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In the underground garage of the hospital.

A limited-edition luxury car was parked quietly in the dark. Then, the door opened.

Yun Qing sat down slowly and lowered her head, looking very obedient.

“Big Brother, I was too naïve.

“About the text message and the photo… Thank you for helping me crack it.”

The man beside Yun Qing smiled faintly and said nothing.

The suit on the man’s body was expensive, and every thread on it spoke of its exquisiteness.

He was the eldest son of the Yun family and the current president of the Yun Group, Yun Zhe.

“It’s good that you know,” Yun Zhe said leisurely. “That kid is not good for you. I’ve said it long ago.

“You had to go through it yourself. There was nothing I could do about it.

“How is it? Now, can you take over the Yun group obediently?”

Yun Zhe was someone who could make Hu city tremble with just a stomp of his foot!

The Yun family was the largest financial group in the country!

The Yun family was a hundred-year-old prestigious family!

All of this belonged to Yun Qing.

Unfortunately, she was young and blind and had misjudged people. She had mistakenly believed in love.

Yun Qing curled her lips and revealed a self-deprecating smile.

She was laughing at herself.

“Okay, Big Brother.”

It was time for her to take back everything that belonged to her.

Huo Chuan walked out of the hospital in a hurry, his face pale.

He looked around, but there was no sign of Yun Qing anywhere.

Huo Chuan took out his phone, and all he got was a cold notification, “The number you have dialed is switched off.”.

“President Huo, we have searched the entire hospital, but there is no sign of the Madam.”

A group of men in black jogged over, led by Huo Chuan’s secretary and head of the bodyguards, Chen Kai.

Chen Kai’s words made Huo Chuan’s face turn even darker.

Where could this woman go?

After three years of being a housewife, Yun Qing had no one to rely on after the divorce. How was she going to survive?

Huo Chuan’s breathing stopped, and his chest felt stifled.

Thinking of how fast and straightforward Yun Qing was when she signed the divorce papers, Huo Chuan suddenly felt that he had misunderstood Yun Qing’s intentions.

Huo Chuan’s eyes darkened as he ordered, “Investigate. We must find out Yun Qing’s whereabouts!”



In a luxurious manor in the suburbs.

A black Bentley slowly drove in. Yun Qing looked at the place where she had lived since she was young, and a sense of melancholy rose in her heart.

If she had not insisted on marrying Huo Chuan, how could she have left the house without a word?

Behind her eldest brother, Yun Zhe’s footsteps, Yun Qing came to the living room.

Her father, Yun Kun, was sitting on the sofa, looking at her with a burning gaze.

“So, you’re finally willing to come back?

“What a stubborn girl.”

As she heard her father’s familiar, sonorous voice, Yun Qing could not help but burst into tears.

Yun Kun looked distressed. He stood up and slowly walked towards Yun Qing.

He reached out his hand to wipe away the tears on Yun Qing’s face. “Why are you crying?

“With your personality, you coming back on your own is good enough for me. I am glad.

“Huo Chuan just isn’t good enough for you. I couldn’t wait for you to leave.

“How is it? Are you willing to come back and take over the Yun Family?”

Yun Kun said softly. He was not as decisive and domineering as he was in the business world.

He was only a father who loved his daughter dearly.

Yun Qing sobbed and nodded.

“Father, I’m willing.”

Three years was enough for her to see clearly the nature of love and Huo Chuan’s heart.

The love that she had abandoned everything to pursue was a joke.

Huo Chuan was not worth it.

Just like what Yun Qing had said, she did not want it anymore.

Whether it was Huo Chuan or love, she did not want it anymore.

The Yun family was her home and backing.

Yun Qing nestled in her father’s arms. The more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt.

Yun Kun sighed and a trace of impatience flashed across his eyes.

Of course, this trace of impatience was for Huo Chuan, not Yun Qing.

If it were not for his daughter’s feelings and the promise he had made back then, he really wanted to tear that bastard Huo Chuan apart!

And the Huo family…

If it weren’t for his precious daughter, the Huo family wouldn’t have survived until now.

Yun Kun gnashed his teeth. He hated that his precious daughter had been spoiled by Huo Chuan.

“Rest well first. In two days, I’ll have Yun Zhe bring you back to the company to familiarize you around.

“Then, Daddy will throw a Grand Banquet to let everyone know that the little princess of the Yun family is back!”

Especially you, Huo Chuan.

Open your eyes wide and see clearly how honorable your wife, whom you despise so much, is!

The corners of Yun Kun’s mouth curled up into a mocking smile.

Before Yun Kun held the banquet, Yun Qing’s best friend, Gu Zhi, had already received the news of Yun Qing’s return.

The next morning, accompanied by the roar of the engine, a royal blue luxury car stopped at the entrance of the Yun family manor.

Gu Zhi walked with her long, model-like legs and could not wait to find Yun Qing.

She threw her sunglasses aside and gave Yun Qing a big hug. “My little baby Yun Qing, you’re finally back!”

“I heard that you and Huo Chuan got divorced? Well done!”

“Look at you. You’re so young, good-looking, and your family is rich. Why did you think about marrying young?

“Giving up the entire forest for a crooked tree is not worth it!”

Gu Zhi hugged Yun Qing’s neck and talked a lot.

Back then, when Yun Qing was like a moth to the flame, she was the one who had objected the most besides the Yun family members.

But at the same time, she also knew that Yun Qing was just like that Old Man Yun Kun. He was stubborn and could not be persuaded.

As she took in the familiar perfume on Gu Zhi’s body, Yun Qing’s eyes welled up and a rare smile appeared on her face.

After marrying into the Huo family, she had focused all her attention on Huo Chuan and barely spoke much with Gu Zhi.

She was really too stupid.

When their good friends met, the two of them chatted for a long time. Finally, the great house of the Yun family was filled with laughter and laughter again.

As they chatted, Yun Qing was suddenly stunned and thought of something.

Yun Qing frowned and said, “I left some documents at the Huo family mansion.”

“Let’s go get them,” Gu Zhi said disapprovingly. “Let’s go, I’ll go with you!”

Gu Zhi pulled Yun Qing into her sports car and stepped on the accelerator, arriving at the entrance of the Huo family mansion.

However, they did not expect to bump into a being of plague as soon as they entered the mansion

It was Huo Chuan’s mother, Sun Lan.

Sun Lan rolled her eyes unceremoniously when she saw Yun Qing. She said rudely, “Didn’t I tell you not to bring random people into the house?”

“This is the Huo family, not a market!”

Sun Lan glanced at Gu Zhi. Her words were full of sarcasm.

Gu Zhi was so angry that she laughed. “Old Witch, who are you calling ‘random people’?”

“Why? Are you jealous that I’m younger and prettier than you? If it were up to me, I wouldn’t even take a fancy to the Huo Family!”

Gu Zhi had never been someone who would be bullied.

How dare you provoke her?

I’ll show you the sky!

Sun Lan was angered by Gu Zhi. She couldn’t win against Gu Zhi, so how could she not be able to control Yun Qing?

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