Chapter 7 - 108 Maidens of Destiny

The Relic Blade Legacy was hidden inside a small mountain ridge. Looking from the outside there really was nothing worthy of praise: no special marker or exotic plants were found in the surrounding area. Outside of the large gate was just simple wild grass, if not for Lil’ Er’s direction they would have already passed by this area.(1)

“Is this really the Relic Blade legacy from legends?” Xun Hou asked suspiciously.

“This place is only a lesser Relic Blade legacy, but it still has some pretty interesting stuff. You Star Masters should make the most of this chance.” Lil’ Er laughed deviously. The reason she said this was because Star Knights cannot make use of the Treasures and Artifacts inside these legacies.

The words spoken by the young girl caused both Shu Jing and Xun Hou to be moved: “Then we won’t stand on ceremony.”

Lil’ Er stood in front of the gate, two hands forming a seal, following that a protective formation began to circulate to stop them from entering.

“This protective formation’s name is “Sky Enveloping Star Obeying Formation”. Within it there are three crucial points that require us sisters to each simultaneously mobilize our own unique martial arts and attack it.” Lil’ Er spoke seriously.

Lin Ying Mei and Liu Qing nodded, their weapons pointed towards the locations Lil’Er showed them.

As the two crucial points came under attack, waves of energy fluctuated in response from the protective formation. Everybody turned around and looked at Lil’ Er intently. If this protective formation can only be broken by Star Knight martial arts then Shu Jing looked forward to finding out Lil’ Er’s real identity.

Lil’ Er laughed softly, but it does not seem like she plans to expose herself just yet. A small sound echoed, and suddenly a dazzling golden light shot out from her palm.


The protective formation was completely broken.

“Ha ha, it’s finally opened.” Lil’ Er excitedly said and clapped her hands.

After the gate opened, everyone could see a long hallway with no end in sight. The entire corridor seemed to be carved from large solid bluestone bricks. On the two sides of the hall were glowing green lights that illuminated the ancient legacy. The solemn and majestic scene inside of the legacy completely contrasted with the ordinary outside landscape.

Lil’ Er immediately flew in like an arrow.

“Humph!” Xun Hou glanced at Shu Jing full of contempt, but not wanting to miss out on the treasures, he quickly ran inside, followed closely by Liu Qing.

“Let us go.”

This corridor was unfathomably deep, it almost seems like there was no end to it. Shu Jing didn’t dawdle for too long, with people already leading the way ahead, he can calmly follow from behind.

He nonchalantly enjoyed the sight of the stones on the two sides of the hallway while quietly praising the workmanship of the creators in his heart. All along the walls, the bluestones were intentionally arranged to resemble decorative dragons’ scales.

“Even the architecture is impressive.” Shu Jing sighed.

“Legend says that this Relic Blade legacy has a hidden secret, the person who solves this secret will receive an Astral Treasure called the Profound Star Barrier” Lin Ying Mei spoke.

“Really?” Shu Jing’s eyes brighten. Astral Treasures are Artifacts that fell from the Star Realm, their Artifact energy is immense, even the strongest Artifact Treasure cannot compare to an Astral Treasure.

“Countless people have attempted to solve the secret of this Relic Blade legacy, but none of them have succeeded in obtaining the Profound Star Barrier.” Lin Ying Mei wasn’t convinced that this lesser Relic Blade legacy monument truly contained anything valuable. Even if it was really once here, it would have already been taken hundreds of years ago already.

“Could somebody have already solved the secret?” Shu Jing asked as he stroke the surface of the walls.

Lin Ying Mei shook her head indicating that she hasn’t heard of any news about this matter.

The hallway was incredibly long, only after hours of walking did they end up at an impasse.

“You guys are so slow!” Lil’ Er had to wait for such a long time, so when she finally saw them she laughed out heartily.

“Why did you stop?” Shu Jing asked while looking at the surrounding. At the end of the hallway was a large throne room. In the middle of this hall was a large painting. The painting depicted a large Green Dragon. To the sides of the painting were two different directions shrouded in darkness. Aside from them there were seven pillars, the one in the center was made from a large gemstone, with hidden mysterious light coming from inside it.

“What is that pillar?” Lil’ Er pointed at the gemstone pillar at the center.

“There is something wrong here.” Shu Jing felt something was out of place. “Why hasn’t anyone taken that pillar yet?”

Lil’ Er asked back: “Now that we are here, what do you think of this Relic Blade legacy?”

“There is nothing here!” Xun Hou spoke full of contempt. “Not even a low-level Artifact.”

Lil’ Er kept smiling as she turn towards Shu Jing: “What about you?”

“It’s too clean.” Shu Jing frowned, now that this girl has mentioned it he realised that this place was spotless. According to Lin Chong, this legacy has been around for hundreds of years, it’s impossible for it to remain so clean after all this time.

“You seem to be smarter than him at least. What could be causing everything to be like this?” Lil’ Er praised.

“Could it be because of this treasure pillar?” Shu Jing answered full of doubt.

Lil’ Er giggles: “That’s an Astral Gemstone”

“Astral Gemstone?!!” Everybody shouted in surprise.

Astral Gemstones are well known across the continent for being a precious material that came from Liangshan Maiden’s realm. These gems were formed by nature, and they can fuse with many items. The majority of cultivators in Liangshan continent all carry with them an “Astral Bag” because of its unique property. On the outside the Astral Bag would look just like a normal bag, but when infused with a small Astral Gemstone they are capable of storing various items of all different sizes.

However, these Astral Gemstones are extremely rare, only every 108 years when the Star Duel Banquet commences do these rare gemstones follow the Star Knights and descend into the mortal plane. That’s why these rare material’s value can be comparable to Astral Treasures.

In front of them now was such a massive block of the rare Astral Gemstone, everyone could hardly believe it.

“Then what the hell are we waiting for?” Xun Hou smiled greedily and runs towards the pillar.

“Idiot!” Lil’ Er face changed as she cursed at him.

When Xun Hou stepped into the throne hall, the gemstone pillar suddenly began to glow brighter, after that the other surrounding pillars also begin to light up in order. Xun Hou was scared out of his wits by this sudden sight.

Inside the gemstone pillar, there suddenly appeared a shadow, this shadow grew bigger and bigger, almost like it wanted to break the gemstone apart to escape.

Lil’ Er also ran into the throne hall, after that the shadow finally broke out of the pillar, bringing with it a powerful cyclone that covered the entire room.

“Spirit Engulfing Flood Dragon” Liu Qing shouted.

This Spirit Engulfing Flood Dragon belongs to the peak of the Flood Dragon bloodline, but it was extremely small, its entire body only measured around a foot, but it could fly extremely fast and it swallows everything that gets in its way. Just a small group of these Spirit Engulfing Flood Dragon would be able to completely consume everybody here in but a few seconds.

Liu Qing took out her Blaze Refining Nine Prison Sabre. A single slash with the sabre created a fireball that brought with it a powerful heat wave shooting forward.

Unfortunately, Spirit Engulfing Flood Dragons belong to the special beast category, not only did they completely absorb the essence of everything around them, they even consider spiritual power to be a gourmet meal. That’s why the fireball only served to make them even more excited.

Lin Ying Mei swung her spear powerfully to create shock waves, but because these Flood Dragons were so small, none of these attacks have any effect on them.

The Spirit Engulfing Flood Dragons may look terrifying, but right now they are still trying to find their footing. Lil’ Er took this chance to fly across the room and went through the right hallway, while Liu Qing used all her might along with her sabre to cut her way through to the left hallway.

“Master, let’s get out of here.” Lin Ying Mei hurriedly said.

Shu Jing nodded and gathered his Star Qi to attack the wild beasts as they make their way to the right hallway.

When they were nearly at the entrance, Shu Jing suddenly stopped. He looked at the walls from the main hallway and at the dragon decoration that follows along the wall as it heads directly towards the painting in the middle of the room. This was a magnificent sight, revealing the true scope of the artwork, as the entire hallway they have walked through now seemed like it was a part of the dragon from the painting.

Glancing at the Spirit Engulfing Flood Dragons, Shu Jing suddenly had a revelation “Could this be the secret?” Shu Jing asked in surprise.

“Master, what are you talking about?” Lin Ying Mei gritted her teeth.

“Ying Mei, we must go through the middle.”

Shu Jing turned and ran back towards the painting. With her position as his Star Knight, Lin Ying Mei can only hesitantly follow him.