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“Nie Suijing! Are you still human? What the hell are you doing!” Chen Wei’er couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked at the man who was rummaging through the things in front of her. She clutched her seven-month-old stomach as tears of despair flowed out of her eyes.

“You useless thing, get lost!” Nie Suijing pushed Chen Wei’er away and finally found the small box.

Seeing this, Chen Wei’er rushed up to Nie Suijing and held his hand while ignoring the pain in her stomach. “I am begging you! For the sake of the child, stop gambling!”


“Mom! Hurry up and take this woman away. She is affecting my fortune!” Nie Suijing’s eyes were full of disgust, and he did not want to say anything more.

Hearing this, Nie Suijing’s mother quickly put down her bowl and chopsticks, held Chen Wei’er down, and scolded her. “You still dare to affect my son’s fortune? My son would have been rich if it wasn’t for you!”

“Mother! But he went to gamble!” Chen Wei’er tried to break free from the unreasonable old lady, but Nie Suijing had already found an emerald jade pendant from the bottom of the box! Chen Wei’er’s pupils changed, and she rushed over with all her might. “This is the last thing my mother left me. You cannot sell it anymore!”

“Get lost!” Nie Suijing lost his patience. He kicked the woman away and cursed. “If it wasn’t for your mother’s company back then, would I have f*cking coaxed you? I chased and licked after you like a dog, but I didn’t get anything. You were lucky to marry He Xun. If it wasn’t because He Xun was richer, I would not have endured the humiliation and contacted you. I thought that you would get half of the He family’s assets if you divorced He Xun, but you left the marriage with nothing? I have f*cking worked for nothing! What is wrong with me taking your pendant now? Your mother is long dead. What is the use of keeping this?”

Chen Wei’er sat paralyzed on the ground as she held her stomach with a pained expression. She looked at Nie Suijing, whose face was full of anger. It was this man in front of her who had pursued her for two years when she was in university and took care of her well. He was the best boyfriend. So, when her mother wanted her to marry He Xun, she resisted with all her might. However, at that time, her mother’s company went bankrupt several times, and He Xun’s father was also looking for an easy woman to control. To control He Xun, she became the most suitable partner.

Later, her mother’s company got better, and she married He Xun. Looking at He Xun, who was cold every day, she thought that it was not bad to live life two steps forward. However, Nie Suijing contacted her, and their already unstable relationship was completely broken. After all the trouble she caused, He Xun finally agreed to divorce. But what happened to her?

Nie Suijing wanted her to start a business and grant a loan to a partner, but that person ran away. She was drowning in lawsuits and debts. It was her mother who bought the company and traveled around for her that saved her. At that time, her mother was also sick, but how could the family still have money? She could only watch as her mother closed her eyes…

Not long after, she found out that she was pregnant, so she married Nie Suijing. She thought that the hard times would be over, but Nie Suijing was dragged into gambling and even kicked her in the stomach…

‘Bang!’ Nie Suijing slammed the door shut, which interrupted her thoughts. Chen Wei’er felt a warm current in her lower body. She touched it and found that it was crimson blood! Chen Wei’er instantly panicked and said with a trembling voice, “Nie… Mother… Quickly take me to the hospital…”

Nie Suijing coldly looked at Chen Wei’er, who was curled up on the ground. “To the hospital? Doesn’t that cost money? Do you still have money? Besides, which woman doesn’t have children? Are you the only one who needs to go to the hospital? You have to endure it.” Following that, he went downstairs to play cards without looking up.

Chen Wei’er kept taking deep breaths and struggled to get up. She bent her waist and walked out. She didn’t know how long she had walked and how much blood she had lost before she finally reached the street to hail a taxi. However, seeing that her lower body was covered in blood, no one dared to accommodate her. Her face was pale, and she could not hold on any longer. Chen Wei’er held her stomach and squatted down with the feeling of despair wrapping around her.

At this time, she suddenly heard a screeching sound of a car hitting its brake. Then, a pair of custom-made, high-quality leather shoes appeared in front of Chen Wei’er.

“Chen Wei’er!”

The man’s cold voice rang out, and Chen Wei’er was stunned for a moment. She raised her head in disbelief and met his cold eyes.

However, the moment Chen Wei’er raised her head, her eyes were stung by the watch on his wrist.

That was the wedding gift her mother had forced her to buy for He Xun when they got married… He was still wearing it …

Chen Wei’er moved her dry lips. She wanted to say something, but in the end, she didn’t say a word. This was her retribution. What else could she even say?

However, in the next second, she was carried by the man. Her blood dripped on his expensive suit, but he didn’t care at all. “Head to the hospital!”

The second Chen Wei’er fainted from the pain, she saw him lowering his head. His cold eyes were filled with love. Those eyes conveyed too many messages, but she could not know them anymore…

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