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In the three years that Yun Qing had been married, she had always been humble.

Therefore, Sun Lan always vented all her anger on Yun Qing. “Yun Qing! Look at the friends you’ve made!”

“No wonder Huo Chuan wanted to divorce you!”

“A person like you is not worthy of our Huo Chuan at all! If it weren’t for you, Huo Chuan would definitely marry a daughter of a prestigious family and live a much happier life than he is now!”

“You’re like a pheasant hitting on a phoenix. People have been calling you ‘Mrs. Huo’ for the past three years. Do you really take yourself seriously? In your dreams!”

“Get lost! All of you get lost! Don’t disgrace our Huo family!”

Sun Lan pushed her, and Yun Qing lost her balance and almost fell.

Gu Zhi was furious.

Look at the life that Yun Qing had lived in the Huo family!

Gu Zhi retaliated without hesitation and pushed Sun Lan to the ground.

“Ouch, Ouch, it hurts!” Sun Lan clutched her waist. Even so, she still refused to let go. “Yun Qing! Are you blind? Come and help me!”

Yun Qing was unmoved.

She looked down at Sun Lan from above and asked coldly, “Why should I help you?

“Who are you?

“You disrespected my friend, and you want me to help you? Ridiculous!”

Yun Qing sneered. She stepped over Sun Lan’s head and went back to her room to take her things. Then, she strode away.

There was no trace of nostalgia in her.

The sapphire blue sports car had just left when Huo Chuan came back.

Sun Lan staggered up from the ground. When she saw Huo Chuan, she immediately ran over and grabbed Huo Chuan’s hand. Her expression was angry and vicious.

“Huo Chuan, I’m telling you, you can’t have anything to do with Yun Qing no matter what!”

“That b*tch is not good enough for you, not good enough for the Huo family!”

“She really doesn’t even care about her dignity. She even pushed me just now! Such a contemptible person, marrying into the Huo family will only bring us shame!”

Huo Chuan had an impatient look on his face, but when he heard Sun Lan’s last sentence, his black eyes suddenly darkened. “You saw Yun Qing?

“Where is she now?!”

He completely ignored Sun Lan’s complaints and curses, and only cared about Yun Qing’s whereabouts.

Sun Lan was stunned.

“She’s gone. I can’t wait for her to get as far away as possible!”

Huo Chuan lightly clicked his tongue. Without hesitation, he pushed Sun Lan’s hand away and turned around to look for Yun Qing.

Sun Lan shouted anxiously behind him, “Huo Chuan!

“You didn’t split the assets after the divorce, did you? You can’t fall for that woman’s tricks!”

Huo Chuan stopped in his tracks, feeling very uncomfortable.

No matter what, Yun Qing was still Huo Chuan’s wife. How could Sun Lan say such things about her?

The Huo family had always treated Yun Qing coldly, but Huo Chuan had always thought that it was because they knew each other too little and were not familiar with each other, so he did not take it seriously.

Besides, it was fine as long as he and Yun Qing lived their own lives, and he did not care much about what the family thought.

But now it seemed that maybe, he was wrong?

Sun Lan was not only cold to Yun Qing, but also mean and disdainful…

Huo Chuan took a deep breath, feeling a little annoyed.

“She didn’t ask for anything.”

After replying to Sun Lan coldly, Huo Chuan left in a hurry.

He had to find Yun Qing.

He wanted to find her and explain everything clearly.

Huo Chuan found out the direction where Yun Qing had left from the guard. Just as he was about to drive over, Sun Lan called again. “Huo Chuan! That b*tch Yun Qing lied!”

“Fortunately, I was on guard against her. I just went back to my room and saw that the diamond ring in the safe was gone! It’s a big diamond ring that was worth millions!”

“It must have been stolen by Yun Qing! Otherwise, how could an ordinary country bumpkin like her live?!

“Huo Chuan, quickly get the diamond ring back. It belongs to the Huo family. We can’t let her have it!”

Huo Chuan’s eyes darkened.

He still remembered that the diamond ring was his and Yun Qing’s wedding diamond ring.

However, he never wore it again.

In the beginning, Yun Qing treated the diamond ring like a treasure and could not bear to take it off for an entire day.

Since when did she lock the diamond ring in the safe?

Huo Chuan suddenly felt a lingering fear.

It was as if Yun Qing had voluntarily cut off contact with him without him realizing it.

The diamond ring that was locked up, no matter how hard he tried, he could not find any trace of it…

Rome was not built in a day, nor did marriage collapse in a day. Everything could be traced back to the beginning.

Sun Lan was still chattering on the phone. Huo Chuan said in a low voice, “The diamond ring was Yun Qing’s, to begin with. It’s understandable that she wanted to take it away.

“I won’t ask her for it back. That’s all.”

Huo Chuan hung up the phone coldly.

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