Chapter 5 - After Getting a Divorce, I Continued Being a Miracle Doctor

When Trees Fall, Monkeys Scatter

Liu Xin’er said, “Let’s go in. This villa should belong to Xiaoyu. How can Jian Xing’er deserve it?!”

When Hou Xiaoyu heard Liu Xin’er’s words, she was in a good mood and strode to the entrance of the villa.

In Hou Xiaoyu’s mind, Liu Xin’er was extremely powerful.

Hou Xiaoyu thought that as long as Liu Xin’er helped, this villa would become hers.

At this moment, Jian Xing’er had already packed her luggage. She sat on the sofa as she looked at the furniture in the house that Hou Junlai had personally furnished.

The joyful occasion of the two of them moving in seemed to have happened just yesterday.

But when trees fall, monkeys scatter.

Jian Xing’er was about to leave now.

Jian Xing’er was about to leave this house filled with their sweet memories.

This house already belonged to Jian Xing’er when she signed the deed.

Although Hou Jun said that this house would be left to Jian Xing’er, Jian Xing’er didn’t want it.

Thinking of this, Jian Xing’er thought of the seriousness and determination in Hou Junlai’s eyes and how he said that they were no longer people of the same world.

In the end, Jian Xing’er was no longer worthy of him?

For the past three years, although Jian Xing’er was ordinary, she had always loved her husband from the bottom of her heart.

For Junlai’s sake, Jian Xing’er was willing to do anything.

Jian Xing’er gave her heart to Hou Junlai without reservation.

This was what she got in return?

In return, Hou Junlai said that they didn’t belong to the same world?

In return, she also received disdain from Hou Junlai!

How ridiculous.

What kind of love was this? It was like some sort of business deal!

As a self-deprecating smile appeared on Jian Xing’er’s face, the doorbell rang.

Jian Xing’er came back to her senses and frowned. Then, she opened the door.

She saw the people standing outside the door.

Jian Xing’er asked curiously, “Mom, Xiaoyu, why are you guys here?”

Jian Xing’er addressed Mrs. Hou as her mother. Over the past three years, Jian Xing’er had already gotten used to it.

However, Mrs. Hou frowned, her eyes filled with dissatisfaction and disdain.

Mrs. Hou immediately said, “Don’t call me that. I’m not your mother.”

Hou Xiaoyu didn’t even look at Jian Xing’er as she said bluntly, “Jian Xing’er, you have to understand that this is my brother’s house. You didn’t pay for it.”

Hou Xiaoyu’s words were very harsh. Jian Xing’er couldn’t help but frown.

Then, she looked at the woman in the dress.

She was Liu Xin’er.

Jian Xing’er asked, “Who are you?”

Just as Jian Xing’er asked, Hou Xiaoyu interrupted her.

Hou Xiaoyu said, “Get lost. Jian Xing’er, I want to show Sister Xin’er my big villa.”

Hou Xiaoyu pushed Jian Xing’er away and walked in.

Liu Xin’er looked at Jian Xing’er with pity and mockery.

Then, she entered the house with Mrs. Hou and Hou Xiaoyu.

Jian Xing’er sighed, but didn’t say anything.

She hoped to part with Hou Junlai on good terms. After all, they had been husband and wife for so long, so there was no need to make things too ugly.

With this thought in mind, Jian Xing’er went to the kitchen and poured water for the three of them.

Hou Xiaoyu looked at the house excitedly. Soon, this big villa would be hers.

Liu Xin’er casually looked around the house before raising her eyebrows at Jian Xing’er.

Liu Xin’er said, “Jian Xing’er, you guys are already divorced, so it’s better to part on good terms. This villa isn’t yours.”

Jian Xing’er frowned. From the beginning until now, she had never planned to accept this villa, so why did Liu Xin’er say that?

Jian Xing’er didn’t stand on ceremony and retorted, “I don’t know who you are, but this is our family’s matter. As an outsider, aren’t you being too nosy and rude?”

When Liu Xin’er heard this, her expression immediately darkened.

Liu Xin’er didn’t expect Jian Xing’er to dare to speak like this. She was just a piece of trash. Where did she get her confidence from?

Mrs. Hou was dissatisfied.

Mrs. Hou said, “What family matter? Jian Xing’er, have some dignity. Junlai has already divorced you. We have nothing to do with you anymore.”

“Junlai has raised someone as useless as you for so many years. Do you still want to continue to freeload?”

“Let me tell you, I was the one who asked Junlai to get a divorce! A piece of trash like you is unworthy of standing by Junlai’s side. You’re already lucky enough to have married him, understand?!”

“You piece of trash, have you improved at all in the past few years? You only know how to freeload!”

Mrs. Hou’s mockery and attitude stunned Jian Xing’er and made her very angry.

What did she say?

Wasn’t this house Jian Xing’er and Hou Junlai’s?

An outsider tried to interfere, so Jian Xing’er retorted, but then her mother-in-law insulted her like this?