Chapter 6 - After Getting a Divorce, I Continued Being a Miracle Doctor

Jian Xing’er Is Useless?

What did her mother-in-law mean by bringing an outsider over to bully her?

Jian Xing’er signed the divorce papers and she didn’t intend to accept any of Hou Junlai’s assets.

But now, not only didn’t Jian Xing’er receive any gratitude, but she was even scolded?

How funny.

Jian Xing’er was useless?

If not for Jian Xing’er, would the Hou family have gone from rags to riches three years ago?

In the past few years, if not for Jian Xing’er paving the way for Hou Junlai, how could he have climbed the social ladder?

Now, they kicked her to the curb after she had outlived her usefulness and even played the blame game. How shameless!

At this moment, Hou Xiaoyu said sarcastically, “Jian Xing’er, my mother is right. What’s so good about you?”

“My brother was generous enough to take care of a freeloader like you for a few years. If he hadn’t been so soft-hearted, he would have gotten a divorce long ago.”

“Now, it’s already good enough that my brother gave you so much. You don’t deserve this villa at all. Do you understand?”

When Jian Xing’er heard this, she stood up with a smile. Then, she said indifferently, “Since you’re here to insult me, please leave. I won’t see you guys out. I have nothing to do with the Hou family anymore.”

Jian Xing’er suppressed the anger in her heart. She really wanted to part on good terms and didn’t want to cause trouble.

Jian Xing’er wanted to end this marriage without hassle.

However, at this moment, Liu Xin’er said,

She said, “Jian Xing’er, you’re the one who should leave. This is the house Hou Junlai bought. What does it have to do with you? This is the Hou family’s house! Don’t tell me you want to appropriate this house after freeloading for a few years?”

When Jian Xing’er saw that Liu Xin’er was sowing discord, a trace of anger flashed across Jian Xing’er’s eyes.


A crisp sound echoed through the house.

Then, Jian Xing’er slowly retracted her hand.

Jian Xing’er said indifferently, “This is our family’s matter. It’s not your place to criticize me.”

Hou Xiaoyu roared, “Jian Xing’er, how dare you? How dare you hit Sister Xin’er!”

As she spoke, Hou Xiaoyu rushed towards Jian Xing’er angrily.

Jian Xing’er grabbed Hou Xiaoyu’s hand and said calmly, “Don’t take advantage of my kindness. If I don’t take you seriously, you’re just a nobody. Do you understand?”

The pain in her wrist rendered Hou Xiaoyu speechless.

Hou Xiaoyu didn’t expect Jian Xing’er to be so strong!

Now, Jian Xing’er understood that this mother and daughter had come because they were afraid that she would occupy this villa.

It was too funny. Too funny.

The benefits Jian Xing’er had brought to the Hou family far exceeded the value of this villa.

But what were the Hou family doing now?

They turned their back on her!

Jian Xing’er couldn’t bring herself to be so shameless.

At this moment, Mrs. Hou was stunned.

She didn’t expect a lousy doctor who had been abandoned by Hou Junlai to dare to treat them like this.

Mrs. Hou roared, “Jian Xing’er, you piece of trash! Let go of Xiaoyu immediately!”

Before Mrs. Hou could finish speaking, she heard a roar.

Liu Xin’er covered her swollen face as she shouted at Jian Xing’er, “Jian Xing’er, seems like you want to do this the hard way!”

Jian Xing’er threw Hou Xiaoyu aside, as if she was throwing away trash. Then, she looked at Liu Xin’er as she said calmly, “Who do you think you are?”

Jian Xing’er looked at Liu Xin’er with indifference.

In an instant, Liu Xin’er felt as if the person in front of her was Lucifer.

Liu Xin’er was so frightened that she didn’t dare to speak.

Mrs. Hou shouted, “Jian Xing’er!”

Mrs. Hou didn’t know what to say, so she could only glare at Jian Xing’er and roar in anger.

Jian Xing’er took out her phone and said calmly, “Don’t you want this villa? Sure, I’ll call Junlai and see what he says.”

“As long as Hou Jun says you guys can have it, I won’t take anything here. Don’t worry, these things are worthless to me!”

When Mrs. Hou and Hou Xiaoyu, who had come back to their senses, saw Jian Xing’er’s actions, they immediately panicked.

Mrs. Hou even went forward and snatched the phone from Jian Xing’er’s hand.

Jian Xing’er smiled in amusement.

As expected, the Hou family’s mother and daughter didn’t tell Hou Junlai that they wanted to occupy the villa.

Jian Xing’er knew Hou Junlai well. He wouldn’t do such a disgusting thing.

After all, Hou Junlai had a noble status now.

Hou Junlai didn’t lack money.

In Hou Junlai’s eyes, this house probably wasn’t worth such trouble.

What Hou Junlai wanted was to completely sever ties with Jian Xing’er!

Liu Xin’er became even angrier.

Liu Xin’er didn’t expect herself to be frightened by a piece of trash.

When she came back to her senses, Liu Xin’er rushed forward to scratch Jian Xing’er’s face.

Jian Xing’er smiled disdainfully.

Jian Xing’er didn’t take Liu Xin’er’s shrewish behavior seriously at all.

Jian Xing’er dodged Liu Xin’er’s sharp nails easily and raised her hand to slap Liu Xin’er’s face.

Liu Xin’er’s nose was immediately broken.

For a moment, blood splattered from her nose.