Chapter 7 - After Getting a Divorce, I Continued Being a Miracle Doctor

You Will Die at My Hands

As Liu Xin’er covered her nose, Jian Xing’er kicked Liu Xin’er away.

Liu Xin’er collided with the floor-to-ceiling mirror not far away, and the mirror shattered.

Liu Xin’er lay on the ground as she wailed.

Her screams sounded as miserable as that of a pig being slaughtered.

Jian Xing’er didn’t hold back at all.

She couldn’t be soft-hearted when dealing with Liu Xin’er.

Mrs. Hou and Hou Xiaoyu didn’t expect Jian Xing’er to be so ruthless, so they couldn’t help but take a few steps back.

The two of them looked at Jian Xing’er in shock. Why had Jian Xing’er changed so much?

Previously, Jian Xing’er was timid. Even if she was scolded, she didn’t dare to retort, let alone hit someone.

Now, she actually dared to attack Liu Xin’er!

Actually, it wasn’t that Jian Xing’er had changed. She had always had such strength.

In the past, Jian Xing’er tried her best to tolerate everything because she didn’t want outsiders to gossip and only wanted to live a peaceful life with Hou Junlai.

But at this point, what else could Jian Xing’er care about?!

Jian Xing’er glanced at Liu Xin’er and said coldly, “You’re too big for your britches. Get out now and don’t let me see you again. Otherwise, I won’t just beat you up!”

After beating up Liu Xin’er, Jian Xing’er felt much better.

To put it simply, Liu Xin’er was a punching bag today.

She was a fool who took the initiative to be treated as a punching bag!

Liu Xin’er slowly came back to her senses and stopped wailing.

She had never suffered such humiliation. Ever since she was young, Liu Xin’er had always been the only one who bullied others. This was the first time she had been beaten up like this.

Before she came, Liu Xin’er had bragged to Mrs. Hou and Hou Xiaoyu that she would definitely be able to get Jian Xing’er to scram.

She wanted to use this opportunity to show off.

Now that she had been taught a lesson by Jian Xing’er, Liu Xin’er felt humiliated.

Liu Xin’er gritted her teeth and said, “Jian Xing’er, you b*tch, you will die at my hands one day!”

Liu Xin’er said ruthlessly with a ferocious expression.

Liu Xin’er realized that she couldn’t defeat Jian Xing’er, but she didn’t want to embarrass herself, so she could only say some ruthless words to regain some dignity.

Liu Xin’er said with a murderous expression, “You’re just good at fighting. I’m the eldest daughter of the Liu family and the apple of the Liu family’s eye. It’s easy for me to kill a piece of trash like you. Just you wait. I’ll let you know what happens when you offend people you can’t afford to offend!”

Liu Xin’er had already made a plan. When the time came, she would definitely torture Jian Xing’er until she wanted to die, but not now.

After Liu Xin’er finished speaking, she stood up and ran out. She was afraid that Jian Xing’er would catch up and continue to beat her up.

When Mrs. Hou saw that Liu Xin’er had run away, she immediately pulled Hou Xiaoyu out and said, “Xiaoyu, let’s leave quickly!”

Hou Xiaoyu was very indignant. This villa had been on her mind for a long time, so she said unhappily, “We’re leaving just like that? Do you plan to give the villa to Jian Xing’er?”

Mrs. Hou sneered and said, “What’s there to panic about? Jian Xing’er has offended the eldest daughter of the Liu family. After Miss Liu tortures Jian Xing’er to death, the villa will still be ours!”

After hearing her mother’s words, Hou Xiaoyu immediately felt better.

However, Hou Xiaoyu frowned and said, “But if Miss Liu can’t kill Jian Xing’er, won’t the villa still be hers?”

Mrs. Hou trusted Miss Liu very much, so she said with schadenfreude, “Jian Xing’er is a piece of trash, while Miss Liu is the Liu family’s treasure. Now that Jian Xing’er has hit Miss Liu, will the Liu family let her off? They’ll kill her!”

When Hou Xiaoyu heard her mother’s words, a smile flashed across her face as she said with a smile, “That’s right. How can a piece of trash like Jian Xing’er resist the Liu family? It’ll be easy for the Liu family to deal with such a piece of trash!”

Mrs. Hou left the villa with Hou Xiaoyu, as if nothing had happened.

Jian Xing’er sneered.

Since Liu Xin’er was tempting fate, Jian Xing’er could only fulfill her wish.

Ding ding ding…

The villa’s doorbell rang again.

When Jian Xing’er opened the door, there were more than ten Maybachs parked outside.

There were many bodyguards in suits standing beside the car.

The person standing at the front was obviously a rich young master.

This young master was the young master of the Li family, Li Kun.

Li Kun flew straight to Sea City. As soon as he landed, he immediately rushed over with his men.

Jian Xing’er asked in confusion, “What do you want?”

Li Kun remembered what his father had said, so how could he dare to put on airs? He asked with a gentle smile, “Are you Miracle Doctor Jian?”

Jian Xing’er was stunned at first. No one had called her that in years. Jian Xing’er said impatiently, “That’s right. It’s me. Don’t waste my time. If you have something to say, say it quickly.”