Zhao Yao nonchalantly replied, “Your owner- me, has made it rich. You will be living a rich cat life from now on.”

Matcha listened on with glistening eyes and greedily requested, “How about you give me some money on Mobile Legends to buy a skin.”

Zhao Yao shook his head and said, “Buy what skins? Let me tell you, skins are for noobs and really good players don’t need skins. Killing your enemies is all you need.”

Matcha retorted, “But I am a noob.”

“You this brat… Can’t you have more backbone? Being a noob now doesn’t mean you will always be one. Think about it, when everyone has skins and you’re the only one without, wouldn’t it make you more unique?”

“But I still want the skins. I can wait till everyone has the skins then I’ll remove mine.”

Zhao Yao, feeling annoyed, kicked Matcha aside, “Let’s not talk about that. Do give all these cat food a try and see which is the best.”

Zhao Yao went on to open each and every cat food and poured out a little in front of Matcha for him to taste.

There were a total of 10 different brands and 15 different flavors. For some of them, Matcha took a sniff and refused to even try whereas for some he would finish with just a few mouthfuls but still had an unsatisfied look.

Just as Matcha was about to finish trying all of them, the book once again appeared in Zhao Yao’s mind, giving off an amazing glow.

Zhao Yao saw the cat food and immediately realized what was different.

While still looking at the cat food, a list of evaluation appeared in his mind.

“Poor quality cat food- can barely satisfy hunger but will not have many benefits on the cat’s body.”

Zhao Yao turned to the cat food on the other side.

“Normal quality cat food- can satisfy hunger and at the same time, replenish some nutrients and vitamins. Eating for a month will give 1 point of experience.”

Zhao Yao went on to evaluate each and every cat food and learned that the cat food was categorized into 4 levels- poor, normal, good and premium.

Poor quality ones could only satisfy hunger while normal quality ones had some nutrients and would give 1 point of exp a month.

Good and premium cat food had more nutrients that a growing cat needs. Good quality ones gave 1 point of exp in 10 days while premium ones gave 1 point in just a day.

Zhao Yao also found out that the cat food Matcha preferred may not be of good or premium quality, but probably the one with a better taste.

And the ones he did not like may not be of poor or normal qualities but merely because he did not like the taste.

In his hands, Zhao Yao was holding onto a Desire’s brand cat food and it was the only premium one among the 10 brands he bought. It was also the most expensive.

“Haha, premium cat food! Eating this would give 1 point of exp a day and doesn’t this mean that Matcha can level up in 10 days without completing the mission?”

Although it cost 70-80 RMB for a pound, that kind of money was already nothing to Zhao Yao.

“Matcha, it shall be Desire’s then. You will eat this brand of cat food every day from now on.”

Zhao Yao had an idea, “Since there is premium cat food, is there a possibility that there’s epic or even legendary cat food? If there is, the experience points given will be even more. But on Taobao, Desire’s cat food is already the most expensive one.”

Zhao Yao had made up his mind to try finding better quality cat food so that Matcha could level up faster.

At the same time, a bell rang inside Zhao Yao’s head. Mission was completed.

He instantly gained 10 points of experience and the stats on the first page of the book was updated:


PETS (1/1):Matcha



POWER:Timefreeze,lasts for 3s,cooldown for 3s

As the experience points were added to the book, a plus symbol beside Matcha’s name lit up.

Zhao Yao analysed, “The exp points were all added to my book but it seems like these points can be used to level up the book or be given to the pet.”

Zhao Yao pressed the plus symbol beside Matcha’s name and the 10 exp points were immediately transferred to him. His stats changed.




POWER:Timefreeze,lasts for 3s,cooldown for 3s

The exp points needed to reach Lv 3 had suddenly jumped to 100. At the same time, a plus symbol lit up beside Matcha’s power.

Zhao Yao clicked on it and an ability tree appeared.

Looking closely, Zhao Yao realized that for every time Matcha leveled up, he could choose to use the skill point to upgrade his power to one of the 2 choices given. The power ‘timefreeze’ was already unlocked at Lv 1.

Leveling up to Lv 2 allowed for the choice of one of the two Lv 2 powers.

The difference between the 2 Lv 2 powers was:

Time warp- the duration of time stopping would be doubled.

Void silence- the cooldown duration would be halved.

Zhao Yao saw the two different upgrades and frowned. One could increase the duration of time stopping and the other was a shorter cooldown time which meant that he could either choose to have more time to do more things or to be able to use the power more frequently.

In order to make good use of a shorter cooldown, this meant that he had to use the power more frequently and it did not seem as easy to control.

Zhao Yao decided to invest the skill point into time warp and increased the duration of time freeze.

The image of time warp lit up and the ability tree disappeared.

Matcha’s stats for his power had changed. It became time freeze for 6s and cooldown of 6s.

“Hmm.. The cooldown time also increased?” Zhao Yao stared blankly, “Seems like after increasing the duration of time freeze, there is still a 1s use, 1s cooldown policy. Maybe decreasing the cooldown duration might have been more useful.”

But Zhao Yao did not regret his choice as he smiled, looking at the now Lv 2 Matcha.

At the same time, the mission board lit up.

Mission: To get stronger, a suitable environment is important.

Reward: 20 points exp

Failure penalty: Cats cannot gain exp for 6 months

“This penalty is too harsh…” Zhao Yao looked at the 10 million RMB house mission requirement and sighed.

“I’ve kept this 10 million RMB for so long and soon they will be gone.” Zhao Yao glanced at Matcha, who was still happily eating and reprimanded, “What kind of cat needs such a lavish house. Even humans don’t live such a good life. This is the Jack Ma of the cat’s world.”

However reluctant, Zhao Yao knew that he had to complete the mission, not just for the 20 points of exp but also to prevent the harsh penalty.

“Speaking of which, a 10 million RMB house…” The Sky Palace condominium he saw on QQ chat came to mind.

Most of their flats cost over 10 million RMB and Zhao Yao originally had taken a liking to them but chose not to buy due to the costs. But the circumstance was different now.

He then logged into QQ and sent a message to Xiao Shi Yu.

“Where is it? That Sky Palace place, I’d like to buy one.”


“Dee.. Dee..” Xiao Shi Yu’s phone vibrated and she was shocked to see the message.

“Zhao Yao?”

In her recollections, Zhao Yao was very average and did not perform exceptionally in any areas during university. And his family background was normal too. Logically, working for 2-3 years should not be enough for him to afford the house.

“Is he interested in me?”

After becoming a property agent, she had similar experiences with guys using that as a method of wooing her.

Xiao Shi Yu was about to ignore him but the thought of her poor sales performance this month led her to give him a chance, “If I find out that you can’t afford it and waste my time, see what I’m gonna do to you.”