Chapter 3 - Aristocratic Shocking Love: The First Lady

Stolen Design

“What a wicked woman! When did your design win? It was Mengshan’s design that has won first place.” Gu Huijun threw the magazine which she was holding, at Gu Youli’s face, as she said that.

The magazine dropped to the ground. With a bad feeling in her heart, Gu Youli looked at it. Her limbs were trembling when she saw the winning design on the cover page.


That design was hers, indeed. It was exactly the same picture, the same idea, the same material…

Wait, why was the name of the designer different?

“A… my?” Gu Youli stared at it, wide-eyed.

She looked at Yang Mengshan in shock. “Isn’t Amy your name? Why are you the designer of this piece?”

Yang Mengshan glanced at Gu Youli innocently and replied to her in a soft voice, “Sis, this is my work. Of course, I am the designer!”

Gu Youli had stopped crying but her eyes started to turn red. She looked at Yang Mengshan in disbelief. “What? Your work?”

“Don’t tell me that you are claiming that it’s yours, Sis?” Yang Mengshan’s face had a harmless, bewildered expression.

However, in a split second, there was a near undetectable ruthlessness in her gaze.

Gu Youli felt as though her heart had fallen into an icy chamber all of a sudden and she started shaking.

She felt as though there was something heavy pressing on her chest and it was suffocating her. “What do you mean? This is my design.”

Gu Huijun spat the next words at Gu Youli. “Gu Youli, you’re so shameless. You’re actually saying that the design of Shangpin’s chief designer belongs to you, a jewelry salesperson? Even if you’re envious, there’s no need to go so far!”

Gu Youli shook her head. She put her hand on her chest and said, “Mengshan, you can’t do this. This is my design. Give me an explanation.”

Her breathing became shallow as she was overwhelmed with despair. She reached out to grab Yang Mengshan’s hand.

Yang Mengshan shouted in shock and wanted to throw Gu Youli’s hand away.

But Gu Youli’s grip on her was too tight and she could not free herself no matter how hard she tried. She looked towards Zhao Mingcheng and Gu Huijun in distress. “Brother Mingcheng, Sister Huijun, help me. Sis has gone crazy!”

Gu Huijun glared ruthlessly at Gu Youli and reached out to push her away.

At the same time, Zhao Mingcheng held Yang Mengshan’s hand and shoved Gu Youli forcefully as well. “Slut, let go of Mengshan.”

Gu Youli was struck so forcefully that she staggered backwards. Her head knocked against something hard and she felt an excruciating pain. Her vision became blurry.

Suddenly, she saw a handsome face through the haze. His features were refined, almost as if drawn personally by God. He was exuding the dignified elegance of an overbearing leader that made one want to worship him.

He looked at her. His sharp gaze was like an icy knife that was arrogant but he seemed to be nervous about something.

His thin red lips inched closer to her, seemingly to say something but she could not hear him.

Gu Youli could not see anything anymore, either!

She fell into darkness and lost consciousness!

When she regained her consciousness, all she could hear was Yang Mengshan calling out to her.

“Sis, Sis, wake up, Sis…” That voice sounded miserable and helpless.

Just then, a middle-aged man’s voice said apologetically, “I’m sorry. We’ve already done our best but we could not save the patient. She has passed away.”

Passed away? Who’s dead?

Gu Youli opened her eyes slowly and realized that she was lying in the emergency room of a hospital.

Zhao Mingcheng and Yang Mengshan were standing next to her.

As she looked at Zhao Mingcheng, her tears fell uncontrollably. She sat up immediately and reached out to hold his hand with the intent of explaining things to him again.

But, she realized in horror that her hand actually passed through his.