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“Two days ago, you were still with that Chen…” Luo Xinrui was at a loss after hearing Chen Wei’er’s words. This wasn’t her script at all. He Xun had clearly caught Chen Wei’er who was about to elope. He Xun had also seen Chen Wei’er cheat on him countless times. Why did he still want to be with her? Chen Wei’er even had to prepare for pregnancy? For a moment, shock, unwillingness, and anger welled up in Luo Xinrui’s heart. How was she inferior to Chen Wei’er? He Xun had completely ignored her feelings?!

“Since everyone is here, I have to explain.” Chen Wei’er wiped off the cream on her forehead. “In the beginning, I truly didn’t want to marry He Xun, so I made a lot of mistakes. However, He Xun was very good to me. Feelings need to be cultivated. I also slowly fell in love with him, and I didn’t want to let him down. So, a few days ago, I specially went to look for my ex-boyfriend to make things clear.”

In fact, Chen Wei’er felt very guilty when she said this, but the main point was that she truly wanted to live a good life with He Xun.


“You’re lying!” Luo Xinrui couldn’t care less about her ladylike image. She pointed at Chen Wei’er and angrily said, “You bumped into me on purpose just now!”

Upon hearing this, Chen Wei’er couldn’t help but roll her eyes in her heart. She had only spoken a few words, and Luo Xinrui had already started to panic? In her previous life, after she got together with Nie Suijing, his mother’s methods were much better than Luo Xinrui’s. She framed Chen Wei’er, sowed discord, and found an opportunity to act innocent. How much did Chen Wei’er suffer? She had learned quite a lot this time.

“Sister Xinrui, you need evidence to speak. I can forgive you for throwing a cake at me, but you can’t frame me like this!” Chen Wei’er’s voice was filled with grievance. Who didn’t know how to act pitiful?

“You said I hit you? Alright, that cake is so small. How did you fall off the moment I touched you?” Luo Xinrui was panting heavily. She didn’t notice that her face was already ferocious, and her tone was even more aggressive.

One had to know that acting pitiful in front of a crowd was a great skill. After all, most people didn’t know the truth, and they didn’t care about the truth. They would only subconsciously side with the weak.

Chen Wei’er smiled in her heart. She was still thinking about how to lead the conversation to this point, but Luo Xinrui said it herself. Then, Chen Wei’er couldn’t be blamed for being too harsh. “How could I have the cheek to say this? It’s all because my husband was too rough last night. I only went to bed when it was just dawn. My legs don’t have any strength at all today.”

Everyone was speechless.

He Xun was stunned.

Luo Xinrui was in a panic.

In an instant, the living room fell into a strange silence. He Xun was the first to speak. “I’ll take Wei’er to change her clothes.” After saying that, he carried Chen Wei’er upstairs.

Chen Wei’er’s ultimate goal wasn’t to reveal the truth. After all, there were no surveillance cameras and no witnesses, so it was impossible to call the police. What she wanted was for Luo Xinrui to be upset. Who asked Luo Xinrui to jump around in front of her husband and think about how to seduce He Xun every day? At the same time, she would explain the matter about her elopement to everyone. This would also be a foundation for her future.

However, when the two arrived at the guest room, Chen Wei’er remembered that she didn’t have her clothes here. She anxiously poked the man’s arm. “Go get my coat and makeup bag from the car. I’ll change it myself.”

He Xun didn’t move and pressed his hands on Chen Wei’er’s shoulders. “Why did you say that?”

In fact, Chen Wei’er had long been prepared to be questioned by He Xun. However, the way he looked at her made her feel some inexplicable emotions.

“I …” Chen Wei’er blushed. “I know you don’t believe me, but I sincerely want to make up for my past mistakes. I truly want to live a good life with you.”

After waiting for a long time for He Xun’s reply, Chen Wei’er punched him in a fit of annoyance. “I’m already very sincere. Give me an answer. Are you going to give me a chance to make up for it?”

He Xun didn’t answer. He adjusted her head, and the two looked at each other. There was another period of silence. He seemed to have thought for a long time. “Chen Wei’er, did you also have that dream?”

Chen Wei’er blinked her eyes in a daze. She didn’t understand what He Xun meant. “What dream are you talking about?”

“I’m fine!” He Xun looked into Chen Wei’er’s eyes. Other than doubt, there was nothing else in them. Without waiting for Chen Wei’er to speak again, he said coldly, “Stay here, and don’t move. I’ll get someone to bring you some clothes.”

With that, He Xun turned around and left. Immediately after, the door was slammed shut with a bang.

Chen Wei’er couldn’t help but roll her eyes. She was the one who had been smeared with milk. Looking at He Xun’s appearance, those who didn’t know would think that he had been bullied!

But what did ‘that dream’ mean?

Dreaming of her smeared with cake? Or was he dreaming about what she had just said about preparing for pregnancy? Or did he torture her too much last night? Thinking of this, her eyes widened. Could it be that He Xun dreamed of preparing for pregnancy with her? Didn’t that mean that He Xun had a wet dream about being with her?

Chen Wei’er’s face suddenly turned red, but her eyes were shining…

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