Chapter 6 - After Mastering Fate, I Reshaped Life With My Son

Chapter 6

To him, Song Yao was indeed a little stubborn, but in essence, she was still a rural woman who only knew about her family. He just had to coax her a few more times.

Moreover, in the past, as long as he softened his attitude, Song Yao would not have the heart to be angry with him. She would also obey him in everything.


“Yu Yong, I have to make things clear to you today. I will pursue this matter!” Yu Yong didn’t know that now that the matter of him sending his son away had coincided with Song Yao’s dream, she wouldn’t believe him anymore.

Moreover, this concerned her son’s future, so Song Yao did not intend to give in.

Yu Yong was stunned when he saw the determination in Song Yao’s eyes. It was as if he had just met her for the first time today.

At this moment, there was a commotion at the dining table.

“Slam!” Yu Chun suddenly slammed his chopsticks on the table. “What do you mean pursue this matter! The child has already been sent away. If we don’t bring him back, are you planning to jump off a building? You’re being unreasonable!”

Yu Chun had always hated it when his son humbled himself to a woman.

If he gave in to Song Yao today, where would their family’s dignity go?

At this point, the entire family knew that Yu Chun was really angry. No one dared to say anything else. Soon, the atmosphere in the family fell into a deadlock.

Yu Wen’s family’s gaze gradually shifted from Yu Chun to Song Yao.

They all thought that Song Yao would storm out of the door in a fit of anger. They didn’t expect her to go straight to the kitchen.

“Sister-in-law won’t do anything stupid, right?” Yu Wen knew that something was wrong. The faces of the people at the dining table turned green.

Yu Chun wanted to say a few more words to Song Yao, but Yu Yong had already rushed to the kitchen to look for her.

“She’s become more capable.” Yu Chun’s words were still unforgiving. He wanted to dampen Song Yao’s spirit.

The next second, Song Yao came out of the kitchen with a bowl and chopsticks. She sat at the dining table and started wolfing down the food.

Song Yao hadn’t eaten for a day. She wouldn’t starve because of anger like in her dream. In the end, she was so hungry that she couldn’t wait for the Yu family to bring her Baby Xuan back.

She had to eat her fill first. Tomorrow, she would find an excuse to go out and find the child herself.

In her dream, she remembered that her Baby Xuan had been sent to Sangqiu County by Yu Yong and that she had to take the train to go. Song Yao had to prepare in advance.

At the dining table, she ignored everyone’s shocked expressions. After eating her fill, she stood up and said to He Xi, “Sister-in-law, I’ll have to trouble you to clean up today. I’ll go back to my room to rest first.”

“Okay.” He Xi came back to her senses and agreed.

She usually disliked Song Yao’s soft personality, but as a mother, she could understand Song Yao’s feelings.

If her child had been taken away today, she would have caused a scene too.

Moreover, she didn’t want to see the chaos at home, so she agreed to all the work and let Song Yao calm down alone, giving the couple some leeway.

“Song Yao, what kind of attitude is that!” Yu Chun did not indulge Song Yao.

“Alright, Old Master, forgive her if you can. Song Yao still has to live with Second Brother in the future. If we don’t get along well here, it will be difficult for our family to meet in the future,” Chen Lian comforted.

Yu Chun crossed his arms and glared at Song Yao’s back before giving up angrily.

Chen Lian sighed, thinking that Song Yao was also insensible. If she didn’t mediate this family, it would probably be over.

Then, she nudged Yu Yong and reminded him, “Coax her tonight. It’s almost the new year. Don’t let the neighbors see it. Otherwise, we’ll be gossiped about and our family won’t be happy.”

Yu Yong nodded.

After dinner, he went upstairs to check on Song Yao.

At this moment, Song Yao was sitting in front of the crib with red eyes.

She didn’t lock the door. When she saw Yu Yong, she hurriedly wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. Without a word, she lay back on the bed and buried her head in the blanket.

Yu Yong sat by the bed and wanted to touch Song Yao, but she avoided him.

Yu Yong’s hand froze in midair.

“Song Yao, you should understand me. If it weren’t for that comrade of mine, how could I have a child now?” Yu Yong retracted his hand and turned his back on Song Yao. He said with a depressed aura, “Besides, the child was sent to another county today. You won’t be able to find him even if you want to.”