Chapter 1 - Aristocratic Shocking Love: The First Lady

Fell Into A Trap; Love Gone To Dust

Gu Youli took the lift up to the 18th floor and knocked on the door of the second room to the right. It was room 1808. Just as her fingers touched the door, it opened up on its own.

It was pitch dark in the room.


She called out, “Mengshan, Mengshan…”

But, she was met with silence. She wondered as to why Mengshan wasn’t replying to her.

Could she have left already? But then why didn’t she close the door?

Guided by the faint lights from the corridor, Gu Youli walked into the room slowly but suspiciously. She asked loudly, “Mengshan, are you in here?”

She extended her hand in the dark room to feel around for the switch.

Suddenly, her wrist was grabbed by someone. Immediately after that, she was pressed against the wall on one side.

Gu Youli’s heart started racing in fear. Before she could figure out what was going on, a tall figure pressed against her.

She was immediately assailed by the strong smell of alcohol. Gu Youli shrieked in horror. “Ah, who are you? What do you want?”

The man laughed, charmingly.

It was too dark to see his face but she could feel a cold aura that he was exuding.

Gu Youli’s heart thumped vigorously. She had absolutely no idea about what to do in this situation. She felt as though her heart was going to jump out of her mouth.

Her lips trembled as she said, “Let go…”

But before she could shout out the last word, her lips were blocked by a pair of burning lips that still held traces of alcohol on them.

The man’s kiss was like a hungry beast preying on his meal. It went from swallowing, to sucking, to nibbling, and finally devouring…

Gu Youli was shocked out of her wits. She was stuck between the cold hard wall and a burning hot chest as the forced kiss continued to create havoc on her senses.

However, she was stunned only momentarily and quickly regained her senses. She pushed the man away with all her might but to no avail. Instead, she was pushed even harder against the wall.

She wanted to shout out loud but her screams turned into moaning sounds after being ravaged by his mouth.

Her moans sounded seductive and bewitching in the pitch dark room, making the drunken man’s ravage even wilder.

Gu Youli straightened her arm and tried to feel for something that could help her.

However, all she could feel was the cold wall.

What should she do? What should she do? Gu Youli’s mind was in a complete mess. By this time, her clothes were being forcefully removed by the man.

Let go of me, let go of me! After screaming loudly countless times inside her head, Gu Youli finally got the chance. The chance to breathe and shout. She struggled with all her might and used her limbs to push the man away. She kicked him hard. “Let… let go of me. Hel…”

Unfortunately, she could not finish her last word.

Because her mouth was once again sealed tightly and her protesting limbs were also seized firmly.


Gu Youli screamed in her head.

Heavens seemed to hear her cry for help because the door of the room was pushed open from the outside.

The faint light from the corridor flooded into the room and Gu Youli could see the woman standing there.

It’s… Mengshan!! Great! She is saved!

Gu Youli opened her mouth and wanted to scream but suddenly, her beautiful eyes opened wide. She felt a piercing pain in her body which silenced all her screams.

With the help of the faint lights, Yang Mengshan, who was standing at the door, could barely make out the silhouettes of the man and woman, who were intertwined erotically in the dark room.

She apologized quickly and closed the door, leaving from there.


Shan, Help!!

Gu Youli shouted immediately without caring about the excruciating pain she was feeling.

However, the man had once again captured her lips. The light and the little hope, both had been extinguished and the room was filled with darkness, once again.