Chapter 6 - 108 Maidens of Destiny

With such a heaven sent chance, why would Shu Jing pick this time to be kind?

Lin Ying Mei leapt, her spear carried with it a powerful halo as it lunges forward.

“You are looking down on me too much.” Liu Qing face reddens, her sabre retaliates with everything she has.

Ling Ying Mei’s spear and Liu Qing’s sabre collided powerfully resulting in blindingly bright sparks.

In the midst of the great battle between the two, a pink shadow suddenly appears. A Yin Yang formation rotated into existence, gently separating the two maidens from each other, stopping only when they were 10 metres apart.

This turn of event caught Shu Jing and others totally by surprise.

“Little sisters, we should take care of one another and not use such crass methods!”

A young girl wearing a long dress revealed herself. One could see that this girl has skin paler than snow, her body was agile and soft like a willow branch, swaying in the wind. Her features are comparable to Da Ji, while her eyes were brighter then Xi Shi (1). Just seeing her could cause others to drool. She casually stood there, effortlessly radiating an aura of regality.

“Step aside, don’t get in my way!” Lin Ying Mei’s eyes ferociously gleamed, her killing intent covering the sky.

“Arctic Star Serpent Spear? Who would have thought that I would have run into Lin Chong sis here, is that your Master?” The mysterious girl mischievously covered her mouth while judging Shu Jing who was standing behind Lin Ying Mei.

Her body slightly moved, and even before Lin Ying Mei could respond, the mysterious girl was already standing in front of Shu Jing.

Shu Jing didn’t even have the chance to panic before a sweet smelling scent like exotic flowers had already invaded his nose.

“Where did you sign the contract with Lin Chong sis?” The girl smiled lewdly.

“Master, retreat!” Lin Ying Mei quickly spun around and shouted a heaven defying cry as her spear attack shot out.

The girl’s body was light as a feather as she calmly flew backward, completely dodging Lin Chong’s attack.

“Which Star are you?” Lin Ying Mei gripped her spear, her entire body tensed up considerably. Just by exchanging a few moves, Lin Ying Mei could tell that the girl in front of her possesses an unfathomably deep grasp on martial arts.

The mysterious girl only smiled and did not answer. She looked around and then spoke: “Just now I was on the mountain, but I felt the fluctuation created by the little sister’s battle so I went to have a look. Please give me face and stop fighting.”

“What qualification do you have to give me orders?” Deviance Star Liu Qing’s overbearing voice shouted out.

“Just now I saved your life.” The girl laugh and said: “If not for me, both you and your Star Master would be dead on the ground.”

Liu Qing and Xun Hou’s face turned extremely unpleasant.

Xun Hou knows that because he has been injured by Shu Jing, he ended up affecting Liu Qing’s combat capability, if they continue to fight, it will mostly likely end in their defeat. Thinking so, he saluted: “We will do as you said.”

Liu Qing only gave a small grunt and retrieved her sabre back to its sheath.

“And what does this Star Master think about my suggestion?” The girl turn her eyes towards Shu Jing, beaming with a smile as she asked. She obviously didn’t really care about his opinion.

“We can’t beat you, so we can only agree”. Shu Jing understood the meaning behind her smile, and he can only begrudgingly reply.

The girl happily laughed: “Isn’t this much better?”

“What a busybody, poking your nose in other people’s matters for no reason.” Liu Qing said with a resentful tone.

“Master!”. Lin Ying Mei also did not feel very satisfied, her hands still gripping the spear tightly.

Shu Jing shook his head and stepped forward to hold her back. Now that this mysterious girl has intervened, they can only restrain themselves. With her power, even if the Majestic Star and Deviance Star were to combine their strength, they were still not her match.

“How are your injuries?” Shu Jing looked at Lin Ying Mei’s body full of wounds. Liu Qing’s Nine Consecutive Hell Fire Slash was no joke, and it obviously took some effort to escape from it.

Lin Ying Mei shook her head and retracted her spear.

“Now that you guys have made up, this big sis has some business that I hope both of you can help me out with.” The mysterious girl said and then laughed loudly. She was asking for their help, but everyone knew it was order that was impossible to reject.

“What can we help you with?” Shu Jing asked.

“When I was at the top of the mountain, I discovered an ancient Relic Blade legacy monument, but unfortunately there was a protective seal around the place, and it requires at least three Stars to unlock the seal! This matter has caused me much grief.”

“If it’s really the Relic Blade legacy, then I guess we can help you out this one time!” Liu Qing humphed and said.

Shu Jing saw that even Lin Chong was affected by this news, so he quickly nodded in reply.

The group then headed towards the mountain, thanks to having the mysterious girl lead the way, they were able to avoid any trouble.

The night descends. Everybody splits into their respective groups to find their own resting ground. Shu Jing leaned on a boulder, pulled out the “Silver Blade” and proceeded to wipe it clean. Lin Ying Mei did a round of inspection before settling down across from him. She stared at the silver weapon in Shu Jing’s hands with a quizzical feeling. She has never come across this type of weapon. On the surface there was not even a glint of Artifact energy, and in closer inspection it should be nothing more than a useless lump of iron. But Shu Jing has used this lump of iron to injure Xun Hou, who has achieved Stardust Late Stage, this was something Lin Ying Mei saw with her own eyes. This strange weapon could be comparable to a top grade Artifact, even more it can rapidly launch attacks, without the need to expend mental energy to control it, it was indeed a great weapon. Not only was this young master odd, even his weapon was peculiar.

“Ying Mei, can you guess who that Star Knight is?” Shu Jing finished maintaining the gun and then looked towards the mysterious girl who was sleeping casually on top of a tree branch in the distance. He curiously asks.

Lin Ying Mei glanced over, she spoke with some difficulty: “She hasn’t used her unique martial art yet, so there is no way for me to tell. But the amount of people who can oppress me among the Star Knights are far and few in between.”

“Could it be Song Jiang?” Shu Jing smile and said. Leader Star Song Jiang, the number one Liangshan warrior.

“Probably not.” Lin Ying Mei then looked at the Liu Qing pair with despise: “Master should keep your guard up against those two people, logically Deviance Star Liu Tang would never agree to contract with such a useless star cultivator, he must have something that caused the Red Haired Devil to be swayed.”

“Let’s head inside the legacy and then find a way to separate them.” Shu Jing said.

Lin Ying Mei nodded, indicating her approval of his idea.

On the other side, Liu Qing coldly looked at Xun Hou: “This time you nearly became the cause of my death!”

Xun Hou nervously said: “That kid’s Artifact is so strange, next time I will definitely be more careful.”

“Hmph, you better!” Liu Qing then stared daggers at the mysterious girl from the corner of her eyes: “Right now we should prioritise recovering our injuries. When we are fully healed and the timing is right, we will kill both Lin Chong and her Star Master. This time when we make a move, you must remember to take out your Nebula Grade Treasure Artifact, let’s not cause any more messes.”

Xun Hou stared at Shu Jing with rising killing intent: “This damn Early Stage Stardust cultivator, I will definitely cut him into a million pieces.”

“That would be for the best!” Liu Qing spoke with a grim face.

Two days later, everybody safely reached their destination.