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At this moment, everyone finally saw Bai Ting’s true colors.

Those words and those gazes made Bai Ting feel ashamed.

Huo Chuan was her last hope.

Bai Ting pulled Huo Chuan with all her might, her face alternated between green and white. “Chuan, let’s go …”

Huo Chuan was unmoved.

He gently pushed Bai Ting’s hand away and said coldly, “Wait for me in the car.”

Then, ignoring Bai Ting’s insistence to stay, Huo Chuan left quickly and headed straight for the hall on the second floor.

The door of the private room was pushed open by Huo Chuan. The scene of Yun Zhe whispering intimately into Yun Qing’s ear deeply pierced Huo Chuan’s heart.

“President Huo.”

Yun Zhe looked up and greeted him with a smile. “What’s the matter?”

“You stole 30 million yuan without lifting a finger. Are you not satisfied?”

This person!

Why did he sound like Yun Qing? His words were just as sharp!

Huo Chuan’s lips were pursed into a straight line and his face was as dark as water.

He ignored Yun Zhe and walked straight to Yun Qing.

Yun Zhe narrowed his eyes slightly and took a side step to hide Yun Qing behind him.

The surrounding bodyguards also surrounded him.

Huo Chuan’s breathing stopped.

The situation was stronger than the person. He suppressed the irritation in his heart and asked through Yun zhe, “Where did that 30 million yuan come from?”

He had checked and found that Yun Qing had not moved a single cent of the money he had given Yun Qing all these years.

She had thrown away the 30 million yuan with a wave of her hand. Only Yun Zhe could give Yun Qing such confidence.

His deep eyes darkened. Huo Chuan looked at Yun Zhe with a surging hostility in his eyes.

Yun Zhe shrugged and looked indifferent.

“Huo Chuan, you have no right to control me.”

Yun Qing sneered. Huo Chuan had never seen such indifference in her eyes.

“We’re already divorced. Do you need me to remind you again and again?”

Huo Chuan was speechless. He had been rejected by Yun Qing.

Moreover, the intimate look between Yun Zhe and Yun Qing constantly reminded him of how ridiculous his pestering was.

Like a resentful woman.

Huo Chuan snorted coldly and turned to leave.

Out of jealousy, Huo Chuan even forgot that the purpose of his visit was to explain his relationship with Bai Ting.

Looking at Huo Chuan’s resentful back view, Yun Zhe shook his head without a trace, feeling a little disgusted.

He turned back and looked down at his precious sister. “You still like him?”

“I’m not blind.”

Yun Qing rolled her eyes at Yun Zhe.

“Tsk tsk tsk, I just spent 30 million on you. Is this how you treat me?” Yun Zhe felt wronged.

Yun Qing rubbed her nose resentfully, feeling a little embarrassed. “Didn’t we agree that if you give me 30 million, I’ll go to the Yun family tomorrow…”

“It’s all business, all business…”


The Grand Banquet became a clown show for the Huo family. In the car, Huo Chuan kept rubbing his eyebrows and was in an extremely bad mood.

Bai Ting also knew that she had caused trouble. She only dared to hide in a corner and try to minimize her presence.


Chen Qiang, who was sitting in the passenger seat, turned around with an ashen face and handed the tablet to Huo Chuan.

“President Huo, look…”

On the screen was the footage taken by the drone

On the LED screen of the busiest shopping center and shopping center in Haicheng, the footage of Bai Ting falling into the water twice had been made into a short loop.

One of the LED screens was facing the front door of the Huo Corporation.

Many tourists stopped and raised their phones to take pictures of this precious scene.

From the video, it was obvious that Bai Ting had fallen into the water for the first time and Yun Qing had not done anything.

More importantly, Bai Ting had obviously knocked Yun Qing’s cup away and was the first to provoke Yun Qing.

Huo Chuan did not need to think to know what the public opinion on the internet had become.

Bai Ting came over and saw what was on the screen.

Her pale hand instantly grabbed Huo Chuan’s wrist. “Chuan, it’s not like that. This, this is malicious editing… I…”


Huo Chuan said in a deep voice, his entire being exuding a terrifying aura.

What Yun Qing said was true.

Huo Chuan was suffocated by this thought.

His Adam’s apple bobbed. He looked at Bai Ting, his gaze cold and emotionless. “I will send you abroad.

“Leave tonight.

“From now on, I don’t want to see your face again.”

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