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“When you awakened your Beast Taming aptitude, you already had two Beast Seeds?”

At the Admissions Office of Jiangzhou University, the middle-aged tutor immediately sat upright when he heard Ye Xuan’s answer.

In this world, the evaluation of a Beast Tamer’s aptitude was accomplished through an appraisal of the Beast Tamer’s Mind Energy.

But this method wasn’t perfect.

It had a certain error rate.

However, since the beginning of the new era, Beast Tamers who had two Beast Seeds as soon as they awakened their Beast Taming aptitude had top-notch talents. None of them would be bad.

Nevertheless, such Beast Tamers were extremely rare.

According to his knowledge, over the course of several centuries, only a few dozen people had had such aptitude.

At present, almost all of those people, who numbered in just the dozens, had become Master-Level Beast Tamers.

Some had even become Challenger-Level Beast Tamers.

The middle-aged tutor took a deep breath in an attempt to maintain his composure. Then, he said in a kinder tone through the phone, “Good mister, having two Beast Seeds as soon as you awaken your Beast Taming aptitude truly does make you a genius among geniuses.

“Alright, here it goes. I see that you’re calling from Yunhai City. Are you a student in Yunhai City? Not long ago, some of our students were specially hired to be teaching assistants in one of the Beast Taming Classes each city has.

“I would like you to tell me where you live. I’ll have our student who went to Yunhai City to work as an assistant go ahead and appraise your aptitude. Once the appraisal is successful, our school will definitely come up with a contract that satisfies you.”


Ye Xuan immediately told him his home address, but immediately afterward, he changed the topic. “By the way, sir, I don’t actually know what the level of my Beast Taming Aptitude is, so I would like to ask, with my qualifications, if I want to enter Zhongzhou University, I should be able to, right?”


The middle-aged tutor was immediately rendered speechless.

No one knew better than him what a student with a brilliant aptitude would mean for Jiangzhou University, which had been declining over the years.

Over the past few years, Jiangzhou University had been literally desperate for talented students.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to imply anything else. It’s just that my family is poor and has no resources to support my cultivation. That’s why I can only choose a university that can provide me with more resources,” Ye Xuan continued.

“I see!” On the other end of the phone, Jiangzhou University’s tutor said firmly, “You don’t have to worry about that. Jiangzhou University can provide you with the resources that other universities can give you, and much more!”

After Ye Xuan heard this, he exchanged a few more words with the tutor, then hung up the phone, feeling content.

“Jiangzhou University…”

After ending the call, Ye Xuan muttered to himself.

Since the moment he was born, his parents had always talked about having him attend Jiangzhou University when he grew up.

At that time, Jiangzhou University hadn’t declined yet.

In the entire Country of Xia, it was usually ranked in the top ten.

Of course, even though Jiangzhou University had declined, as the expression goes, a lean camel is still bigger than a horse. The university could still rank among the top 20 universities in the nation.

Ordinary universities couldn’t compare.

Besides, from what he had heard, Jiangzhou University treated students with excellent qualifications very well.

It was precisely because of this that he wanted to join Jiangzhou University.

Yunhai Senior High School Beast Taming Class.

There were three high schools in Yunhai City.

All three of them were in different locations.

But due to the scarcity of Beast Tamers, there was only one Beast Taming Class.

There were more than 80 people in the entire Beast Taming Class, including students in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade.

At this moment, in the Beast Taming Class, a bald young man who looked to be in his twenties was instructing the students in the class on how to cultivate a tacit understanding between themselves and their beasts.

“Ring ring ring…”

As he spluttered instructions to his students, the phone in his pocket suddenly rang.

Without paying attention to the caller’s identity, he took out his phone and said casually, “Hello, who’s calling?”

“It is I!”

A chilling voice came from the other end of the phone. As soon as the cold voice sounded, the young man immediately shuddered in fear. He quickly straightened up and solemnly walked out of the classroom.

“Sir, right now I’m teaching a Beast Taming class in Yunhai City. Is there anything I can help you with?”

“I will send an address to your phone later. Go there, seek out a twelfth-grade student by the name of Ye Xuan, and help me appraise his Beast Taming aptitude,” the cold voice said.

“Appraising someone’s Beast Taming aptitude?” the young man exclaimed in bewilderment. “Sir, since he’s a twelfth grader in Yunhai City, you can just ask him to attend the city’s Beast Taming Class. Besides, we have a full set of equipment here, so the results of the appraisal will be more accurate…”

“Just do as I ask!” The voice on the other end of the phone was chilling. “He already had two Best Seeds in his Spirit Ocean upon awakening his Beast Taming aptitude. When you go over and conduct the appraisal, just confirm whether he really does have two Beast Seeds.

“In addition, when you meet with him, do your best to convince him to join our academy. If you do your job well, I’ll reward you Merit Points. But if you don’t, you can forget about your graduation certificate.”

“Two Beast Seeds upon awakening?”

The young man’s voice started to quiver. “Rest assured, sir. I will complete your task. I promise you that he’ll come to our academy!”

After he hung up the call, he walked into the classroom and told the students, “We’ll be having self-study in this class!” Then, he waved his hand and hurriedly left.

For him, this matter was more than just a task.

If this person really had awakened two Beast Seeds right away, then if he could establish a good relationship with him, it would benefit him in the future.

With a mild blush on her beautiful face, Lil Wan fluttered into Ye Xuan’s bedroom without his knowing it and hovered in front of his face. With her head raised, she asked, “Ye Xuan, do I look pretty?”

“Yeah, you do,” Ye Xuan praised.

A small, exquisite green leaf was plastered to Lil Wan’s head. It was verdant and luxuriant. From the looks of it, it was a leaf from the Ironwood Thorn she had spawned herself.

“Really? (*Ծ√Ծ*)σ”

Lil Wan smiled gleefully.

“Of course. That’s actually a pretty ordinary leaf. But it looks different on you.”

Ye Xuan said affirmatively, “Lil Wan, summon the Ironwood Thorns. Let me see how powerful you’ve become.”

“Okay,” Lil Wan answered, blushing.

Then, with a gesture of her hands, a green, thorny vine wreathed in green leaves sprung out from her hand. Like a long whip, it quickly swirled through the air, making a whistling sound.

When the Ironwood Thorns became still, Ye Xuan picked it up carefully and took a closer look at it. Then, he felt a slight pain all over his body.

This thing was covered in thorns.

If it were to land on someone, he literally couldn’t imagine the pain it would inflict.

He couldn’t imagine the kind of pain a person would be in if they were hit with this vine.

“Ding Dong.”

Just as Ye Xuan started to wonder if Lil Wan had surpassed him in terms of combat prowess, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Ye Xuan’s eyes lit up when he heard the doorbell ring.

“Are they here already?”

He immediately asked Lil Wan to stand on his shoulder and then quickly walked out of his room and opened the door.

“Hello, I’m Nong Lejia, a six-year student at the University of Jiangzhou. May I ask if you’re Ye Xuan?”

A bald student with a very sunny personality appeared at the door.

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