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Chen Wei’er covered her face and was very shy. This man was just pretentious. On the surface, he didn’t have any desires, but in the end, he fantasized about doing this with her behind her back. With that, she decided to be merciful. Since he thought that way, she would satisfy his dream tonight!

Just as Chen Wei’er was immersed in her crazy imagination, there was a knock on the door. A gentle female voice pulled Chen Wei’er out of her fantasy. The person who came was her second sister-in-law, Bi Xinduo.

“Sister-in-law? Can I come in?”


Bi Xinduo was a very gentle and virtuous person. How gentle was she? Even in her previous life, Chen Wei ‘er and the He family were already in a mess, but Bi Xinduo had never given her a cold look.

“It’s convenient, come in quickly!” Chen Wei’er opened the door and saw Bi Xinduo carrying a little girl who was about three years old. The girl was Bi Xinduo’s daughter, He Youyou, and she was holding a small bag in her hand.

Chen Wei’er touched He Youyou’s little face and said, “Youyou has grown up. You’re so chubby and cute.”

“Youyou, this is your third aunt,” Bi Xinduo said with a smile.

“Third Aunt, I give this to you!” He Youyou smiled, and a dimple appeared on her face. She was simply a little beauty. Her chubby little hand held a bag and put it in Chen Wei’er’s hand.

“I saw Third Brother downstairs just now. He said that these are your clothes, so you should quickly go and change. The cake must be uncomfortable if it’s stuck in your body. How’s your leg?” Bi Xinduo asked with concern.

Chen Wei’er was a little surprised when she heard this. She thought that He Xun would ask the servant to get it, but she didn’t expect that He Xun would go by himself. However, when she heard her second sister-in-law’s words, her face turned even redder. She was just thinking about doing this and that with He Xun tonight. “Your face might have turned red because you quarreled with Luo Xinrui. As for your feet, they’re fine. I would just pretend…” In the end, Chen Wei’er became even more embarrassed. She took the bag and ran into the bathroom.

After taking a shower, Chen Wei’er looked at the things inside. He Xun didn’t forget anything that she had said. It seemed that He Xun still took her words to heart. Frankly speaking, He Xun was truly good to her. She recalled that the last time she saw He Xun in her previous life, he was still wearing the watch that she had given him when they got married.

Chen Wei’er suddenly felt that something was wrong. Why was He Xun so good to her? Could it be that after the divorce, he still couldn’t forget her? She recalled that He Xun had never worn that watch when they were together.


A loud noise interrupted Chen Wei’er’s thoughts. She quickly packed up and went out. It turned out that He Youyou had broken a vase in the guest room.

“Did mom tell you not to climb onto the sofa?” Bi Xinduo was lecturing her.

“Youyou wants it!” He Youyou pointed at the vase on the floor. She thought it looked nice and wanted to touch it, but she was too young to control her strength, so she fell.

Bi Xinduo was very patient with her daughter. “But you can tell me and ask for help. What if you fall? What if you get stabbed by a porcelain shard?” After saying that, she went to get someone to clean up.

“Who broke the thing?” At this time, He Yeli pushed the door open and walked in. She had an ugly expression.

“It was Youyou who accidentally broke the vase,” Bi Xinduo said apologetically. “I’ve already asked someone to clean it up.”

He Yeli’s face turned even uglier, “Today is my father’s birthday party! Are you doing this on purpose? If you can’t even take care of your child, it’ll be inauspicious if the vase is broken!”

She sounded like she was lecturing a servant at home. Although Bi Xinduo was gentle, it did not mean that she did not have a temper. She did not flare-up in the past because it had never happened to her. She picked He Youyou up and said in a serious tone, “Little Sister, I am your sister-in-law, which means I am your elder. You should not speak to me with such an attitude!”

He Yeli sneered. “What kind of elder are you? You’re just a guest. Who are you to teach me how to speak?” To her knowledge, He Qiu Shan, Luo Qionglan, and herself were a family. Her three brothers were just strangers. The He family was her home, and everyone else was an outsider. An outsider who was a guest had broken something in her house. Instead of apologizing to her, she dared to lecture her?

Bi Xinduo was a professor from a famous school, but she had never seen such an uncultured person. She was so angry that her chest heaved up and down.

Chen Wei’er couldn’t stand it anymore. She stepped forward and pushed He Yeli, “This is the He family. Second Sister-in-law married Second Brother, how can we not be part of the He family?” We’re all your elders, so you better show some respect!”

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