Chapter 9 - After Breaking Off My Marriage, I Became A Powerful Minister's Treasure

Chapter 9: What wicked idea was she thinking about??

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Shi Qingluo sat down and relaxed.

She looked at Mdm Niu and said, “I’m thirsty. Go get me a cup of tea.”

Mdm Niu was tempted to give this daughter, who was becoming more arrogant, a slap. Which wretched girl dared to order her own mother to pour water and make tea for her?

Unfortunately, she did not dare.

She had retorted a few times before and was whipped by her rattan.

Her entire body was burning with pain.

“Drink then!” After she was done brewing, she placed the teacup heavily on the table. She better choked to death.

Old Master Shi looked on with a pained expression. This was the tea that he had hidden away for himself to drink.

These few days, it had all entered the mouth of this vile creature. It was too depressing.

Shi Qingluo took a sip and said with disdain, “The quality of this tea is still a little bad. It’s a good thing that I don’t have to drink it anymore.”

In the modern world, she had been influenced by her grandfather’s tea and had also fallen in love with drinking tea.

In the past, she would not have taken a single glance at this kind of tea leaves. But now, she could only make do with it.

When she earned some money, she would buy some good ones.

Old Master Shi was speechless.

She had almost finished the tea that he found too precious to consume. Yet, she still had the nerve to despise it.

He continued to suppress his anger. “What did you mean when you said that you were going to get married?”

Shi Qingluo replied, “I am interested in one of the families. I have also made an agreement with them. I will marry them the day after tomorrow.”

“Psss!” Old Master Shi could not help but spit out the water that he had just drunk.

The others were also stunned.

Third Son Shi thought that he had heard wrongly. “What is this for? Marry the day after tomorrow?”

Old Lady Shi and Mdm Niu asked in unison, “Which family?”

Shi Qingluo answered truthfully, “The house next door, Xiaxi village’s Scholar Xiao.”

Mdm Niu asked in astonishment, “What? Don’t tell me you are going to marry Scholar Xiao, do you?”

She usually liked to go out and gossip, so she knew about Elementary Scholar Xiao’s family conditions.

Shi Qingluo rolled her eyes at her. “That’s right! If I don’t marry him, don’t tell me I’m going to marry his younger brother?”

Mdm Niu asked, “Do you know that Elementary Scholar Xiao is in a coma and you are likely to become a widow? Do you know that his family has no money to buy medicine? Do you know that he has broken off his relationship with his father who is a general?”

He did not want a powerful father who was a general, but followed a poor and divorced mother. In her eyes, Scholar Xiao was a fool.

Shi Qingluo nodded. “Of course I know. I only wanted to marry him because of his family’s situation.”

She swept her gaze across the Shi family and said bluntly, “Even if I were to marry him and become a widow, it would still be more comfortable than living with you guys.”

The Shi family was stunned.

Old Lady Shi said with a sullen face, “Are you crazy? If nothing had happened to the Xiao family recently, they would indeed be a good family. But now, they are in a fire pit.”

Shi Qingluo raised her eyebrows. “No matter how severe the fire pit they are in, is not as bad as the Shi family’s, right?”

“Are you saying this because their family can’t afford the betrothal gifts?” She knew the nasty attitude of the Shi family’s troublemakers.

Hearing this, Old Lady Shi’s face stiffened.

She sneered, “Our family raised you. Shouldn’t we accept the betrothal gifts if we marry you off?”

Regardless of whether it was a fire pit or not, she really didn’t care whether this little bastard jumped into it.

She even wished that it was a fire pit, but of course a worthy one, just like the Wu family.

Mdm Niu couldn’t help but agree, “That’s right. No matter what, if the Xiao family wants you to marry in, they must offer ten taels of silver as the betrothal gift.”

She wanted to say a hundred taels, but she knew that the Xiao family didn’t have them.

Thinking of how a hundred taels of silver just flew away like that, her heart ached again.

The others felt the same way.

Old Lady Shi agreed, “That’s right. If they don’t have the money, ask them to borrow some.”

Shi Qingluo looked at them with a faint smile. “Oh, you want ten taels of silver! That’s fine too. I just don’t know if you’ll have the chance to spend them.”

The Shi family was shocked. Was that human language?

Mdm Niu was so angry that her heart ached. “Don’t forget, you were raised by us.”

Shi Qingluo sneered. “I started working when I was three years old. When I was five years old, I was sent to a Taoist temple. You guys even took my salary every month, are you sure you raised me?”

“Don’t be so shameless.”

Her expression instantly turned cold. “There’s no betrothal gifts at all, and you still have to compensate what you owe me.”

Mdm Niu looked as if she had gone crazy and asked loudly, “What? Not only do we not receive the betrothal gifts, but we also have to compensate you?”

Shi Qingluo grabbed the rattan that she had deliberately placed under the table and whipped it over. “Shouldn’t there be some compensation? All these years, I have been sucked dry by you guys.”

Mdm Niu was caught off guard and jumped up from the whip. “Ah!”

She wanted to curse out loud or sit on the ground and throw a tantrum, but when she saw Shi Qingluo’s cold gaze, she held it back.

How did she give birth to such a disobedient and unfilial scoundrel?

Old Lady Shi hurriedly said, “No, we have already spent the money on our family expenses. Your fourth uncle doesn’t even have enough money to attend the elementary scholar examination next year.”

Shi Qingluo knew that the money in the house was reserved for him to attend the elementary scholar examination.

Old Lady Shi valued money more than her life, so she would unlikely dig it out.

She had thought about it long ago. “Then let’s use food supplies to compensate. Give me 100 catties of coarse grains, as well as three bags of soybeans and green beans in the kitchen. I’ll take them too.”

This was an extremely painful but acceptable demand.

From her memories, she learnt that there weren’t potatoes, sweet potatoes, and corn in this era.

The grains were mainly buckwheat, sorghum, and beans.

The Xiao family was currently short of grain.

She did not want to marry into the Xiao family and eat wild vegetables every day.

She would have a heartache eating too much of these.

As for the soybeans and green beans, she knew how to use them.

“No!” Old Lady Shi and her daughters-in-law screamed in denial at the same time.

The males of the Shi family also looked with disapproval.

Not only were they not giving betrothal gifts, but they were even asking for food from them.

What wicked idea was this little bastard thinking about?

Shi Qingluo knew that they would have such a reaction.

She slowly sipped her tea. “I’m not asking for your opinion, just informing you to prepare them.

“If you really don’t like it, that’s fine too.

“Then I won’t marry. I’ll just stay at home until the government officials assign me to one.

“You must give me enough eggs, meat, and rice every day. Otherwise, if I’m not happy, I might not be able to resist sending you to the afterworld.”

She looked as if she was taking special care of them. “You can choose whether you want to be blown up, sliced, or whipped to death.”

The Shi family members sighed and had a mouthful of blood stuck in their chests.

Bad karma! How could they have such a little bastard that was such a pain in the ass!

Old Master Shi said with a dark face, “Which family in our village has a girl who marries like this?”

Shi Qingluo said in a casual tone, “So I’ll set a precedent.”

The Shi family members remained silent. She should just go and die.

In the end, with Shi Qingluo’s fierce threats, the Shi family members couldn’t stand her anymore.

They could only pinch their noses and agree.

It would be even better if they could send her to the Xiao family tomorrow.

In the early morning next day, Mother Xiao and the chief’s wife went to the Shi family to propose the marriage.

Mother Xiao still bought some meat and sugar.

The Shi family also had a bad reputation in Shangxi village, mainly because the males in the Shi family and their wives were either too fierce or too arrogant.

Because of this, Mother Xiao and the chief’s wife believed that it would not be easy to propose the marriage.

The chief’s wife was already mentally prepared if the other party was very difficult to deal with.

Who knew that although the Shi family did not look very happy, they were surprisingly easy to talk to.

They even sensed that they wished Shi Qingluo was taken away today.

In the end, they agreed to get married the next day.

Not only did they not want the betrothal gifts, but they also gave a few bags of grain as dowry.

In the end, Mother Xiao and the chief’s wife felt a little dizzy when they were escorted out, as if they were in a dream.

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