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Mu Sheng had learned how to ski for the sake of Li Ming, but she was a fool who could not tell snowboards and skis apart. It was as clear as day that Ruan Yingying wanted someone to make her look good.

However, her ruse was going to fail badly today.


The new Mu Sheng loved to ski. Also, she had come in champion in several skiing competitions.

Ruan Yingying imperceptibly frowned when she saw how calm Mu Sheng was. Something was amiss with Mu Sheng today.

The ski resort consisted of the professional course and the recreational course.

Despite being a provincial-level competitive skier, that was all in the past seven to eight years ago. Since Ruan Yingying was out of practice, she was only considered an amateur.

Hence, the film crew chose to use the recreational ski track to be safe.

“Are you ready?” A camera was set up at the bottom of the slope.

Ruan Yingying waved to indicate she was all set.

In a second, Ruan Yingying bent her knees slightly, used her feet to control the direction of her skis, leaned into the slope, and gained speed.

Although Ruan Yingying was out of practice, her foundation was still there.

Ruan Yingying’s black hair fluttered in the wind. Even though she usually had a gentle image, she was still beautiful with this somewhat contrasting sporty air.

Since Ruan Yingying did not warm up properly, her legs started to cramp after she did a 180-degree flip, so she slowed down and stopped.

“I hope that was okay.” Ruan Yingying smiled at the camera gently.

“It was fantastic! You certainly live up to your name as a provincial-level competitive skier. You are still as good.”

“Uh huh. Yingying, you are too modest.”

Ruan Yingying’s skiing was amazing compared to an average person, so everyone circled her as they exclaimed excitedly.

Ruan Yingying lowered her head shyly when everyone praised her. She looked at Mu Sheng by the side. “Sheng, why don’t you give it a go?”

“Okay.” Mu Sheng smiled before she turned to walk away.

“Where is she going?” The film crew hurriedly gestured for the cameraman to follow her.

“What’s she doing? It’s just skiing, right? Even if she can’t ski, she can’t just leave. It is such an embarrassment for our band,” muttered Chen Jiao in her heart.

To everyone’s surprise, Mu Sheng had not left the filming location. Instead, she went over to the professional obstacle course by the side.

Everyone was puzzled. What was Mu Sheng doing?

The moment Mu Sheng reached the course, an employee stopped her. “Miss, this is a professional facility and might be too hard for you. Why don’t you use the recreational track over there instead?”

The film crew had followed behind Mu Sheng.

The film crew suppressed his fury. Mu Sheng was not only late, but she also delayed the filming by making trouble. “Mu Sheng, get over here. Stop holding us up!”

Mu Sheng turned around and asked, “Director, didn’t you ask me to ski?”

“Do you know where you are standing?” Chen Jiao stepped forward and looked at Mu Sheng in contempt. “Who do you think you are?”

The commotion made some ski team members come over.

Mu Sheng looked at a man dressed in red ski gear. “You made a mistake when you did the ski jump.”

“Sheng, stop it.” Ruan Yingying stepped forward and walked over to the man dressed in red ski gear. “Instructor Qin, I’m so sorry. She tends to be blunt but means no harm.”

Ruan Yingying looked at Mu Sheng. “He is the instructor for Province A, Qin Lei. He’s a renowned local expert. Hurry up and apologize.”

The team member who came over with Qin Lei found it funny. “Instructor Qin’s moves were perfect. I didn’t see any problems with it.”

All eyes were on Mu Sheng, and they were waiting for her to apologize.

Only the film crew noticed that Qin Lei did not look angry at all. Instead, he was astounded.

Sure enough, in a second, Qin Lei unexpectedly laughed and clapped. “You have keen eyes. Even my ski team failed to see it, but you shockingly did.”

The flatland length of the ski track had a minor difference from the one he usually used, so he made a small error.

Since he was highly experienced, he merely swayed slightly. It was so slight that even his team failed to notice it. However, this young woman astonishingly caught it.

Qin Lei’s acknowledgment left everyone looking at Mu Sheng in shock.

How did she know? Was it a wild guess?

Mu Sheng looked at Instructor Qin. “You jumped too early.”

Qin Lei looked stunned when Mu Sheng said this.

He only jumped half a second early. The problem was so minuscule that his ski team had failed to notice it, but the lass managed to detect it even though she was nowhere near the ski track.

“You have really sharp eyes.” Qin Lei admired Mu Sheng’s talent, so his eyes lit up. “I’m sure you love skiing too.”

Mu Sheng glanced at the awkward Ruan Yingying before she smiled. “I love skiing.”

“Why don’t you come in and ski?” Qin Lei invited Mu Sheng to join them enthusiastically.

Everyone went up the professional course at a loss.

An odd feeling rose in the director’s heart when he saw Qin Lei walking side by side with Mu Sheng.

The highlight of the show was probably going to be Mu Sheng.

He furtively told the cameraman to focus on Mu Sheng.

The professional ski track consisted of a slope and a ski jump zone filled with obstacles.

The skier had to overcome each obstacle, and the length of the ski jump was built following the standards for national competitions.

Everyone felt scared just looking at the jagged ski track, but Mu Sheng was going to ski down the course.

Even a highly skilled amateur might not be able to land safely, let alone a girl like Mu Sheng.

A ski team member felt bad for Mu Sheng, so he stepped forward and helped to talk them out of making her ski. “The slope here is so hard that even I have trouble finishing it. If you want to ski, why don’t we do it over there instead?”

Since Ruan Yingying used to ski competitively, she was keenly aware of the track’s difficulty. She glanced at Mu Sheng, who was talking to Qin Lei, before she stepped forward and said, “It’s really dangerous. I don’t think you can finish the course. Why don’t we go back to the other course instead?”

“It’s fine.” Mu Sheng raised her head and glanced at the track. She had practiced countless times in her past life, so the ski track was like home to her.

Ruan Yingying lowered her head and concealed the smile on her face.

Sure enough, she was an idiot that always got goaded into action.

Qin Lei was the only person who looked at Mu Sheng with anticipation. After he chatted with the girl, he realized that she sounded very professional.

Mu Sheng had gone to change her gear and did not come back for a long time.

A member of the film crew came over and secretly said to the director, “We have to finish editing the episode by tomorrow night. If we keep waiting, we won’t have time to finish it. Why don’t we cut Mu Sheng’s parts and stop waiting for her?”

The director checked the time. “Fine. I…” Before he finished his sentence, he stood dumbstruck.

He abruptly stopped mid-sentence. The film crew was puzzled, so he turned to look in the same direction and went stunned.

A light black silhouette was gliding towards them at high speed.

Mu Sheng’s exquisite profile could be seen when she came close to them.

In comparison to Ruan Yingying’s slow, graceful moves, Mu Sheng was utterly swift and lithe as she glid past them like the wind.

Mu Sheng jumped right onto the rails after gaining speed using the slope.

The rails were long and narrow, so they were hard to stand on to begin with. However, Mu Sheng looked like she was walking on flat ground in the skis.

She looked like a nimble snow leopard as she looked on with her eyes narrowed while she went over the wall of snow and glided over the slope.

Mu Sheng’s black ski gear was in stark contrast to the snow and brought out her speed.

She skied smoothly nonstop.

Mu Sheng quickly skied through the obstacle course and gained speed once more.

She leaped from the ski jump and did four continuous backflips before she somersaulted 1440 degrees and landed. The momentum was so strong that she left snow flying in the air.

Mu Sheng stood still.

The crowd went silent.

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