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“But, hmm…”

Ye Xuan stretched out his hand and gestured above Lil Wan’s head.

Before upgrading Lil Wan, he had searched for images of Ancient Wood Elves on the Internet.

Logically speaking, Lil Wan should have grown to about the same size as an Ancient Wood Elf after she had evolved into one.

Ancient Wood Elves were very similar to humans in both size and appearance. The only difference was that elves had long, pointy ears and a slightly dark-green complexion.

However, after Lil Wan became an Ancient Wood Elf, only her abilities had changed.

Her appearance hadn’t changed at all.

Disregarding her size, in terms of human beauty standards, her face was perfect, and even her ears were exactly the same as a human’s.

The rest of her body was no different.

“But I guess it’s great that you didn’t assume the appearance of an Ancient Wood Elf. I don’t think I could get used to that kind of green color you would have.”

Ye Xuan placed Lil Wan on his shoulder.

“Why am I still the same?”

As Lil Wan sat on Ye Xuan’s shoulder, she looked out the window and mumbled to herself.

She definitely didn’t want her skin to become green, or for her ears to grow pointy.

But at the same time, she wanted to be the size of a human being.

In that way, she could do many things with Ye Xuan.

“What are you muttering?”

Lil Wan’s voice was very soft, and Ye Xuan could only vaguely hear her.


She didn’t want Ye Xuan to know what she was thinking.

That would be so embarrassing! (͡σ̴̶̷̤.͡σ̴̶̷̤)ෆ⃛

Like a hungry kitten who’d been caught, Lil Wan quickly stood up on Ye Xuan’s shoulders. “Didn’t you say that you wanted to find a suitable second beast? Now that you’re free, go ahead and pick one. I also have to adapt to my own abilities.”

After she said this, she hopped into the air and fluttered out of Ye Xuan’s room like a bee.

Although she had evolved into an Ancient Wood Elf, she still retained her original Psychic Power ability.

Besides, even this ability of hers had seemingly become stronger.

“Why did you run away? Before I choose my second beast, I wanna tell you about what I plan to do next to upgrade you further.”

Ye Xuan shook his head.

Then, he focused his consciousness on the attribute panel.

[Ancient Wood Elf (Lil Wan)

Evolution Path (1): Divine Wood Elf (five-stars). A very powerful support-type beast during the early phases. Requires the beast to be at the Dark Iron Level. Required materials: 1 Gold-Grade Core of the Divine Wood, 1 Gold-Grade Essence of the Demonic Treant…

Evolution Path (2): Demon Wood Elf (five-stars). Requires the beast to be at the Dark Iron Level. Required materials: 1 Gold-Grade Demonized Heart…

Evolution Path (3): Blood Wood Elf

Evolution Path (4): …


“Divine Wood Elf…”

After reading the dozens of evolution paths the Beast Editor provided him, Ye Xuan ultimately fixed his eyes on the evolution path of the Divine Wood Elf.

The evolution path of the Divine Wood Elf was the most in line with his expectations.

Ye Xuan directly ruled out the other paths, such as Demon Wood Elf, Blood Wood Elf, and so on.

Leaving the abilities aside…

Just the names alone didn’t match Lil Wan, who was small and adorable.

Not to mention that Ye Xuan would literally cry if Lil Wan’s appearance became extremely horrifying after she evolved into a Demon Wood Elf or Blood Wood Elf.

He was someone who believed in the power of appearance!

Besides, he still had a Mythic-Level Beast Taming Aptitude, and he could have many beasts in the future. So it wasn’t necessary for him to make Lil Wan overly powerful.

He would get other beasts to fight on the frontline and whatnot.

Lil Wan just had to take care of the logistics with him.

Looking at the information the Beast Editor provided, the Divine Wood Elf fitted this criterion very well.

However, no matter which path Lil Wan chose to raise her star rating, she must first be promoted to the Dark Iron Level.

“Raising an Ancient Wood Elf…”

Thinking about this, Ye Xuan directly picked up his phone and searched the Internet.

His Beast Editor could only allow him to edit his beast to raise its star rating.

He couldn’t level up a beast directly.

Of course, that didn’t include the levels a beast would gain in the evolution process.

In a short while, Ye Xuan found his target.

“The Ancient Wood Spirit is a very good support-type beast. If you want to upgrade it quickly, you can feed it Spiritwood Sap of the corresponding level and also some other non-staple foods in the meanwhile.”

“However, this method requires a lot of Spiritwood Sap— at least 30 drops per day. I also have other feeding methods. To talk about these in detail, you can contact me through…”

However, after finding this article, Ye Xuan understood at a glance that it was an advertisement.

“Looks like this won’t work for me.”

Finally, he found several articles on the Internet, but they all had roughly the same content.

This made him realize that the information on how to feed various beasts so they could evolve more quickly was kept secret.

You want to know?


Take out your money!

Moreover, things on the Internet weren’t necessarily credible.

“Looks like I’ll have to go to school, get into Beast Taming Class, and then think of a way,” Ye Xuan thought to himself.

However, thinking about this, he still went to the online store to check the price of the Spiritwood Sap according to the articles he’d just read on the internet.

He frowned deeply when he saw how much it cost.

The price of an Apprentice-Level Spiritwood Sap droplet was about 500 dollars.

If Lil Wan had to consume 30 droplets per day, it would cost him 15,000 dollars to feed her.

And that didn’t include the other non-staple food.

The money he had left could only buy enough food to sustain her for around ten days.

“In that case, if all the evolution methods are so costly, even if I join the school’s Beast Taming Class, it’ll still be difficult for me to upgrade Lil Wan to the Dark Iron Level before the college entrance examination.”

Ye Xuan knitted his eyebrows.

No matter how powerful his aptitude was, without resources, he couldn’t do much. Like the expression goes, “one can’t make an omelet without breaking the eggs.”

“I need to think of a way to earn money!”

Ye Xuan made up his mind.

He wasn’t going to ask for money from his parents.

He knew very well what his family’s financial situation was like.

Plus, taking into account his previous life, he had already lived two lives.

He really wasn’t shameless enough to do something like that.

“In that case…”

All of a sudden, a flash of inspiration sparked in Ye Xuan’s mind, and he actually managed to come up with a plan.

As soon as this idea popped up in his mind, he picked up his phone and started searching the Internet.

It didn’t take long for him to find what he was looking for—the number for Jiangzhou University’s admissions office.

As soon as he found this number, he dialed it without hesitation.

In just a short while, the other end of the line was picked up, and the friendly voice of a man came from the other end of the phone. “Hello, this is the Jiangzhou University Admissions Office. What can I help you with?”

Not caring about whether he would make things awkward or what the person on the other end of the phone would think, he asked what he wanted to ask: “Hello, I am a genius of a Beast Tamer who has just awakened his Beast Taming aptitude. I want to join Jiangzhou University, and I wanted to ask if you could give me a special admission quota and like other rewards or something?”


In the Admissions Office of Jiangzhou University, an elegant man in his 40s had picked up the phone and answered Ye Xuan’s call. But he was slightly startled when he heard Ye Xuan’s question.

But after a moment, he came back to his senses and said, “Hello, sir. Jiangzhou University does offer special admission for genius Beast Tamers, but this special admission requires the students’ Beast Taming aptitude to be strictly evaluated in advance.”

“What level is your Beast Taming aptitude? And in which Beast Tamer Institute did you get yourself evaluated?”

When he heard the admissions clerk’s question, Ye Xuan shook his head and said, “I wasn’t evaluated yet.”

However, just as the gentleman on the other end of the phone thought that he had run into a madman, Ye Xuan immediately said, “I just awakened my Beast Taming aptitude today. The moment I awakened my ability, there were already two Beast Seeds in my Spirit Ocean.”

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