Chapter 7 - After Mastering Fate, I Reshaped Life With My Son

Chapter 7

After Yu Yong finished speaking, Song Yao continued to ignore him, making it seem like he was talking to himself.

In his eyes, Song Yao was just a countryside woman. The furthest she had been was in town.


She probably wouldn’t be able to find the child. In addition, she didn’t have a job now, and the land sent by the village head was now under Chen Lian’s control.

For the sake of a peaceful life, he thought that Song Yao would soon give in to him.

With this thought in mind, he stopped comforting Song Yao and started packing up.

At night, the two of them slept with their backs facing each other. There was a gap in the middle of the bed like a chasm.

The next day.

Song Yao got up early and packed her luggage, preparing to find her son.

Yu Yong was woken up by the commotion. Seeing that Song Yao was putting something under her shoes, he asked curiously, “Why are you up so early?”

The sky was still dark, and Song Yao was used to it. She didn’t want to talk to Yu Yong anymore.

Coincidentally, the rooster in the courtyard began to crow, breaking the peace between them.

Song Yao took a deep breath and put on her shoes. She said to Yu Yong, “I want to go to the county to see my aunt.”

Song Yao’s aunt was currently working in the county food factory. When her parents were busy, it was her aunt who helped raise her and her brother.

“Since when do you have an aunt? Where is she? Why don’t I go with you? It’s rare for me to be back, so I’ll go with you to meet the elders,” Yu Yong said with sleepy eyes.

He had never woken up so early in the army, so he was still a little confused and did not notice that Song Yao was frowning.

On the day of their wedding, Yu Yong had met Song Yao’s aunt. Moreover, after they got married, their aunt would come all the way to visit the Yu family every month to give gifts.

During the new year, Chen Lian even nagged that the gifts from Song Yao’s aunt were all good stuff… Yu Yong actually still didn’t know that she had an aunt.

“No need. I’ll stay at her house for a few days,” Song Yao said.

“Then be careful. Why don’t I go to town and buy some gifts for you to bring back?” Yu Yong stood up and said.

Listening to Song Yao’s tone, he vaguely felt that she was still angry about sending her son away. Since she wanted to go back to her family, he would let her go.

After informing their families, the two of them went to town.

Yu Yong bought some candy and biscuits and sent Song Yao to the station.

“I’ve bought the ticket to the county city for you. Be careful in the car. Don’t let anyone take it away. Also, this is the money for the return trip. Keep it well,” Yu Yong reminded Song Yao before he left.

Song Yao just nodded and got into the car with her luggage.

The train would only arrive in the county city. She had not discussed her plan with Yu Yong from the beginning to the end, but she felt that it was better to inform her family.

When she arrived at the county city, she asked for directions and arrived at her aunt’s house. It was already noon.

Along the way, she saw many private vendors setting up stalls on the streets. It was much livelier than in the countryside. There were even some stalls where she saw other novel things other than daily necessities, such as hand ropes and sugar paintings.

The scene in front of her really formed a double image with the description of the dream environment. This made her even more certain that what she was taking care of in her dream was another reality.

She was even more determined to find her Baby Xuan.

When she arrived at her aunt’s house, her aunt happened to be coming home from the factory to pick up something. When she saw that it was Song Yao, she was surprised and delighted. “Song Yao? Oh my god, why are you here!”

“Hello, Auntie.” Song Yao’s sweet voice softened Auntie’s heart.

Aunt’s husband had passed away early and she had no children. When she saw Song Yao, it was as if she had seen her own daughter.

“Why did you come to the county city alone? Why don’t I see Yu Yong? I heard that the army has been on leave recently. Why doesn’t he know how to accompany you?” When Aunt saw that Song Yao had brought gifts, she couldn’t stop smiling. However, her smile quickly froze.

Her niece had never been to the county city before. She must have suffered a lot to come here alone.

She immediately led Song Yao into the house and said solemnly, “Don’t tell me that something happened to your family?”

When Song Yao heard this, her eyes stung. Then, she told him about Yu Yong carrying Baby Xuan away.

Aunt’s face immediately turned ashen. She grabbed Song Yao’s hand. “You call selling your own child repaying a debt of gratitude? Yu Yong is really not a man. Calm down first. Aunt will think of something for you.”