An hour later, Zhao Yao had looked through over 10 research papers and recommendations. He had a better understanding regarding cat food.

In fact, the country’s pet industry only became popular recently and the qualities of different cat food were rather extreme. The ingredients and chemicals in the cat food came from unclear sources and China’s cat food industry was among the world’s worst.

In other countries, especially North America, the cat food industry had a much longer history and thus their products were of a much higher quality.

The main difference was due to the ingredients. A cat’s diet mainly consisted of meat. Oats found in some cat food were actually not digestible and vegetables merely helped cats in overall digestion. In conclusion, higher quality cat food generally had a higher percentage of meat as ingredient.

The best quality cat food were usually made from almost 100% meat.

Besides meat, small amounts of vitamins and chemicals were also important. Eating 100% meat was not the best balance of nutrients for a cat as they need other forms of nutrients to maintain certain bodily functions.

One such example was Taurine. Cats used up large amounts of taurine everyday which was important in keeping a cat’s heart, eyes and immune system healthy. Meat also contained taurine but it was not guaranteed that cats were able to absorb enough taurine and thus this extra nutrient was found in cat food.

Naturally, a high quality cat food also had an expensive price tagged to it.

With so many different choices of good cat food, Zhao Yao had no idea which one would help him complete the mission.

The thought of the 13 million he had suddenly hit him, “Don’t I have a lot of money now? I might as well buy more and let Matcha try all the different kinds.”

Zhao Yao immediately opened Taobao, chose the top 10 best rated cat food and ordered a packet of each.

Having completed his purchase, Zhao Yao let out a sigh of relief, “When the delivery arrives tomorrow, I can let that fella try them.”

At this moment, his phone rang and seeing the caller ID, Zhao Yao picked up without delay and before the other party could start her bombardment, “Sorry leader, I’d like to resign.”

The party on the other side of the call was his project leader Yuan Ying who could not believe she heard, “What did you say?”

Zhao Yao repeated, “Sorry manager, I’d like to resign soon. I still have over 10 days of leave left right? I’m very busy lately so I’d like to take my leaves. I’ll email you my leave application.”


Zhao Yao sighed, “Boss, I’m very sorry, I want to resign and start my own business. After clearing my leaves, I will come back to settle the paperwork for my resignation. Regarding the handover of my work, I will definitely settle it before I leave. You don’t have to worry. But this job… I really don’t wish to continue. Sorry.”

“Don’t be rash.” The other party’s voice had toned down, “How about this, you seem really tired lately so I’ll approve of your leave for you to rest. After you’re feeling better you can come back to work.”

Zhao Yao was about to reply but Yuan Ying had cut the call.

Looking at the ended call, Zhao Yao sighed again. He knew that he was in the middle of a project and his boss was unwilling to just let someone else take over like this.

But he also no longer had any motivation to continue working.

On the other end, in the office, Yuan Ying looked at the ended call and shook her head, “Brats these days are really irresponsible, quitting their jobs so easily to start a business? Working for only a year and they start thinking about making it big by themselves, do they think investors are idiots? Why can’t they work properly for a few years and improve their skills before considering to start up? Sigh… these youngsters are too impetuous.”

At that point of time, her project was only halfway done and if Zhao Yao quits, the project’s progress will be greatly affected.

Not to mention that Zhao Yao was hardworking and rarely had complains. He would work till 9, 10pm everyday without any overtime pay.

With this in mind, she texted Zhao Yao.

“When this project is over, I plan to give you a pay rise to at least 3k.”

“Starting up isn’t so easy, many had failed badly trying to do so. It’s better if you gain some experience first.”

After sending the messages, Yuan Ying looked at her phone and frowned. In the back of her mind, she could not stop worrying about Zhao Yao not turning up to work.

But Zhao Yao paid no heed to the sugarcoated messages.

After ordering the cat food and talking to Yuan Ying, a new QQ message popped up on Zhao Yao’s laptop. It was Xiao Shi Yu, his classmate from university.

“Sky Palace Garden condominium, north-south line access, high and low floors available, 500m from the train station…”

It was a property advert.

Following the message, the once dead university group chat suddenly got lively.

“Goddess Xiao is selling properties now?”

“That’s impressive. Sky Palace only has nice houses and buying one will be my life goal.”

“It’s too expensive. I doubt anyone in this group will be able to afford one right now…”

At the start, the QQ group chat was very active. But as everyone entered the working society and became busy with their own jobs, the chat got more and more inactive.

Within a month, there were barely any messages seen.

Because of a single message from Xiao Shi Yu, the whole group chat was revived. This was the power of beauty.

On the other side of the computer, a pony tailed lady was staring at the messages on the chat. She had a large pair of eyes, smooth fair skin and wore an office attire which still could not conceal her amazing figure- a pair of slender but strong legs from regular exercises.

Xiao Shi Yu was Zhao Yao’s university classmate and she had taken up the job of a property agent. Due to her good performance, she had been transferred to Sky Palace for this upcoming project.

But a few months had passed and she had yet to sell a single flat. The pressure starting getting to her as she resorted to advertising among her circle of friends.

The advertisement in the QQ chat was from her but seeing the responses from her old classmates, a look of disappointment developed.

She already know that amongst her classmates, there was no one born with a silver spoon and everyone had just started working for a year so they could not possibly afford that kind of house.

At this point, she started checking for replies from other QQ chat groups and WeiXin.

Zhao Yao decided to check it out.

“Although the place is located in the outskirts, there is an accessible train station and as for the surroundings, there were ample greeneries, main retail stores and business shops around…..”

“Hmm… this 1.4 million RMB house is really not bad”

Looking at photos of the house’s interior, layout and surroundings, Zhao Yao was tempted.

But the price still made him reluctant. Although he had enough money to buy the house, the costs of renovation, furnitures and all the other miscellaneous items would cost him most of it. This was not part of his plan and he decided not to buy.

Zhao Yao gave up on the thought of buying the house.

Although the house was too expensive, Zhao Yao had an inspiration.

“Now that I have some money, is it time to buy a larger house?”

Zhao Yao was originally from Jiangmen and his family had a house there. But his house was in the suburbs and it would take 2.5 hours to travel to his workplace. For convenience sake, he rented an apartment in the vicinity.

To be able to buy his own house in Jiangmen had always been his goal.

As such, he started researching online about house pricings in Jiangmen.

He got a shock. The expensive houses in Sky Palace were no exceptions.

Previously, he knew that he would not be able to afford a house and thus had not look at prices of properties for quite awhile. As of now, his 13 million RMB felt meagre compared to the price of houses in Jiangmen.

Houses in the heart of the city easily cost up to tens of millions RMB. If he were to buy a bigger house, he could only look at those in the outer central or even the outer districts.

At first, the 13 million RMB seemed like a lot of money but Zhao Yao had realised that buying a house would require most of it.

Zhao Yao lamented, “I have to earn more money.”

Unknowingly, a day’s time passed by and by the afternoon the next day, Zhao Yao’s long awaited cat food arrived.

The deliveryman had hand-carried 10 over packets of cat food and was drenched in sweat. He complained, “What did you buy? It’s so heavy.”

“Hehe, nothing much, just cat food.”

The deliveryman left and Zhao Yao could not wait to start opening his package.

Matcha, on the other hand, was even more excited and dashed out from the bedroom and started prancing around.

“Cat food? Is it new cat food?” Matcha sniffed and meowed, “Zhao Yao, why did you buy so much? I thought we were too poor to even afford canned cat food?”