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“…” Does he, Lin Feng, really look so weak?

He glanced at Qin Sheng from head to toe, but Qin Sheng didn’t even give him a glance. Smoke was coming out of Lin Feng’s head.

If Qin Sheng was a man, he would have beaten her to the ground, but she was a woman. No matter how much he messed around, he wouldn’t do anything to a woman, not to mention that this woman was pretty decent-looking.

Lin Feng clenched his fists and coughed lightly. “Student Qin, you just entered Class 4. As a new member, do you know what to do?”

“I know.” Qin Sheng stood up.

Lin Feng nodded in satisfaction. Not bad, she knew some rules.

However, the next second, he heard Qin Sheng say —

“Let’s have a competition. You can do whatever you want with the questions. If you lose, you can’t disturb me anymore.”

Lin Feng: “…”

The other students of Class 4: “…”

The classroom was silent for a few seconds before bursting into laughter.

“Brother Feng, I’m afraid that something is wrong with my ears. What did I hear?”

“F*ck, this new chick is really hot.”

“Qin Sheng, for the sake of your pretty face, let me remind you that Brother Feng is unbeatable in the entire school. Think carefully before you act. Don’t cry later.”

Lin Feng was also laughing so hard that his body was shaking. He held his stomach and said, “Student Qin, your small arms and legs will break if I twist them. Don’t come up here to be abused. Also, I’m a gentleman. I don’t hit girls.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Qin Sheng frowned impatiently.

She took a step forward and grabbed Lin Feng’s wrist. With a twist, a male voice screamed.

Tears streamed down Lin Feng’s face like a man.

The students who were watching the show took a step back in unison.

Looking at Lin Feng, they all felt pain.

Qin Sheng had been beaten up when she was young. When she went back and told her parents, they scolded her in return. Qin Sheng no longer had any hope. She could only rely on herself.

As expected, when others hit her, she would hit them back. She was also a strong person. Basically, not many people were her opponents. There were a few times when she beat them up and sent them to the hospital.

In primary school, junior high school, and the high school that she used to stay in, her reputation as the little tyrant was resounding.

Qin Sheng was not someone who was willing to be wronged. She came to Class 4 naturally because she did not want to see other people’s expressions. As for the relationship between classmates, she did not care. She was already used to being alone.

Lin Feng’s tears fell. This was really too f*cking painful!

Qin Sheng’s expression was indifferent. She twisted Lin Feng’s wrist again.

The surrounding students of Class 4 who were watching the show only heard a soft ‘kacha’ sound. Lin Feng’s originally dislocated wrist was fixed, accompanied by Lin Feng’s wailing and screaming.

“F*ck!” Lin Feng, who had been freed, was burning with anger. He did not care about the principle of boys not hitting girls anymore. He wanted to teach Qin Sheng a lesson. He reached out his hand and wanted to grab Qin Sheng’s shoulder.

F*ck woman, f*ck his gentleman!

However, in the next second —


Lin Feng fell to the ground.

Qin Sheng calmly retracted her foot and sat back down.

“Brother Feng.”

The few underlings were stunned for a moment and quickly helped Lin Feng up.

A light bulb appeared on Lin Feng’s forehead. He held his forehead and stood up unsteadily.

He let out a heavy breath. At this moment, the bell for class rang. It was Teacher Lin’s class again. Lin Feng pointed at Qin Sheng and said through gritted teeth, “School ends at noon. See you at the basketball court!”

He wanted to teach this woman a good lesson and let her know who was the boss.

Teacher Lin entered the classroom and Qin Sheng naturally fell asleep on the table.

The girls behind stared at Qin Sheng with red hearts in their eyes. How handsome!

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