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“The patient is bleeding profusely, and it can’t be stopped…”

“Prepare to defibrillate!”

Chen Wei’er couldn’t speak.


She could hear a mess of voices in her ears. Chen Wei’er wanted to open her eyes, but she couldn’t lift them no matter what.

“Mr. He, the child is short of oxygen and is born prematurely. The fetus is dead.”

“You must protect the mother!”

“Mr. He, the pregnant woman has lost too much blood, you…”

Amidst the noise, Chen Wei’er seemed to hear the man shouting angrily, “Chen Wei’er! You can’t die!”

‘Di… Di… Di…’

This sound meant that the heart had stopped beating. The ward seemed to be quiet. After a long time, Chen Wei’er seemed to hear a suppressed murmur, “If I had known earlier and let you go, I wouldn’t have exchanged your death for your happiness. I would never let you go even if I died…”


With a scream, Chen Wei’er sat up straight. She looked at everything around her and was at a loss for a moment. Was she…dreaming? The immense pain in her body was gone. There was no blood around her, and He Xun was nowhere to be found.

“You’re awake? I don’t understand how I, Chen Anhe, gave birth to a shameless daughter like you! Did He Xun owe you anything in his past life? Why did you make a scene? Give me a definite answer. How long are you going to keep this up? Who the hell is that Nie Suijing? Are you blind? Are you deaf? Can’t you see or hear clearly?” Chen Anhe was so angry that her fingers were trembling. She truly wanted to slap Chen Wei’er to death!

Chen Wei’er couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked at Chen Anhe, who was still talking incessantly. She then called out, “Mom?”

“Don’t call me your mom. I’m not your mother! Why did I give birth to you? I am fed up. I truly have nothing to do with giving birth to a massive wretch like you!” Chen Anhe’s anger grew, like a lit explosive barrel.

Chen Wei’er pursed her lips and confirmed that it was truly her mother! She just looked at Chen Anhe and indeed missed her. But in the next second, she heard her mother suddenly change her tone! “He Xun is here? You two are fated to be together. Chen Wei’er woke up as soon as you came.”

Chen Anhe’s sudden gentle voice gave Chen Wei’er goosebumps. Her mind was a mess. She was dead, right? Otherwise, how could she see her dead mother? Did she see He Xun again? After all, the two were really on bad terms back then. How could He Xun care about her? It must be a dream! “How did you die too?” Chen Wei’er stuttered.

“Chen Wei’er!”

Before He Xun could say anything, Chen Anhe was so angry that she almost burst out. “What nonsense are you saying? He Xun is already here to pick you up. Hurry up and get up, so you can go home with your husband!”

“What home?” Chen Wei’er was stunned. Didn’t she and He Xun lose their home a long time ago?

“Back to the Dongting Lake Villa, of course! Why? You’re so feverish that you don’t even remember your own home?” He Xun frowned and said coldly, “Or, is it because you don’t even have this family in your heart?”

“He Xun, you’ve misunderstood. Wei’er has just woken up, and her mind is still a little muddled.” Chen Anhe awkwardly explained on her daughter’s behalf. In the next second, she turned to look at Chen Wei’er and sternly said, “What are you waiting for? hurry up and pack your things. Go home with He Xun.”

“Dongting Lake Villa…” Chen Wei’er didn’t answer their questions. Her mind was filled with Dongting Lake Villa. Wasn’t that the house where she and He Xun got married? But she had been divorced from He Xun for seven or eight years, right? Why was it still her home?

“Chen Wei’er!” Chen Anhe saw that her daughter had no reaction and angrily patted her back.

Chen Wei’er looked at her mother carefully. Chen Anhe was only about 40 years old, and her hair wasn’t white. Most importantly, her mother still had the jade pendant that Nie Suijing had stolen from her! Chen Wei’er pinched herself hard. It hurt! She lifted the blanket and ran to the bathroom mirror. In front of her was a girl in her twenties. Her face was full of collagen, and on the ring finger of her right hand was the one and only pigeon blood ring in the world.

“Fever…” Chen Wei’er looked at the pale and young face in the mirror in a daze. Her memories came back like a tidal wave.

Her fever this time was also related to Nie Suijing. He had bribed a servant at Dongting Lake Villa to send her a message, arranged a time and place to elope, and even asked her to bring more money. After that, she ran out when He Xun wasn’t paying attention, but before she could see Nie Suijing, she was caught by He Xun. She cried, threw a tantrum, and made the house a mess. Finally, she rushed into the heavy rain and drenched herself. She had a high fever of 40 degrees. When she woke up, she was in the same situation. Her mother kept scolding her. He Xun had come to take her home. Could it be that…she wasn’t dead or dreaming but had been reborn?

At this time in her previous life, after she woke up, she refused to eat. After she died, she asked He Xun to take her to see Nie Suijing. He Xun had no choice but to take her there. Nie Suijing took the opportunity to stab He Xun and seriously injured his stomach.

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