Chapter 6 - Aristocratic Shocking Love: The First Lady


She was very agitated to see her father once again. Her eyes moistened. Daddy is still alive, this is great!

Gu Liangwei put the bowl of green bean soup on Gu Youli’s study desk and said with a loving smile, “Here, drink this green bean soup to stay calm and cool. Tomorrow is your college entrance exam. You must not get a heatstroke.”


Gu Youli relaxed her nerves and sat in front of her desk.

Holding the bowl of green bean soup, she smiled and said, “Thank you, Daddy!”

Gu Liangwei had held very high expectations of Gu Youli in her previous life but she did not manage to get into the college and he had been very disappointed in her.

Her life also lost its light on this very summer day!

It was also from this moment onwards, that Gu Liangwei showed more love towards Yang Mengshan and allowed her to have her way.

Then why did Yang Mengshan cause the death of her beloved father?

This was what Gu Youli could not understand. She needed to untie this knot. She needed to protect her father.

Even if Gu Liangwei were to show more love to Yang Mengshan, he was still her closest family member. He was also the only person who would sacrifice anything for her, unconditionally.

Ever since she was young, he had taken on the dual role of a father and a mother to bring her and Yang Mengshan up. It hadn’t been easy.

Right before the college entrance exam, Gu Liangwei’s love for Gu Youli had been much more than for Yang Mengshan. He was also worried about Gu Youli’s future and kept reminding her that she must do well in her exams.

However, Gu Youli had missed appearing for the exam because she lost her exam admission ticket.

Gu Youli still remembered the sorrow and pain of losing her father at that time. She did not want to experience it all over again, in this lifetime, she must protect her father well and would not allow Yang Mengshan to cause his death.

“Sis!” At this moment, a crisp voice floated in from outside.

Immediately, a young lady in a pleated skirt ran into the bedroom like a gust of wind.

Gu Youli lifted her gaze and saw a beautiful, smiling face.

Who else would this be but her younger sister, Yang Mengshan?

Only, at this point in time, Yang Mengshan had not changed her surname and was still called Gu Mengshan.

At this point, she also thought that Yang Mengshan and she were fraternal twin sisters.

However, that hadn’t been the case. They shared the same father but had different mothers.

This was all because of what happened when her father, Gu Liangwei, got drunk once. When her mother, Yang Zhen, was pregnant, Gu Liangwei had sex with a female colleague in a drunken state. That female colleague was Yang Mengshan’s mother, Yang Xiaoyun.

Yang Zhen passed away after giving birth to Gu Youli because of the difficult labor. Yang Xiaoyun was pregnant at that time but she did not tell Gu Liangwei about it. She gave birth to the child secretly. This child was Yang Mengshan. She left the child on Gu Liangwei and went away.

The children were only two months apart. Gu Liangwei was afraid that it would be troublesome while doing their household registration so he just said that they were fraternal twin sisters.

Gu Youli only found out about it when Yang Mengshan reunited with her maternal grandmother, Yang Cai. She went ahead and changed her surname a year after she entered the workforce post her graduation from college.

Gu Youli recalled that during the two-day break before the college entrance exam, Yang Mengshan had told her that she was stepping out to buy something and had gone out early that morning.

“Sis, guess who did I meet outside just now?” Yang Mengshan asked sweetly.

Compared to Gu Youli’s pretty looks, Yang Mengshan was more beautiful. Everything around her would lose their color the moment she simply stood there.

Her features were delicate. Her lips were red like cherries and her skin was snowy white. Although she was only 18 years old, her beauty was already beyond comparison. She looked like a masterpiece.

Coming from outside, her face was warm due to the blazing sun, looking like a red apple.