Nan Zhi covered her mouth in disbelief as she stood by the door.

The blood within her turned freezing cold and she stood there, as if petrified.

Her maternal grandfather was once a part of the big four families of Ning City. However, the family’s fortunes were reduced greatly after her uncle’s death in a car accident and her grandfather had passed away from high-blood pressure. His remaining assets were inherited by her mother, but her mother was not skilled in managing her assets. As her mental health was also not in a good state, the inheritance was then managed on by Nan Zhi’s father, Nan Weiye.

Her parents had filed for a divorce not long after. Her mother went abroad for treatment and recuperation while Nan Weiye continued to manage the company. She would never have expected that her father would have silently transferred the inheritance into his own private assets.

Nan Zhi had been living with Nan Weiye for the past few years. He spoiled her constantly, giving her whatever she desired and letting her do whatever she wanted. She was brought up to be proud and willful, arrogant and even overbearing. He had never said any harsh words towards her, even when she was disrespectful to her stepmother and stepsister, Ding Shuman and Nan Yao.

To her father, she was merely a spoiled daughter who was no longer of any use to him.

She would never have imagined that her father had married her mother only because of her grandfather’s assets. The most unbelievable thing was that Nan Yao was actually his biological daughter.

The father that she had always respected and loved was actually a wolf in disguise!

He was too cruel. How could he conspire with Nan Yao to help ruin her innocence?

Nan Yao was his daughter. Wasn’t she his daughter too?

A wave of inexplicable pain tore at Nan Zhi’s heart and she stumbled her way back to her room in a daze, her fever long forgotten.

Nan Zhi buried her face into her blanket and curled up into a fetal position. Within seconds, there was a large wet patch on her pillow.

Two months later.

Nan Yao and Bo Shaoxiu had gotten engaged.

Nan Zhi shook her head at the scene, her expression cold, as she watched the two exchange their rings and share a loving kiss.

Nan Zhi left the hotel immediately after leaving the ballroom where the reception was being held. She had no interest in staying any longer than was required.

Nan Yao chased after her with her head high and clad in her pretty ten-inch heels.

Nan Yao raised her eyebrows and smirked haughtily at Nan Zhi, completely unlike the gentle and harmless young woman she always portrayed in front of others. She stared contemptuously at Nan Zhi’s exquisite face. “Nan Zhi, I always had to restrain myself under your bad temper. I had tolerate you for so long so I could stand where I am today. I feel so accomplished seeing you fall to the dust and lose everything you once had.”

“Let me be frank with you. I have always felt nothing but disdain towards you. You are unworthy of everything you have. So everything that you’ve ever owned will be mine, including Shaoxiu Ge. I’ll be the Bo family’s young mistress in the future in your place. I’ll be the one everyone looks at and looks to. Even though you’ve always thought that I was the burden, my life will be a hundred times more wonderful than yours ever was and will ever be.”

“Haven’t you always looked down on my mother and I with your condescending attitude and arrogant face? Father is now the person in-charge of the company that your grandfather built up and left behind, and my mother and I will become part of the upper class. If you don’t like it, just try to stop us! Do you think Father would have tolerated you for so long if it wasn’t to help me get Shaoxiu Ge? He would have sent you abroad a long time ago!”

“Now that Shaoxiu Ge and I are finally engaged, scram! Go and find your crazy mother!”

Nan Zhi stared at Nan Yao’s disgusting, self-righteous face and lifted her hand threateningly. However, she had not even touched a strand of hair on Nan Yao’s head when Bo Shaoxiu stormed over, pushing Nan Zhi away ruthlessly. “Yaoyao is now my fiancée, don’t even think about harming her again!”

Nan Zhi felt extremely sick to her stomach as she watched Bo Shaoxiu escort Nan Yao back into the hotel, his arm wrapped around her protectively.

In the hospital.

A doctor wearing spectacles stared at the pale Nan Zhi as he held looked down at a copy of her results. He furrowed his eyebrows and passed her the report, “You’re pregnant.”

Nan Zhi shook her head in disbelief as she stared at the results of the check-up. “It’s impossible…”

“There isn’t any mistake. You had intercourse with someone at such a young age, if you know how to enjoy it, don’t you know about the proper methods of protection?”

Nan Zhi bit her lips, hard. Her lips reddened but nothing else changed. After a long while, she said slowly “I can’t have this child, doctor.”

She was only eighteen. She was still a child herself, how could she give birth to this child?!