mysteriously and said with a serious expression. Without any further explanation, she walked towards the garage with the luggage.

“Where are we going? Will we miss the plane?” Shen Yan knitted her brows slightly and asked in confusion.

“I have a surprise for you!” Without waiting for the refusal of Shen Yan, Chen Nian quickly placed the suitcase behind the trunk and stuffed Shen Yan into the passenger seat.

A video instantly went viral on all the major websites when Chen Nian drove away from A Cheng. The video was about after Lin Xing pushed Shen Yan into the pool, she jumped into the pool to cry for help.

In addition, the conversation between the two of them could be heard clearly.

“Shen Yan, do you think you a person like you can rest easy after entering the Fu Family? Let me tell you, it’s only because mother-in-law pities you that she let you marry into the family!”

“Shen Yan, you’re blocking my path. If it weren’t for you, I would have married A Hang a long time ago!”

“So, you can wait and give up your position to me!”


The video instantly went viral on the internet. Everyone was watching the drama unfold. It was only yesterday that they were heartbroken over Lin Xing’s miscarriage. Today, they were standing up for Shen Yan.

When they browsed through Shen Yan’s social media, they saw that she had posted a divorce certificate and the caption “Sorry” an hour before the video broke out.

The netizens felt extremely guilty when they saw the caption “Sorry”. The comments under the post started exploding.

“Shen Yan, I’m sorry! I was wrong!”


The matter quickly spread to Fu Hang. He was in a meeting in the conference room when the secretary came in and placed the video in front of him.

Fu Hang stood up with a dark face and walked toward his office, leaving the employers waiting in the conference room.

The secretary immediately followed him. He lowered his head and tried to reduce his presence to not get himself in trouble.

Fu Hang returned to the office with a gloomy expression. He was exuding a suffocating aura. He watched the video carefully, and his black eyes were as deep as a bottomless pond.

“Are there any traces of editing in the video?”

The secretary, Lin Nan, pursed his lips and answered timidly, “No.”

“So, this video is real?” Fu Hang asked slowly as he frowned. Then, he stared at Lin Nan coldly.

Lin Nan lowered his head and answered under the pressure, “Yes.”

“Bring it down.” Fu Hang pursed his lips. He thought of the contents of the video, along with Lin Xing’s pitiful look that night. “Suppress the video from spreading completely! Then, expose the A-list actress Su Sui abandoning her child to the public.”

Fu Hang’s only thought now was to use the popularity of the A-list celebrity to avert the public attention on the video.

Lin Nan’s fingers moved quickly on his phone as he stood where he was. He had already requested for people to bring the video down from the trending searches. Although, no matter how quickly he removed it and negotiated with the major sites, there were still social media sites that continued spreading it.

Lin Nan originally wanted to expose an A-list celebrity to bring down the scandal, but he did not have the power to make the decision.

Lin Nan contacted all the major platforms. However, he was stunned when he received their traffic data report.

“President Fu, Su Sui’s incident is unable to suppress the scandal.” Lin Nan raised his eyes to look at Fu Hang and explained in a low voice, “I guess it requires a scandal from a more popular celebrity.”

Fu Hang pursed his lips tightly, and his thin lips formed a line. He wore a solemn expression and pondered for a moment before saying, “Blow up a scandal using Su Yang.”

Lin Nan looked at Fu Hang in disbelief.

Su Yang was the cash cow of the Fu Corporation. President Fu was actually willing to spend so much to take down the video.

Lin Nan didn’t say anything, and his expression was serious.

“It’s best if you fabricate something up, so he can clear his name in the future,” Fu Hang uttered in a low voice. Then, he raised his hand and signaled Lin Nan to leave.

Lin Nan lowered his head slightly and exited obediently.

Fu Hang sat on the chair alone, and he seemed exhausted. He raised his hand and pressed his temple.. He glanced at the video on the tablet at his desk with a complicated expression.

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