Chapter 2 - Aristocratic Shocking Love: The First Lady

Maligned, Eroded By Love

However, the man had once again grabbed her lips. The faint light from outside had been severed and the room was filled with darkness once again.

Hey! Hey! Mengshan, Mengshan… Yang Mengshan, why did you leave? How could you leave? Save me!


Gu Youli screamed inside her head. Her moist eyes were filled with despair.

The man was like a wild beast without any pity for her. He did not even seem to realize that it was the woman’s first time.

As time passed, Gu Youli’s body started to experience some changes slowly. Moans had started to escape from her lips…

“Enjoying it? Hmm?” The man’s dark pupils were filled with an evil charm. He was like a devil who had come from the darkness.

Gu Youli’s frail frame bounced up and down violently. She shook her head with all her might but the man on top of her did not seem to be tired. Instead, his thrusts became faster and faster.

Finally, Gu Youli lost track of how long it had been. She only knew that when the man finally released inside her with pleasure, she was completely drained from the torture.

Gu Youli, who had laid limply in bed, sat up to put on her clothes after she had regained a little energy.

However, before she could put her jacket on, the door to the room was opened once again.

Immediately, the light was switched on with a loud click.

Gu Youli looked at the three people standing at the door with something akin to horror.

Her boyfriend, Zhao Mingcheng, her younger sister, Yang Mengshan, and her good friend, Gu Huijun stood there.

The light was blinding in her eyes after such a long period of darkness.

The three of them were stunned. The first person to react was Gu Huijun. She shrieked in horror, “Ah!, Youli, you…”

The man who had fallen asleep on the bed woke up with a start and slowly sat up.

Gu Youli did not turn to look back at him. Everything was still. At this moment, her eyes were only focussed at Zhao Mingcheng.

Zhao Mingcheng was also glaring angrily at Gu Youli. His expression was filled with sorrow and anguish. He turned around to walk away without saying a word.

Gu Youli got up quickly and chased after him. The pain between her legs made her stop and take in a deep breath of the cold air.

However, she did not care about anything and staggered out of the room without even putting her shoes on.

She caught up with Zhao Mingcheng at the lift and started explaining to him anxiously, “Mingcheng, listen to me, hear me out. It’s…”


Zhao Mingcheng’s slap landed on Gu Youli’s face and interrupted her words.

Gu Youli was hit so hard that she fell on the floor.

Her cheek swelled up immediately and there was an imprint on her face of five distinct fingers. Blood started to trickle down from the corner of her lips.

Zhao Mingcheng was engulfed by fury. He reached out and grabbed Gu Youli’s hair as he howled. “Gu Youli, I must have been f*cking blind to treat you as a treasure. I didn’t even touch you because I respected you but here you are f*cking around with other men. This is infuriating. You promiscuous slut!”

That intense rage pierced into Gu Youli’s heart like a sharp knife.

Gu Youli’s heart felt suffocated at that moment.

She shook her head at Zhao Mingcheng anxiously and with grievance. “It’s not what you think. Mingcheng, it was against my will. I was forced…”

Why did Mingcheng give her the death sentence before even hearing her out?

She thought painfully.

Zhao Mingcheng shouted at her once again, “If you didn’t come here willingly, how could he have forced you? You don’t want to admit to what you did. You’re f*cking disgusting!”

Gu Youli felt as though her heart was split open with a knife. It was bloody painful.

She sat down on the floor limply and the sobs which came out of her were heart wrenching.

She cried and tried to explain to Zhao Mingcheng. “Mingcheng, please, believe me. It’s because Mengshan told me that my design won and had invited me here to celebrate!”