Xiao Shi Yu typed, “Which kind of flat are you interested in?”

Zhao Yao replied, “I’m looking at the 140 square meters ones you have.”

Xiao Shi Yu was surprised. Flats from the Sky Palace’s tall buildings in the district were quite expensive, each costing more than 10 million RMB. Given Zhao Yao’s background, there was no way he could afford it.

She was convinced that Zhao Yao had no intention to buy the house, but was just trying to woo her.

Xiao Shi Yu answered directly, “Let’s decide on a date then; I’ll show you the flats.”

Zhao Yao did not feel the sarcasm in her words and typed, “Sure, how about I come over at around 4 pm to look at the flats?”

Xiao Shi Yu was taken aback by his reply and thought, “Let’s see if you can afford it…”

She replied, “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

Zhao Yao proceeded to hail a cab and arrived at Sky Palace within 10 minutes. He informed Xiao Shi Yu about his arrival.

A short while later, Xiao Shi Yu appeared in a purple office wear. Her flowy black hair, ivory white teeth and a pair of slim legs gently wrapped in a pair of black stockings took Zhao Yao’s breath away instantly.

Clearly, after entering the working society, she had learned how to dress well. She was looking more stunning than ever.

Zhao Yao waved, “Hello, sorry to trouble you.”

“No problem.” Xiao Shi Yu politely answered although she was still quite skeptical about it, “Do you have any special considerations about the house?”

“Hmm, nope.” Zhao Yao thought for a while and said, “Let’s take a look first.”

Xiao Shi Yu’s expectations dropped even further when she saw his outfit.

As Xiao Shi Yu lead Zhao Yao into the district, they were greeted by rows of green trees and the grand structure of the building. The lobby was decorated with western styled vases and statues, giving off a very classy aura.

Xiao Shi Yu brought Zhao Yao to the 17th floor of one of the buildings.She invited him into one of the flats, the walls of the interior were pasted with grey-white striped wallpapers and in the corner of the living room sat a white flowered pattern vase.

Xiao Shi Yu added on, “The flats in this building has five rooms and the interiors are all renovated and decorated. You just need to move your furniture in, and you can start living here.”

Looking around the flat, Zhao Yao started to feel emotional. This flat was a paradise compared to the sh*t hole he was living in. The living room was already bigger than his current place and not to mention the two balconies on each side of the flat.

The toilets were also well furnished- the ceramic tiles on the floors and walls had a grey base with some gold colored pattern, giving off a luxurious feel.

The marble-made basin gave off a rigid, strong foundation look.

Xiao Shi Yu continued her pitch, “If you are to buy this flat now, you will be given a free car parking slot in the basement worth around 150 thousand RMB.”

Having looked around a few times, Zhao Yao was feeling satisfied. The place was built by a famous organization and the quality, renovation and environment were all very satisfactory.

But the thought of the 10 million RMB price tag made his heart wrench.

Xiao Shi Yu started to frown as she saw Zhao Yao pacing up and down and asked, “So Zhao Yao, are you planning to buy? These flats are currently very popular and you might miss your chance if you don’t decide now…”

“Yes, I’m buying. I’ll be paying the full amount straight up, no problems with that right?”

“Sure, let’s make a move first then, I still have other clients waiting…” Xiao Shi Yu thought Zhao Yao was not going to buy and had run her mouth off too quickly. She suddenly looked up and stared at him, “You… You just said you want to buy this flat? And you’re paying the full amount up front?”

Her mind could not believe what she just heard. This flat cost 10.8 million RMB without tax and the costs of furniture and electricity would add up to more than 11 million. Even to Xiao Shi Yu, this was a significant amount of money. She did not expect someone like Zhao Yao to be able to afford it.

Looking at her surprised expression, Zhao Yao was proud of himself, “That’s right, I’ve earned some money and planned to buy a house.”

Xiao Shi Yu, still finding it hard to believe, nodded and said, “That’s good, you can come with me to sign the papers.”

Zhao Yao then followed Xiao Shi Yu to a guest reception room which incited whispers among a few other salesgirls there.

A slightly plump salesgirl said, “He’s so young and dresses so normally. You can tell at one look that this kind of person can’t afford it.”

Another tall salesgirl said, “That may not be true. He might just be hiding his wealth.”

“Hehe, I think he is just interested in Xiao Shi Yu. Wasn’t there quite a few of them this month? Acting like they are interested in the house when they are just here for her.”

Just as the 3 of them were busy chatting, a cough interrupted them, and they quietened down.


The sales manager gave the 3 of them a glare and said, “That guy is buying a 148 square meters sized flat, and he’s even paying the full amount upfront. Next time, don’t judge too quickly.”

The three salesgirls were shocked to hear the manager’s words. As soon as the manager left, the fat girl exclaimed, “148 sqm flat, isn’t that over 10 million RMB? That guy is so rich?”

The tall salesgirl had a look of envy and said, “Xiao Shi Yu must be really lucky. Even though the commission is just half a percent, that’d still be tens of thousands RMB.”

“What is tens of thousands RMB to him?” the fat salesgirl added, “I wonder if he has a girlfriend. Whoever would buy me a 148 sqm flat in that building, I’d marry him right away.”

“Haha, you still dare to think about being his girlfriend? Xiao Shi Yu is already there, which means you’d never get your turn.”

While the salesgirls were laughing among themselves, in the reception room, Xiao Shi Yu was still stunned.

At this moment, the sales manager arrived and smiled, “Mr. Zhao, I’ve heard from Shiyu that you’d like to buy the flat on the 17th floor? The one that costs 10.8 million RMB?”

“That right. And I’d like to pay the full amount upfront.” On the outside, Zhao Yao appeared calm, but his heart was pumping hard. He would have preferred taking a loan, but doing so would result in not completing the mission on time.

The sales manager smile got even brighter upon hearing this news.

“Sure sure sure, let me go prepare the documents, please wait a short while.”