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“Chuan, don’t blame her. It’s all my fault. I let her down.”

“I came to find her and begged her to forgive me. It’s only right that she wouldn’t forgive me… It’s all my fault…”

Bai Ting, who looked like a drowned rat, was rescued by Huo Chuan. She said pitifully.

Bai Ting’s words, coupled with her expression, would make anyone’s heart ache.

Especially men.

Many people began to point fingers at Yun Qing.

Huo Chuan held Bai Ting and looked at Yun Qing silently.

Raising his eyebrows slightly, Yun Qing looked at Huo Chuan like he was a fool. “You’re not going to listen to me again, aren’t you?”

“Why didn’t I see how much of a fool you were on the day of the wedding?”

Yun Qing curled her lips and looked at him with disdain.

“Yun Qing, if you have anything to do, come at me. Don’t go after Ah Chuan!”

Bai Ting started to act.

“Don’t worry, I’m targeting the two of you. Don’t snatch it, you’ll both get a piece of it.”

Yun Qing smiled and said in a domineering manner.

“I’m very busy. I won’t be accompanying you. Goodbye.”

As she said that, Yun Qing turned around and was about to leave. She did not want to watch this lame drama anymore.

However, Bai Ting was too immersed in the drama. She tugged on Yun Qing’s sleeve and cried again, “Sister, I know that you’re angry because Chuan spent money to buy your blood to save me all these years. But there’s nothing I can do about it. Sister, I don’t have many days left. Please let me and Chuan go, on the account that I’m a patient!”

“Didn’t you come to the banquet today, just to split the Huo family’s assets?”

Oh my, how imaginative!

More and more people gathered around.

The guests at the banquet were all in the same circle. Everyone more or less knew about what happened to the Huo family.

It was just that due to the Huo family’s status, no one would discuss it openly.

But now, there was a party involved who had self-destructed. It wouldn’t make sense if they didn’t take a look and listen?

Moreover, from what the woman in the water said, Yun Qing wasn’t as innocent as she was described on the internet?

Huo Chuan’s face was dark. He did not want to be dragged into the water by Bai Ting and become the subject of everyone’s discussion.

However, before he could drag Bai Ting away, Yun Qing had already turned around. Then, she raised her hand and slapped Bai Ting’s face.


The huge force made Bai Ting lose her balance and fall into the pool again.

It was the second time.

This time, Bai Ting had not fallen into the water on purpose.

In a panic, Bai Ting struggled to get to the shore alone, her face pale.

“Hey, don’t you know how to swim?”

Yun Qing’s tone was leisurely and mocking.

As soon as she said this, not only did Bai Ting and Huo Chuan’s expressions change, but the surrounding onlookers also began to suspect Bai Ting’s motives.

Yun Qing smiled generously and said teasingly, “You like acting, don’t you?”

“Don’t worry, the show has just begun.”

After saying that, Yun Qing took large strides and left, and no one knew where she was going.

The small discussions and pointers around her made Bai Ting extremely flustered. She held Huo Chuan’s hand helplessly, her voice as soft as a mosquito. “Chuan, I…”

Huo Chuan let her hold him, his gaze as cold as ice. “Yun Qing didn’t touch you, right?

“It was the same on the wedding day, wasn’t it?”

Huo Chuan’s cold questioning made Bai Ting feel as if she had been struck by lightning. The seed of suspicion would grow wantonly once it was planted. She could not take the risk.

“Chuan, you have to believe me! Even if it’s for Chen Chang’s sake…”

Huo Chuan’s heart tightened when he heard Chen Chang’s words. He took a deep breath and forcefully suppressed the doubt and dissatisfaction in his heart.

He put a coat over Bai Ting and took her away from this place of trouble.

However, before he and Bai Ting could go far, Yun Qing’s familiar voice suddenly came from the balcony on the second floor.

“Huo Chuan!”

This was the first time Yun Qing had called his name today.

Huo Chuan’s body trembled. There was a hint of surprise hidden in his eyes as he looked at Yun Qing.

But very quickly, Yun Qing shattered this ridiculous expectation of his.

“All these years, you’ve given me a total of 30 million yuan in order to get me to donate blood to Bai Ting.

“I’ll return all the 30 million yuan to you!”

As soon as her cold words landed, Yun Qing lifted up a huge suitcase. Bright red paper money spilled out and soon covered the sky.

There was an entire row of such suitcases by Yun Qing’s feet.

After doing all this, Yun Qing clapped her hands and laughed heartily.

She turned around and left. The Yun family’s bodyguards meticulously scattered the rest of the boxes.

Didn’t they say that she was after the Huo family’s wealth?

If she was really a swindler, how could she literally summon a raincloud of cash over their heads?

Bai Ting’s lie was exposed.

Every single note was a slap from Yun Qing.

It hurt.

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