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Only Class 4’s form teacher, Teacher Lin, stood up. She was a doctoral student who had just graduated two years ago. This year was her first year as a form teacher. She had always been isolated by the other three form teachers in the office.

Pushing her glasses, Teacher Lin asked gently, “Student Qin Sheng, would you like to join our Class 4?”

Qin Sheng nodded. “Class 4, I’ll go.”

“Alright, Student Qin Sheng will go to Class 4.” The grade teacher nodded in satisfaction. “Come with me to go through the enrollment procedures now.”

As soon as Qin Sheng and the grade teacher left, Teacher Liang said disdainfully, “Picking up all kinds of junk.”

The other two grade teachers were also mocking Teacher Lin.

“Teacher Lin, if you take in Qin Sheng, I’m afraid the average score of your class will be lowered by a lot.”

“Teacher Chen, what you said is wrong. Class 4 is the worst class. The poor students are gathered together. One more Qin Sheng isn’t much, and one less Qin Sheng isn’t much. It’s all the same.”


Lin Laoshi lowered her head and corrected the assignments earnestly. She circled the mistakes made by the students one by one and added notes.

The few teachers didn’t receive any response. Feeling bored, they went about their own business.

After completing the admission procedures, Qin Sheng and Teacher Lin entered Class 4 together.

The Chinese teacher who was in class nodded and left the classroom.

When they saw Teacher Lin, the noisy Class 4 instantly quieted down. Don’t look at how weak Teacher Lin was. In fact, she was even scarier than the discipline teacher.

Every once in a while, a student would be invited to the office to drink tea.

When they came back, they were all terrified when they mentioned Teacher Lin.

As soon as Teacher Lin appeared, they became obedient students.

Soon, they noticed that the young girl beside Teacher Lin was standing quietly at the side. She seemed to be a shining body, naturally becoming the center of the crowd.

After a brief introduction to Qin Sheng, Teacher Lin left.

Qin Sheng sat in her seat with one hand supporting her chin and the other hand casually flipping through her textbook.

Her expression was lazy.

She studied science. As long as she wanted to, she could get full marks in mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics. However, she was very biased in her subjects, so it was normal for her to fail Chinese.

However, she had never been willing to admit defeat. In her previous life, she spent a lot of effort to learn Chinese.

Now, Chinese could be said to be her best class.

The Chinese teacher was lecturing on the podium. Qin Sheng’s eyelids became heavier and heavier. Soon, she fell into a deep sleep on the desk.

She had not been in class for five to six years. Now that she was in class, it was as if she was listening to a monk reciting scriptures.

It was normal for the students of Class 4 to sleep, and the teacher could not control them. Basically, they turned a blind eye to the sleeping students. Qin Sheng was not disturbed throughout the entire class.

The Chinese class was over very quickly. The bell for the end of class rang, and Qin Sheng woke up as well.

Bang, bang!

A boy with a buzzcut walked up to Qin Sheng and knocked on her desk loudly.

Qin Sheng glanced at him lightly. “What’s the matter?”

Lin Feng’s temper flared up. “New classmate, you’re very cocky.”

He was the boss of this class. As soon as Qin Sheng appeared, his sense of danger immediately rose. He felt that his boss position was no longer secure. Although Qin Sheng’s looks were stunning and matched the standards of his dream goddess… He still did not like this Qin Sheng, both inside and outside.

Qin Sheng retracted her gaze and opened her textbook.

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