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“I’ll change my marital status certificate tomorrow.” After Shen Yan said that, she tilted her head and looked out of the car window. As she watched the leaves on the street gradually turning yellow, she continued, “A Nian, I want to go home!”

Chen Nian’s hand that was holding the steering wheel trembled slightly. She tilted her head and glanced at Shen Yan. Her eyes lit up, and she said, “Yanyan, you have finally thought it through. Let’s go back quickly! Just two days ago, Uncle and Aunty asked me what you…”

Chen Nian almost spilled the beans as she spoke. She quickly turned to look at the road in front of her.

Shen Yan sat in the passenger seat and quietly looked at Chen Nian silently.

Even though Chen Nian didn’t look at Shen Yan, she knew that Shen Yan was staring at her. She frowned in frustration. Then, she said helplessly, “Alright, you win! Uncle and Auntie have always been concerned about your movements, but they have never interfered.”

Shen Yan’s expression flickered. She knew that she had let her parents down. Back then, her heart only had Fu Hang, and she was like a fool. She certainly did not listen to the advice of others.

Now, she clearly saw what kind of person Fu Hang was, and she would no longer have anything to do with him. She only wanted to draw a line between herself and the Fu family.

Chen Nian observed that Shen Yan stayed silent. She took a quick glance at Shen Yan secretly. She was afraid that Shen Yan would get a little reluctant to part with Fu Hang when she saw Shen Yan looking out of the window with her head tilted. Hence, she quickly changed the topic and uttered, “Yanyan, when you go home, Uncle and Auntie will be very happy! Maybe they are already preparing a gift for you.”

The corners of Shen Yan’s lips curled up slightly as she heard Chen Nian’s words. She turned to look at Chen Nian and said, “It’s a present. I have to think carefully about it.”

Seeing that Shen Yan did not seem to care about Fu Hang, the smile on Chen Nian’s face widened.

Afterward, Shen Yan followed Chen Nian home. Looking at Chen Nian’s laptop, she requested, “A Nian, let me use your laptop for a while.”

“Feel free,” Chen Nian said indifferently. She tied up her long hair and headed to the kitchen. “What would you like to drink?”

“Milk,” Shen Yan answered casually. Her fingers flew across the keyboard quickly, and soon, a video appeared on the computer screen.

Chen Nian walked out of the kitchen with a glass of milk. When she saw the content on the computer screen, she was surprised and stared at Shen Yan in disbelief.

“Yanyan, you hid so much from me!” Chen Nian put the milk on the table with a resentful look. Then, she looked at Shen Yan with a wronged expression. “You opened a company and didn’t invite me!”

“Designer Chen, your professionalism doesn’t match with my company.” As Shen Yan said that, she edited the video and saved it. “Since I’m leaving, I should at least present them a small gift.”

Chen Nian beamed brighter.

The next day, Shen Yan arrived at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau at nine o’clock. Fu Hang was already standing at the entrance.

She parked the car steadily by the roadside and got out of the car with the divorce agreement.

Shen Yan remembered that she called Fu Hang on her birthday every year in hope that he would come home early to celebrate it with her.

However, she was always disappointed as he never came home that night.

Shen Yan smiled contemptuously. Fu Hang was actually punctual when they were getting a divorce.

He stood there in a scholarly white suit. The beam from the sunlight made him appear even more elegant and handsome.

Fu Hang looked at Shen Yan with his well-proportioned eyes. Doubt appeared in his eyes. “You… actually came?”

It was not the first time that Shen Yan got ridiculed by Fu Hang. She walked to him indifferently. Afterward, she raised her eyes to look at him. The corners of her lips curled as she said contemptuously, “Come on, let’s go get the certificate!”

Fu Hang’s expression darkened instantly. His phone rang just as he was about to say something. His expression grew gentler when he saw the caller ID. Only then did he pick up the call.


Shen Yan stood beside Fu Hang and could hear sounds from his phone. Lin Xing’s soft voice came from the phone.

“Fu Hang, my child is gone… Sob…”

Shen Yan felt her scalp go numb, and she curled her lips in disgust upon hearing Lin Xing’s coquettish voice.

“Elder sister-in-law, I will give you an explanation!” A trace of regret flashed in Fu Hang’s eyes. Then, he hung up the phone and said to Shen Yan beside him, “You owe sister-in-law an apology.”

Shen Yan pointed at the Civil Affairs Bureau and said, “I will give her a big present after getting the divorce certificate!”

Then, they walked to the divorce certificate area. Shen Yan took out the divorce agreement. However, she frowned as she saw that Fu Hang’s hands were empty. She pushed the divorce agreement in her hand in front of him and said, “Sign it!”

Fu Hang signed without hesitation. On the divorce agreement, Shen Yan was still leaving with nothing from the Fu family.

The staff asked a few simple questions and helped them to get the divorce certificate.

Shen Yan clenched the divorce certificate in her hand. Now that she was free, she would not get sad for a heartless person like Fu Hang, much less be sneered at by the Fu family.

When Shen Yan came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, she received an unknown phone call.

“Shen Yan.”

Lin Xing’s voice came from the phone. Her voice was not weak even after a miscarriage.

Shen Yan was too lazy to say anything to her. Just as she was about to hang up the phone, she heard Lin Xing’s crazy laughter.

“Thank you for stepping aside!”

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