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When Nanny Zhang heard Su Ye’s words, she was stunned. She had been discovered…

Su Ye ignored her foolish reaction and continued. “Nanny Zhang, can’t you be smarter? Even if my mother regards me with disdain, I am still her flesh and blood, while you’re just a servant. Yet you’re creating trouble to sow discord between your masters? Say, who do you think they will side with if I tell them about this? Will it be you or me?”

Nanny Zhang’s eyes went wide as she stared at the person in front of her. Her jaw fell slack, and she found herself unable to say anything even after a long time had passed.

The one before her was the eldest daughter of the family, but why did it feel like she had become someone else in less than a day? In the past, she was preposterous and acted recklessly because she thought she was a hopeless case. The servants often talked about her behind her back, and some even gossiped right in her face, but she always pretended that she did not hear them. It was precisely because of this that Nanny Zhang grew presumptuous.

Yet the eldest daughter before her now was not just cunning and eloquent, but had an imposing air about her that had come out of nowhere. With just a few words, she made Nanny Zhang understand what was going on and gave her a stern warning. It was true that no matter what, Su Ye was the legitimate eldest daughter of the family.

Nanny Zhang had really been foolish.

After some time, she said with an embarrassed expression, “Miss Ye, th-this is just a misunderstanding… I will order the kitchen staff to prepare the dishes you asked for tomorrow. If you ever have any other orders, please come and tell me…”

The next day, Su Ye got up at five o’clock for a morning run. There were only a few people on the road, and the breakfast stalls gave off a fragrant aroma. She could smell soymilk from a distance.

The stall’s boss pulled out a full soup ladle from the pot, and the hot soymilk that spilled out was like a white waterfall. The moment it was brought up, it fell down.

“Fresh soymilk! One cup for 1 RMB!”

Based on the current price for commodities, this was really cheap. Unfortunately, Su Ye’s grandniece was really poor, and Su Ye had something else to do later, so she did not bring any extra cash.

At that moment, a coin that had unique and unconventional patterns sparkled in a corner of the street.

It was a 1 RMB coin, no more and no less.

Two minutes later, Su Ye drank soymilk with great satisfaction.

If she knew who had lost the coin, she would pay them back a hundred fold.

After Su Ye drank the soymilk, she went to the apothecary to get medicine for Lin Zhan. Unsurprisingly, when she went to deliver it, the butler of the Lin family did not say anything polite, like inviting her into the mansion to take a seat. He just reached out a hand to grab the medicine, apologized for not sending her off, and sent her away.

Su Ye was not bothered by this. In the past, her prescriptions could not be bought even if someone offered millions for them. Lin Zhan would not realize it if he did not take the medicine, but the moment he did, he would be shocked.

‘Go ahead and put on airs all you want. Once you finish the medicine, you will have to come to me to get more.’

Su Ye returned to the Su mansion at nine in the morning.

Nanny Zhang had prepared the black fungus salad as well as the mountain herbs and winter melon soup, along with them were other freshly cooked breakfast dishes. She was much more well-behaved and did not say anything thoughtlessly.

Su Jingyang was about to go out. When he passed by the dining table, he saw Su Ye wolfing down her breakfast and was slightly stunned. It was the summer holidays, and Su Ye usually slept until noon, so her being up so early was abnormal.

He cast a glance at the scrumptious breakfast on the table and patted Su Ye’s head with a smile. “Are you hungry because I forbade you to eat dinner yesterday?”

The sudden warmth on her head caused Su Ye to tighten her grip on the chopsticks. For an instant, she remembered her father. If nothing had happened…

“Your mother and I will return quite late today. What do you want to eat in the evening? I’ll have Nanny Zhang make it for you,” Su Jingyang said.

Su Ye composed herself and said coolly, “Roasted chicken.”

Xu Huanying had already changed into her best dress gown. She hurried out from the inner room and said, “Your brother is going to be discharged today, so pick him up from the hospital, all right?”

After those words, her gaze suddenly became fierce, and she warned her, “If you let your brother get hurt again, I’ll skin you alive!”

Su Ye had gotten a good night’s sleep and received some of her grandniece’s memories.

The Su family had two children. While Su Ye was growing up, Xu Huanying realized that she was going to end up as a good-for-nothing, so she decided to get another successor. To her surprise, she got a boy, and she was really happy.

Su Ye’s brother was named Su Xing, and he was only five years old. A few days ago, Su Ye had gone on a bike ride with him and gotten into an accident. Fortunately, he wore full safety equipment, so he only suffered a few scrapes. They healed quickly, so he was soon discharged.

Su Ye felt that since Xu Huanying had pampered Su Xing, he was definitely a ridiculously arrogant demon, but no matter what, he was a member of the Su family, so she agreed to it.

After reaching Imperial City Hospital, Su Ye went to the ward, which was specially designed for children, based on directions from Xu Huangying. Su Xing was in a room with four beds. Four boys of similar ages, wearing the same patient’s clothes, and having practically the same haircut sat on those beds.

Since all of them looked the same, Su Ye gave a nonchalant and perfunctory glance at the ward before she went to Bed 4, which was near the window.

She suffered from mild prosopagnosia, but she refused to admit it.

When she stopped in front of the bed, she said in a firm tone, “Xing Xing, we’re going home.”

The grape-like, watery eyes of the boy on Bed 4 widened. He stared at the beautiful girl with a stupefied expression, and Su Ye could practically see the question mark flashing in neon lights above his head.

The corners of Su Ye’s lips twitched. Her guess had been wrong.

The real Su Xing cussed in Bed 3, and it successfully drew Su Ye’s attention.

She might be the only one who could not recognize her own brother face-to-face in the whole country.

Su Ye calmly turned around. This time, she first looked at the words written on the plate at the end of the bed: Su Xing. Once she was certain it was him, she cleared her throat lightly. “I was just joking with you.”

She had to admit that Su Xing was a really cute and pretty boy.

His expression froze for two seconds, then he beamed at her a moment later. “Sis, I missed you so much!”

Before he even said the words “so much”, he yanked off his blanket and rushed over to hug Su Ye. His soft, chubby arms wrapped around her waist. “Sis, everyone here is a child, and I hate playing with children! Did you come to bring me out of the hospital?”

Su Ye was not used to such cordiality. She laughed dryly and said, “Yeah. I came to pick you up.”

But to her surprise, Su Xing was not satisfied with this answer. He pouted and acted cute. “Sis, why have you changed in just a few days? Didn’t you say that I’m your brother and you’ll bring me wherever you go? I don’t want to go home! I want to be with you!”

After exchanging a few more words, Su Ye realized that Su Xing was very close to her grandniece. He even asked whether she was tired or hungry and declared that he was going to buy her roasted chicken once he got his allowance. He was a true siscon.

“Sis, you’ll still bring me around on your bike, right? I’m not afraid of falling. A few scars are nothing to a man! Besides, it’s my honor to have a few scars because of my sis!”

Su Ye stroked his hair and thought. ‘This boy will have a good future.’

“We won’t be riding a bike. We’re taking a car today.”

She had resurrected, so she valued her life a lot.

For a moment, Su Ye wondered where to bring her grandnephew to play. While she was thinking, her grandniece’s phone lit up with five new messages. All of them were warnings from different banks telling her that she had overdue loans.

Forty years ago, when Su Ye was the boss, she had predicted the development of phones, so she adapted to the changes very quickly and could use the new models without any problems.

She made some calculations and found out that grandniece owed around 450,000 RMB.

She was actually driven to suicide because of this bit of money?

Su Ye had plenty of things she needed to do after coming back to life, and she decided to start with the easiest—return all the debts her grandniece owed.

She tossed Su Xing’s clothes to him. “Get changed.. I’m bringing you to a good place.”

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