Chapter 9 - Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Chapter 9: It Can’t Be That Coincidental Right? He’s From Four Years Ago…

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Nan Zhi hesitated somewhat when she saw him, momentarily pausing her action to get into the car.

The man took off his suit jacket. He had a crisp white shirt underneath, together with a business vest over it, making his figure sharp and exquisite. There was a chest brooch on his vest and its elegant and classic design sparkled.

His long legs were spread slightly apart, his stance was proud and arrogant, while his long, defined fingers rested on his knee. She could see a glimpse of the expensive watch hidden under his sleeve.

He had his eyes closed slightly, while his head tilted towards the car window on his side. Nan Zhi could only see his well-defined nose, pursed lips and handsome jawline from where she was standing.

Although she could only see half of his face, it was still full of manliness.

He was very handsome but his appearance was detached and cold.

Even Nan Zhi, who had long been disappointed in men, had to resist the urge to turn his face towards her and take a good look at his face.

Pursing her lips, Nan Zhi got into the car and closed the door.

The car started again and Nan Zhi said a “thank you”.

The man next to her ignored her completely, while Wei Lin, who was sitting in front, replied with a curt welcome.

Nan Zhi was dressed professionally in a white shirt, paired with a black pencil skirt. Her sinful pair of long, fair legs were attractively on display. There was a large wet patch on the right side of her waist, and her shirt stuck tightly to her skin, showing a trace of her perfect waist line.

She tied her hair into a low ponytail, showing her gorgeous face in its full glory. With the blushing red lipstick on her pouty lips together with her fair skin, she was a vision, with an indescribable charm where one could not take their eyes off of her.

Even Wei Lin, who usually had substantial degree of self-control, surreptitiously glanced at Nan Zhi a few times through the rearview mirror.

However, the man next to Nan Zhi had no reaction. He remained in the same arrogant sitting posture he had been in since she got on the car, and totally ignored the beauty next to him.

Nan Zhi wiped away the water droplets on her body with a piece of tissue. She glanced at the man’s perfectly tailored black suit trousers from the corner of her eye.

Although she had not seen the man’s face from the front as he was turned towards the window, the man’s nose, lips and face shape were somewhat familiar to her.

She felt like a mess when she suddenly recalled the surprise she had felt, that morning four years ago.

Oh my god, it cannot be that coincidental, can it?

Nan Zhi’s gaze moved languidly up from the man’s trousers, taking her time to look him over. She took in his muscular chest and broad shoulders, pausing at his habitually pursed lips.

His lips were thin and fierce-looking, exuding an arrogance that placed him above everyone else.

Nan Xiaojie would purse his lips in such a manner when he was angry too.

Nan Zhi moved towards the man unconsciously.

With such a short distance between them, she could smell the man’s fresh, yet cold masculinity that was mixed with the faint smell of tobacco. He smelled deep and rich, yet dominant. It was a smell that was extremely attractive and could easily tug the hearts of women. It was hard to pull away and unconsciously, her heart beat a little faster.

As Nan Zhi had grown up in a rich family, she did not have a clear concept of what was considered to be a handsome man, as she had grown accustomed to seeing gentlemen dressed finely in the upper class.

The only thing she had on her mind was that she wanted to see what he looked like. She needed to see him from the front.

Her body moved even closer to him,

There was only a palm’s distance between them now.

Wei Lin glanced at the back through the rear mirror as he drove and was so surprised that his hands quavered. He pressed hard on the emergency brake in his panic at seeing Nan Zhi sitting next to the man.

Nan Zhi was not prepared for the sudden stop and her body fell forward from the strong momentum. Just as she thought she would collide against the back of the seat in front of her, a cold palm caught her wrist smoothly, holding her back in a firm grasp.

As Nan Zhi’s skin was soft and smooth, she could feel the calluses on the man’s hand the moment he caught her wrist.

It was dry, slightly cold and slightly numbing. It felt like it was gently exfoliating her. The firm fingers on her wrist pulled her back onto the seat with an easy grace.

Once she was seated steadily, the man released his grip and said coldly without looking at her, “Sit over there!”