Chapter 4 - Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Chapter 4: The Unbelievable Truth

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Nan Zhi was so angry that she was trembling from head to toe.

She glared at Bo Shaoxiu and lifted her chin arrogantly in retaliation.

How was this the warm and tender-hearted person who had cherished her when he was courting her?

She was the one who had suffered and taken a blow with what had happened last night. She felt wronged and the fury raged through her veins at the injustice.

She had been plotted against by Nan Yao and lost her innocence because of it. Not only did he not believe her, he was hurting her even more by believing the lies sprouted by Nan Yao and slandering her!

Was this the “like” that he had always proclaimed he had for her?

“Bo Shaoxiu, let me ask you one last time. It was Nan Yao who plotted against me last night. Do you believe me or do you believe her?”

“Where’s the evidence then?” Bo Shaoxiu had his hand on the angry red print on his cheek from Nan Zhi’s burning slap. His face stung and his expression was so dark and terrifying as he glared at her maliciously. “You don’t have any evidence to prove that Yaoyao framed you, because this is your true nature, promiscuous and shameless!”

Bo Shaoxiu was so angry he was almost spitting in rage. He liked her so much that he could withstand not being able to touch her because she was unwilling. He tolerated her excuses. He did not even kiss her. He could not believe she could betray him in such a way, and not only did she not cherish herself, she slept with another man after pretending to be pure and innocent!

Nan Zhi took one look at his face and knew that Bo Shaoxiu would not believe her no matter what she said.

Nan Yao was too good at hiding her true self. She would cry and tear up at the smallest things, making herself out to be the most innocent and harmless person in the world.

Nan Zhi took a deep breath, before her red lips curved into a cynical expression of disdain, “If that’s the case, Bo Shaoxiu, let’s end our engagement!”

Bo Shaoxiu was stunned.

She was able to end their engagement so easily. Did he have any space in her heart at all?

Nan Zhi turned away from him without a second glance. She walked towards Nan Yao, raised her hand and gave her a long, hard slap across the face.

“Nan Zhi, you…”


Another slap landed on her other cheek.

“Nan Zhi”

Slap, slap.

Two consecutive slaps.

Bo Shaoxiu grabbed Nan Zhi’s thin wrist, holding onto her wrist roughly. His expression was menacing. “You dare to hit Yaoyao again, Nan Zhi?”

Nan Yao’s fair and delicate face was puffy and swollen as she held onto her reddened cheeks, as her misty eyes welled up with tears.

She looked extremely pitiful.

However, she did not dare to hit Nan Zhi in front of Bo Shaoxiu.

“Brother Shaoxiu, my face hurts so much. I really didn’t plot against Nan Zhi last night, she’s accusing me…”

Bo Shaoxiu looked at Nan Yao’s red and swollen face. There was even blood at the side of her mouth. He then glanced at Nan Zhi’s slightly child-like but exquisite face. A glint of disgust flashed through his eyes at the thought of her sleeping with another man and he pushed Nan Zhi back without holding back any of his strength. “Tramp!” He then pulled Nan Yao, who was about to fall, into his embrace and held her tightly against him.

Nan Zhi was still wearing her high heels when he shoved her. Her body lost balance and she fell backwards from the force of his push, her back colliding hard against the coffee table. The sharp pain made her eyes tear up but she blinked them back quickly, not wanting to give them the satisfaction of seeing her hurt.

Nan Yan looked down at Nan Zhi and smiled wickedly, her expression pleased and eyes taunting as she leaned further into Bo Shaoxiu’s embrace.

Nan Zhi had a fever.

Her throat was scorching dry and she felt her body burning up as she tried her hardest to fall asleep.

Giving up, she got up from her bed and stumbled tiredly out of the bedroom, her whole body aching with pain. She needed to get some water to soothe her parched and aching throat.

As she passed by the master bedroom on the second floor, she saw a sliver of light from inside and heard some hushed murmurings. On an impulse, she walked towards the room.

“Master, aren’t you afraid that Nan Zhi will find out that you had a share in helping Yaoyao drug her?”

“If you don’t say anything, I don’t say anything, and Yaoyao doesn’t say anything, how would that girl find out?”

“That idiotic girl Nan Zhi would never have even dreamed that Yaoyao is actually your biological daughter. She also would never have guessed that we were lovers before you had even married her mother, and that you only married her mother because of her grandfather’s assets! How pitiful.”

Nan Weiye smirked coldly, “She definitely would not know since she’s as dumb as her crazy mother. She’s also been spoiled rotten by me. Besides, so what if she found out? I have already transferred all of the old man’s remaining assets so that they’re all under my name now.”

“Although we still don’t know who she slept with last night, her innocence has been completely ruined. The Bo family definitely wouldn’t want such a daughter-in-law anymore. Shaoxiu will only have Yaoyao in his eyes from now on and can love her wholeheartedly.”