Chapter 5 - Aristocratic Shocking Love: The First Lady

Back At The Beginning

“Darling Mingcheng!” Yang Mengshan rushed into Zhao Mingcheng’s embrace and leaned against him, looking helpless. “I am pregnant with your child, now. You have to treat me well. I lost my mom when I was young. It’s my fervent hope to have a complete and blissful family.”

“Silly, don’t worry. I will definitely make you happy.”


Their conversation was like a sharp knife cutting Gu Youli, piece by piece.

She felt the pain deep within her bones. It was so agonizing that she’d rather be dead.

So, the one whom Zhao Mingcheng really loved, was Yang Mengshan. Since Yang Mengshan had caused her father, Gu Liangwei’s death, in order to cover up for her, he got together with Gu Youli.

The man, whom she had loved with all her heart, was actually a big fat liar and a murderer harboring nefarious motives.

He set her up ruthlessly and got her raped by another man just to break up with her.

Gu Youli’s eyes had been filled with tears, at first. All of a sudden, they turned fierce and violent and froze like ice chips.

“This is too much. How can you treat me like this? I wouldn’t let you off even if I’ve become a ghost!” Gu Youli bared her teeth as rage burned within her.

She rushed towards them without a care, as though she wanted to kill them.

However, at this moment, a strong suction from behind her stopped her in her tracks and she blacked out once again.

After some time, she opened her eyes. She had a splitting headache and realized that she was lying on a bed.

She lifted her head up and looked around. It seemed that the setting of this room was familiar yet foreign.

Gosh, wasn’t this the house in the little county where she used to live a few years ago?

Gu Youli sat up in shock and looked around again, dumbfoundedly. Her gaze finally stopped at the calendar on her study desk.

The date was the 6th of June, 2010.

That’s strange. Wasn’t she dead? How did she wake up again? And that too on a day seven years earlier?

Was she reliving her life?

The kind of narrative that only happened in novels was actually happening to her?

Gu Youli’s heart stopped for a moment. She quickly rushed to the mirror attached to her wardrobe.

In the mirror, she saw the face of a young girl with pretty features. Her hair was resting on her shoulders and her eyes were hazy because she had just woken up.

Gu Youli raised her trembling hand and touched her face. This was what she looked like when she had been 18 years old!

She was unable to describe the shocking feeling. She felt an urge to scream in excitement.

In order to confirm that this was not a dream, Gu Youli put her arm in front of her mouth and bit herself hard.

Ouch! The pain was real. She really wasn’t dreaming. She had gone back to when she was 18 years old.

The sun shone in and reflected blindingly into her clear eyes.

Every word, every scoff, and every expression of Yang Mengshan and Zhao Mingcheng resurfaced clearly in her mind at this moment and echoed in her ears. That episode had left a deep scar in her heart.

Gu Youli stared at herself in the mirror coldly and squeezed her fists slowly.

The corner of her lips formed into a cold scoff. “I’m back. Your performance is over.”

At this moment, the door clicked open from the outside.

A middle-aged man came in with a bowl of cold green bean soup.

When he saw Gu Youli standing in front of the mirror, the man smiled a little. “Youli, you’re awake!”

Gu Youli turned to look at him and smiled. “Daddy!”