Chapter 8 - Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Chapter 8: Taking His Car in the Rain

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Nan Zhi’s mother was a well-known anchorwoman when she was in her prime. Nan Zhi’s dream since she was a child was to follow her mother’s footsteps and sit on the broadcasting stage.

She learned broadcasting and hosting while she was abroad, in between looking after her mother and taking care of Xiaojie.

Yanran called Nan Zhi to tell her that NCTV Broadcasting Station was recently recruiting for an anchorperson.

“Pretty Zhizhi, I heard from Godma that you’re going for an interview at the broadcasting station, right?” Xiaojie, who was sitting on the medical bed wearing a white and black checkered medical gown, asked excitedly as he swung his long legs back and forth.

Xiaojie was a lot taller than most children his age. Nan Zhi could faintly remember that the man that she had slept with that night was very tall.

Although Xiaojie resembled her a lot, his height was probably inherited from that man.

“Pretty Zhizhi, Jie Gege knows that he’s good-looking, but aren’t you tired of looking at me after three years?”

Nan Zhi laughed at Xiaojie’s words. Her slender fingers pinched his soft cheek. “Mummy won’t get tired of looking at you for the rest of my life.”

“Wow, our Pretty Zhizhi really knows how to sweet-talk.” The boy’s sweet smile made his eyes sparkle, as if there were stars weaved into them. “I want kisses and hugs.”

Nan Zhi pecked Xiaojie’s tender cheek. “Of course! I only sweet-talk to Jie Gege.”

“Pretty Zhizhi, when I was chatting with Nurse Jiejie yesterday, she said that my eyes don’t look like yours. Do my eyes look like my bad daddy’s, who slept with you, but didn’t take responsibility?!”

Nan Zhi pursed her lips and smiled. “Maybe. I can’t remember how he looked like either.”

“Then you can start looking for him based on Jie Gege’s eyes? He might be the one if he looks like me.”

Nan Zhi laughed at Xiaojie’s child-like chatter.

She got up to change her clothes at the washroom. When she stepped back into the room, Xiaojie’s eyes brightened at the sight of Nan Zhi, “Pretty Zhizhi, you’re really, really pretty today!”

Although she was the mother of a cute three year-old, Nan Zhi was only twenty two years old this year. She was still in her youth, and looked vibrantly fresh and pretty, no matter what she wore.

Xiaojie pumped up his little fist into the air towards Nan Xiaojie, as his childish voice sounded, “Good luck, Pretty Zhizhi. Jie Gege can’t wait for the day where Zhizhi is sitting on the broadcasting stage.”

“Mummy will do her best. Thank you, baby.”

The sky was dark and cloudy, indicating an incoming storm.

The gods seemed to want to stop Nan Zhi from heading to the broadcasting station, as the taxi she was taking broke down after they got onto the highway.

A black Rolls Royce drove on the highway with its high beam on. The speed of the car decreased as it passed the other cars, while the wipers moved quickly to stave off the heavy rain.

Wei Lin, who had been driving steadily through blurry road, suddenly stepped hard onto the brakes, as the car almost knocked into a slender silhouette that had dashed over in the rain. It was fortunate that his driving skills were good enough, as he managed to stop the car a few centimeters away from the figure.

He looked through the rearview mirror as his head dipped slightly in apology at the sudden stop. The man had just returned from a business trip and had not rested properly for days. At the abrupt stop, he had already opened his obsidian eyes and narrowed them slightly. His sexy, scarlet lips opened slightly, “What happened?”

Wei Lin was ready to reply when someone suddenly rapped on the car window.

Wei Lin lowered the car window. A stream of wetness surrounded him,with the rain falling in and dampening the interior. His eyes showed a hint of surprise when he saw that it was a young lady who had knocked on the window.

“Young… young lady, is there anything you need?”

Nan Zhi smiled slightly at Wei Lin, who was so nervous that he appeared somewhat cute. Her dimples appeared faintly and made her appearance shine even more. Her beauty was incomparable. “Hello. It’s like this, the taxi that I was on broke down and it won’t be able to be fixed within a short time period. I’m in a hurry to attend an interview, is it possible for you to send me to a place where it’s convenient for me to get a taxi?”

Wei Lin looked behind him, intending to ask the person in the back seat. Nan Zhi, however, had mistaken his action and thought that he was telling her to sit in the back.

Nan Zhi opened the door and closed her umbrella, ready to get into the car. However, she then realized that the back was not empty, a man was already sitting there as well.