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When Lin Zhan heard Su Ye’s words, he nearly fell out of the chair. The mother and daughter were seriously something else. To stall for time, they would not even let Master Bo pass away?

In any case, neither he nor Bo Yunli believed that the hooligan had any medical knowledge, but they did not intend to argue about it. They had already discussed the main topic, so they got up to leave.

While they were on their way out of the mansion, Lin Zhan could not help but complain to Bo Yunli about the bizarre mother and daughter.

Bo Yunli found him noisy, so he began walking a little faster.

Lin Zhan followed closely behind him and chattered on, “She even said that my breath stinks! How could that be? I care about my hygiene a lot!”

Bo Yunli opened the car door, then stopped for a moment to cast a sideways glance at him. There was slight scorn in his gaze. “She’s not wrong about this. If she really gives you medicine and you’re certain that it’s not poisonous, you should try it.”

Lin Zhan was speechless.

The next moment, the Bo family’s long, black Bentley slowly drove out of the Su family’s courtyard.

No one noticed a figure sneaking out from behind the tree at the entrance of the courtyard.

The owner of the Su family, Su Jinyang, came back in the evening.

Five minutes after he entered the mansion, he angrily ordered Su Ye to enter the ancestral hall to kneel as punishment. “Were you the one who knocked down everything in the ancestral hall?”

Even though Su Ye was lectured, she felt pretty happy. Finally, there was someone in the Su family who did not forget his roots.

Su Jinyang scolded her fiercely, “How dare you behave so atrociously in front of your ancestors? You’re going to kneel the entire night in the ancestral hall, and you’re not allowed to have dinner!”

“Oh, honey, Ye Ye was in a bad mood today. Just don’t let her have dinner as punishment and forget about kneeling, okay?” Xu Huanying suggested in a coquettish voice.

A girl’s legs were the most important part of her body. If they went out of shape because of the kneeling, it would become even more difficult for Su Ye to snag Bo Yunli.

Su Jingyang was unmoved. “Kneel for two hours! You’re not allowed to stand up even a minute early!”

Once he said that, he sent everyone away and locked the door from the outside, which left Su Ye alone inside.

She stared at the door for a while. Her eldest nephew had a pretty decent character. By the looks of it, he did not know that she had drugged Bo Yunli.

When everyone’s footsteps faded into the distance, Su Ye’s gaze went to the plates in front of her.

After a moment, she got up and placed her father’s plate at the center. After that, she picked the plate of her little brother, who was Su Jingyang’s father, and put it on the side.

She looked around for a while, but she did not find her sister-in-law’s plate. By the looks of it, when her brother passed away, his powerful wife did not pass away with him. Yet for some reason, this sister-in-law was not in the mansion.

Su Ye’s legs became a little sore after standing for a while, but she did not kneel down, because she was the real ancestor. There was no chair in the ancestral hall, so she found a thin cushion in a corner and sat down cross-legged. She placed her hands on top of each other and pushed her fingers against each other lightly to start meditating.

She smoothed out the meridians from the top to the bottom of her body and assessed her grandniece’s health.

In the past, when her father was wrongly accused, plenty of things about it were suspicious. But because she was in a hurry to clear his name, she became careless and died an untimely death. Now, more than forty years had passed since the accident, and it would not be easy for her to investigate the case. She would not be able to solve it overnight, and if she wanted to cast a lure to catch some fish, she had to first ensure that she had a healthy body.

When she died, her consciousness was trapped in her plate for some reason. Over the course of many years, she had never seen her other “relatives” in the ancestral hall.

Whatever the reason for it, she liked to pretend that her father had died with a grudge in his heart and could not accept his death, which was why he was protecting her.

In any case, she would not waste this chance. She would reopen her father’s case, reorganize the Su family, and bring it to the peak once more!

After two hours, Nanny Zhang received orders to open the door for her.

Su Ye had already composed herself. She cast a glance at Nanny Zhang’s delight over her misfortune and said calmly, “I want black fungus salad as well as mountain herbs and winter melon soup added to my meals starting from tomorrow.”

Through meditation, she had noticed that her grandniece’s physical constitution was pretty good. It was just that she had a really bad smoking addiction, so Su Ye needed to nurse her health back through food that could clean her lungs and help with saliva production.

Nanny Zhang scoffed openly. “Miss Ye, you have always eaten whatever the master and madam ate. You have never asked for special food for yourself.”

Su Ye understood it at that moment. Su Jingyang was far less imposing than his father, Su Chenshuo, and the household rules of the Su family were completely gone.

Nanny Zhang had then gotten used to bullying Su Ye’s grandniece. But who exactly did she think she was currently tormenting?

With that thought in mind, Su Ye looked at her with a wicked expression. “Nanny Zhang, don’t go thinking that I don’t know that you intentionally didn’t clean the ancestral hall today…”

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