Chapter 10 - After Breaking Off My Marriage, I Became A Powerful Minister's Treasure

Chapter 10: This little bastard’s brain was fried

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Mother Xiao and the chief’s wife only came back to their senses after walking out for a while.

The chief’s wife was extremely puzzled. “Didn’t they say that the Shi family is very difficult to deal with? Why are they suddenly so easy to talk to?”

Shangxi village and Xiaxi village were next to each other.

Naturally, there would be some conflicts between them.

The two chiefs had also never gotten along, and they did not like each other.

Chief Xiao’s wife was more or less familiar with the overall situation of Shangxi village.

Among the few families in Shangxi village that were the most difficult to tackle, the Shi family was one of them.

In the past, when they encountered such situations, the Shi family’s crazy women would probably have chased them out long ago.

Today’s situation didn’t seem right!

It was true that Mother Xiao was weak, but she wasn’t stupid.

She recalled that yesterday, Shi Qingluo had taken the initiative to refuse betrothal gifts and even said that the Shi family would take care of it, so she was definitely the one making the decisions today.

That’s when she realised that Shi Qingluo was even more powerful than she had previously imagined.

Instead of feeling displeased and fearful, she felt even happier.

Her family just lacked a powerful daughter-in-law.

Mother Xiao smiled. “Perhaps it’s because of the Wu family’s matter earlier, they feel that they owe Qingluo.”

The chief’s wife did not think so.

When she was with the Shi family just now, she had always felt that those people seemed to be a little afraid of Shi Qingluo.

If they really owed her, they wouldn’t have nearly sent her to the Wu family to be married and subsequently buried.

“It’s also possible. I don’t think the Shi family is very happy about it, but they still let Shi Qingluo marry into your family.”

Yes, when they went to propose marriage just now, the Shi family agreed and expressed that Shi Qingluo had taken a liking to Xiao Hanzheng.

They were also willing to take the initiative to go to the Xiao family’s residence to celebrate.

This was something Shi Qingluo had planned for the Shi family to say.

If she wasn’t that brilliant, the Shi family wouldn’t have married her to the Xiao family so quickly.

Most importantly, they did not want the betrothal gifts.

Moreover, Shi Qingluo was willing to marry into the Xiao family on her own accord at the most difficult time for the Xiao family.

This was beneficial to her reputation.

In the future, if she really wanted to divorce with Xiao Hanzheng, it would be easier for her to establish a female household.

The chief’s wife could not figure it out, but it wasn’t important either.

“Since the Shi family has agreed, then you should hurry home and prepare.”

“I’ll go back first. I’ll bring some people over to help later.”

The chief’s wife was taking care of them so much mainly because Xiao Hanzheng was in a coma.

Mother Xiao knew that too. She said gratefully, “Alright, thank you so much for today then.”

After returning, Mother Xiao first went to take a look at Xiao Hanzhen.

When she realised that the fever that had subsided last night had not returned, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Shi Qingluo was the Xiao family’s lucky star.

If her son could really wake up, she must make sure that he treated his wife better.

Then, Mother Xiao brought Baili and Erlang to clean up the courtyard.

She also went to the town to buy some meat and vegetables.

Although they were not holding a wedding banquet, they shouldn’t let their new sister-in-law feel that she wasn’t welcomed on the first day.

Therefore, they planned to invite the families who had helped them recently with a simple meal.

Firstly, to celebrate, and secondly, to thank them.

Because the chief’s wife had brought many people along to help, they also knew that Mother Xiao was celebrating Xiao Hanzheng’s marriage tomorrow.

Following that, the Shi family also released the news, and the people of Shangxi village also knew about this.

Everyone was completely dumbfounded.

With Xiao Hanzheng’s current health conditions, the Xiao family was in such a fiery pit, and someone was willing to jump into it.

Worse still, the new wife was a lady from the Shi family,

The Shi family was famous for skinning others alive.

Previously, they had almost sent their daughter to the Wu family to be buried.

Why would they marry her to the Xiao family for the wedding ceremony now?

Everyone was still guessing how much betrothal gifts Mother Xiao had spent to persuade the Shi family.

As the chief’s wife revealed everything, everyone felt that it was even more incredulous.

Instead of betrothal gifts, the Shi Family had even given a few bags of grain as dowry.

Most importantly, she was coming to the Xiao family to chongxi tomorrow.

Were the people of the Shi family all out of their minds?

The chief’s wife explained that Shi Qingluo had taken a liking to Xiao Hanzheng, so she was now willing to marry into the Xiao family to chongxi.

This was the truth, and everyone had no choice but to believe it.

However, the people from the two villages still couldn’t figure it out.

If so many unfortunate events hadn’t happened to the Xiao family, and Xiao Hanzheng’s health was normal, everyone wouldn’t be too surprised.

They would also snatch to let their daughter marry into the Xiao family.

After all, Xiao Hanzheng looked like he had a lot of potential.

Such a young elementary scholar might even rise to a high-ranking scholar in the future.

However, the Xiao family was currently in debt, and Xiao Hanzheng could die instantly at any time.

After entering the Xiao family, she might immediately become a widow.

The Shi family’s daughter did not want to be showered with wedding gifts.

It was simply hard for people to comment.

Meanwhile, many admired Shi Qingluo too. Her courage was commendable!

Moreover, it was not easy to offer help in such situations.

No matter what the Shi family was like, this was Shi Qingluo’s true temperament.

The truth also developed as Shi Qingluo had expected.

Although many people secretly called her a fool on the surface, they all praised her genuine personality and good character.

On the other side, at the Shi Family’s home.

Third Son Shi and the others were beaten up by Shi Qingluo with a cane and were forced to carry the coarse grains, soybeans, and green beans.

They were placed together with the things she had brought from the Taoist temple.

Third Son Shi rubbed his burning arm while he glared at Shi Qingluo.

“We have fulfilled your request. In the future, if your life is not satisfactory after marrying into the Xiao family, we won’t help you. Stand up by yourself.”

It would be better if she married into the Xiao family and became a widow.

How could Shi Qingluo not see through their thoughts? “If I can’t rely on you now, how can I rely on you in the future? I’m not a fool.

“However, your words have reminded me.”

Shi Qingluo raised her hand and pointed at Fourth Son Shi. “Go and get a pen and paper. Let’s write it down.”

Fourth Son Shi had also been whipped by Shi Qingluo once with a rattan. Now, he was afraid and also hateful of her.

“Write what down?”

Shi Qingluo said matter-of-factly, “Write down what my third uncle said just now. In the future, no matter how my life turns out, I don’t need my maternal family to take care of me.

“Continue to write. If I marry into the Xiao family, my maternal family will not welcome me back no matter if I become a widow or if I divorce them.

“Of course, if I become rich in the future, you guys don’t have the right to take advantage of me. Write this down as well.”

With this, it wouldn’t be much of a problem for her to establish a female household in the future.

The people of the Shi family were stunned.

This little bastard’s brain was indeed fried, and was quite severe.

No wonder she had been so crazy to propose such unfavourable conditions recently.

However, they couldn’t wait for that day to come.

If this jinx suddenly became a widow or divorce in the future and if they didn’t accept her, she would become their demon again.

If it was written in black and white with her handprint that when she wanted to return to her parents’ house in the future, they would report her to the authorities if she dared to harm them when they rejected her request.

Old Master Shi was even more decisive. “Go get it and write it for her.”

It was more important to send this jinx away as soon as possible so that she wouldn’t come back in the future.

As for what if she became rich in the future, they didn’t believe it at all.

Hence, Fourth Son Shi wrote three copies. The elders of the Shi family and Shi Qingluo both signed or pressed their handprints.

They even let the chief of Shangxi village be the witness and placed one copy there.

The next morning, Shi Qingluo changed into Shengyuan’s best clothes, but they were still filled with a lot of patches.

Mdm Niu snatched away her better clothings when Shengyuan just returned from the Taoist temple for her younger sister to wear.

Shi Qingluo had no interest in snatching them back, she even despised them.

Soon, Xiao Erlang arrived at the Shi family’s home to pick up the bride, together with the Chief Xiao’s son and others.

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