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Only the sound of machines was audible. At the center of the operating table, the heavily anesthetized woman suddenly opened her eyes.


Mu Sheng frowned as she studied the environment, and memories flooded into her mind.

Mu Sheng was about to get up when she suddenly heard a sound at the door, so she quickly closed her eyes.

The door opened, and a man and a woman walked in.

“Ming, will my sister suffer any side effects from kidney donation? Will she be in pain?” Mu Xiao frowned with tears welling in her eyes as she leaned into Li Ming’s arms delicately.

“She was the one who made you so sick. If taking her kidney isn’t enough, I will draw all the blood from her body to cure you.” Li Ming could not help feeling sad when he saw the tears in Mu Xiao’s eyes. “She did this to you because you were too nice, you know? There there. Stop crying. It breaks my heart to see you cry.”

“Boohoo. I’m sure that’s not what she meant to do. It was a pure accident. I’m certain she didn’t purposely push me,” said Mu Xiao as she lowered her head and looked somewhat worried. She looked utterly frail and pitiful. “Will she blame me when she wakes up?”

“No, she won’t. It’s her honor to donate a kidney to you.” Li Ming hurriedly comforted the love of his life.

Mu Sheng could not bear listening to them and frowned. What melodrama was this couple up to?

The moment Mu Xiao saw Mu Sheng move, she looked worried. “Ming, is she going to wake up? I’m leaving. I’m afraid she might get angry if she sees me.”

“Uh huh. Makes sense for you to leave,” said Li Ming as he saw Mu Xiao out the door. By the time he returned, Mu Sheng had sat up.

Li Ming was instantly stunned.

He grew up with Mu Sheng and knew that she was good-looking, but her domineering personality and poor sense of style made Li Ming find her distasteful and ugly.

Mu Sheng quietly sat in bed dressed in only plain colored hospital robe with her hair scattered behind her shoulders.

It finally dawned on Li Ming that Mu Sheng had such exquisite features and beauty. Her cold eyes were particularly stunning.

Li Ming was stunned for a second before he smiled and walked over to Mu Sheng. “Sheng, the test results are out. You and your little sister are a match. The operation will take place in three days.”

“Is that so?’ Mu Sheng was feeling giddy from all the memory flooding her head, so she automatically frowned.

Li Ming hated Mu Sheng but inexplicably had the urge to help Mu Sheng smooth her brow. “Uh huh. Sheng, you certainly are as kind as ever.”

Mu Sheng said nothing, so Li Ming added, “Don’t worry. My engagement with Mu Xiao isn’t real. She’s just doing it to help you save your spot as Mrs. Li. Once you have divorced Li Hanchen, I will marry you in no time.”

Since Mu Sheng was trying to get accustomed to this new body, she felt a little sick. Now that she had heard this pretentious little speech, she could not help feeling disgusted. “What do you love about me? My kidney or my blood?”

Li Ming panicked. Had she heard their conversation? “Sheng, what do you mean by that?”

“I’m telling you to leave,” said Mu Sheng as she got off the bed.

“Sheng, it’s not what you think.” Li Ming reached his hand out to hug Mu Sheng. Instead, Mu Sheng kicked him so hard that the cabinet beside him toppled to the side from the force.

Li Ming clutched his chest and looked at Mu Sheng in disbelief as she left the operating theater.

The frail-looking Mu Xiao stood at the door and walked up to Mu Sheng when she saw her. “Sheng, are you okay?”

Mu Sheng glanced at Mu Xiao. She recalled how the original owner of the body had so-called accidentally pushed Mu Xiao down the stairs and smiled.

An accident? It was more like a set-up, right?

“Come here. I have something to tell you.” Mu Sheng raised her head and looked around before she walked over to a blind spot of the security cameras.

“What?” Mu Xiao followed behind her. “Sheng, I’m not trying to snatch Li Ming from you. Please don’t be mad. Our engagement is just for show.”

“You claimed that I pushed you down the stairs.” Mu Sheng’s cold voice echoed within the fire escape as she turned to look at Mu Xiao frostily. “Did I push you like this?”

Before Mu Xiao realized what Mu Sheng was up to, Mu Sheng had pushed her down. Mu Xiao rolled down the stairs in horror as she screamed.

Mu Sheng retrieved a piece of tissue from her pocket, wiped her hands, tossed it into the trash can, and left briskly.

The hospital ward was located on the tenth floor, and Mu Sheng decided to take the stairs. She quietly organized these unfamiliar memories in her head as she went downstairs.

The original owner of this body was the Mu family’s eldest daughter. Her mother was her father’s first wife, and Mu Xiao was her younger stepsister.

Since Mu Xiao had a weak constitution, everyone in the family doted on her more. Hence, Mu Sheng ended up increasingly short-tempered and kept accidentally pushing Mu Xiao down the stairs, into the water, or even ripping her intravenous drip from her arm.

Mu Sheng’s family increasingly hated her because of this vicious cycle, so when the firstborn son of the Li family fell ill and needed to marry someone to counteract his bad luck, they made Mu Sheng marry Li Hanchen.

Her family completely deserted Mu Sheng, so the only hope she had was for her childhood friend, Li Ming, to save her.

However, Li Ming’s lover was unexpectedly her delicate little sister, Mu Xiao.

Li Ming pretended to love Mu Sheng so that Mu Sheng would willingly offer her organs to Mu Xiao.

After Mu Sheng had gone through the memories, she shook her head sadly. The previous owner of the body failed to discover their plot and lost everything.

She used to be an accomplished winner in her past life. Why did she transmigrate and end up becoming this sad, foolish woman?

The moment Mu Sheng left the hospital, her phone rang like mad.

“Mu Sheng!!! Don’t you know we are filming ‘Every Day Is an Inspiration’ today? Where the hell are you? If you don’t get your a*s here in 30 minutes, you will get kicked out of Sunny next week!” roared the talent agent furiously into the phone.

“Okay,” replied Mu Sheng before hanging up the phone. She hailed a cab and told the driver where to go.

“Why am I so unlucky to have to work with an artist like her?” The talent agent was furious after Mu Sheng hung up on him. “If she’s late, I’ll ensure she gets kicked out. Or else, I will change my surname to hers!”

The largest ski resort in the country was located midway up the snowy mountain, and the filming for this episode of “Every Day Is an Inspiration” was taking place there.

The guests had arrived at the ski resort, so the film crew did a headcount before they started filming.

There were three hosts and four guests in total. Other than Mu Sheng, all of them had arrived.

“Where is Mu Sheng? Why isn’t she here yet? Ruan Yingying, do you know where she is since you are closer to her?” The person in charge looked at a stunning girl beside him.

“Mr. Wang, I don’t know either.” Ruan Yingying opened her eyes wider. “I already reminded her to wake up early today.”

On the surface, nothing seemed unusual about what she said. However, she was implying that Mu Sheng had woken up late.

The film crew only agreed to let Mu Sheng appear on the program on account of Ruan Yingying. Instead, she failed to appreciate the opportunity, so the film crew had an even worse impression of her.

“Why isn’t Mu Sheng here yet? Is she crying in some corner and afraid to show her face?” said one of the girl band members, Chen Jiao, furtively.

“Haha!” Su Tao covered her mouth and looked at Chen Jiao. “She is probably upset because Yingying managed to become the female lead. Tsk tsk. What made her think she stood a chance? That is Director Yang’s biggest project this year. How dare she secretly go for the audition? Haha! Who does she think she is?”

“Call her again.” The film crew checked the time annoyingly. “If you can’t get her, let’s start filming without her. In any case, she is unimportant.”

“Don’t bother. I’m here.” A cold female voice rang from behind.

Everyone turned to look and was instantly stunned.

Mu Sheng stood in the snow. She lifted her chin slightly and looked at them somewhat loftily. Her black ski wear complemented her face and made her even more gorgeous.

Even though she looked the same, she felt like a new person.

She used to look like a coward, but she gave off a glacial aura today and seemed like a cold blade standing confidently in the snow.

Despite his anger, the film crew unexpectedly panicked when Mu Sheng looked at him coolly. He waved his hand. “I’m glad you’re here. Standby everyone. We will start filming.”

“Sheng, are you okay?” asked Ruan Yingying gently with concern.

Mu Sheng glanced at Ruan Yingying before she lowered her eyes and ignored her.

“What’s wrong? Are you angry with me?” whispered Ruan Yingying.

“Yingying, ignore her. Sheng must be jealous of you. Just look at her. How could she have the audacity to go and audition for Director Yang’s show?”

“Don’t say that about her.” Ruan Yingying forcibly smiled as she comforted her bandmates. This made her bandmates console her again.

Everyone was here, the film equipment was in place, and filming started.

“Welcome to ‘Every Day Is an Inspiration’. Today, we have with us the girl band Sunny. Let’s put our hands together to welcome them!”

The host introduced each of the band members. The other girl band members greeted the audience enthusiastically when the camera landed on them.

Mu Sheng looked up when it was her turn. The bangs by the side of her forehead fluttered and landed on her curly eyelashes. She was a natural beauty.

“I’m Mu Sheng.” She spoke concisely.

The director quickly waved his hand for the cameraman to move the camera. After all, Mu Sheng was just a burden in the band. No one would miss her if he did not film her.

Mu Sheng was cut from the picture as she stood by the side while the three band members were surrounded by the hosts and given a 360-degree shot.

Ten minutes into the filming, everything was going according to the director’s plans.

Ruan Yingying found it odd that filming was going so smoothly. Why did Mu Sheng not kick a fuss this time? In the past, she was in the habit of stealing the limelight. Why was she so quiet this time?

Ruan Yingying glanced at Mu Sheng from the corner of her eye. Mu Sheng was calmly making snowballs as though the filming had nothing to do with her.

Something was up with Mu Sheng today. Did she finally get smart, or was she pretending to be strong?

Ruan Yingying looked at Mu Sheng’s exquisite profile and felt upset. Mu Sheng was certainly gorgeous. If not for her lousy reputation and pushover personality, there was no way Ruan Yingying would have been made the bandleader.

“Yingying, we know you were once a provincial-level competitive skier, so you are an excellent skier. You absolutely have to show us your skiing today.”

The camera focused on Ruan Yingying. She veered her eyes and smiled shyly. “You’re too kind. I haven’t practiced in a long time, so I’m a little rusty.”

“Yingying, you are so modest. We invited some professionals to help today, so please ski for us.”

“Okay. If you insist.” Ruan Yingying stepped forward but halted and suddenly turned to look at Mu Sheng in the corner. “Sheng loves to ski too. Why don’t we do it together?”

The moment Ruan Yingying finished her sentence, the camera landed on Mu Sheng.

She was making a snowman, and her fingertips were slightly red.

Mu Sheng did not make a scene like she did in the past. Instead, she was as quiet as ice and seemed absolutely composed as she gave off a cool aura.

She glanced at Ruan Yingying quietly and smiled. “Sure.”

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