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Mu Sheng was instantly wary. She swiftly smelled the faint scent of medicine. “Li Hanchen?”

The lights turned on with a click. Mu Sheng raised her head to see a gorgeous young man before her. He had a sharp nose and his lovely eyes were slightly narrowed with his face as cold as ice.


“Get up,” said Li Hanchen with a frown as he looked imperceptibly pale.

“Okay.” Mu Sheng finally realized that she was still in Li Hanchen’s arms. She stood up calmly and straightened her garments. “Sorry.”

Mu Sheng walked over and got herself a drink. Her calves were so fair and fine that they glowed under her nightdress.

Li Hanchen was incapable of appreciating this with every meridian in his body in excruciating pain like they were on fire. It felt as though every part of his body was being stabbed repeatedly with needles.

Despite the agony, Li Hanchen did not show it on his face at all. Even though it was winter, a fine layer of sweat had gathered on his forehead.

Mu Sheng walked past Li Hanchen after having a drink. She glanced at him before she continued walking.

Mu Sheng halted after two steps when she saw the $250 warmer bag on the table.

Never mind. She would do it to return the kid’s favor.

Mu Sheng turned to walk up in front of Li Hanchen. “Give me your hand.”

Li Hanchen raised his head to look at Mu Sheng with his deep eyes. After looking at her quizzically for a moment, he reached his hand out.

Mu Sheng placed her fingers on Li Hanchen’s wrist. The more she examined his pulse, the more she looked at him in shock.

The man seemed to have gotten badly poisoned before. Also, his bones had gotten severely broken previously in most parts of his body. Other than his skin which was holding everything together, he was terribly weak inside.

He was physically completely drained.

Even at this moment, Li Hanchen was probably suffering from excruciating pain, but he did not show it the slightest.

Mu Sheng could not help feeling impressed by his high pain tolerance.

Li Hanchen frowned as a wave of pain surged through him. “If you have no other business, go to bed.”

Instead, Mu Sheng unexpectedly took off Li Hanchen’s jacket. Before he could wrap his mind around it, Mu Sheng had already pressed his major acupuncture points and massaged him a few times along his meridians.

Li Hanchen surprisingly sensed the pain diminished a lot. He could even sense slight warmth radiating from his thoroughly depleted meridians.

He finally took a close look at Mu Sheng.

Mu Sheng was concentrating on massaging his waist with her eyes down. Her eyelashes looked like tiny fans as they cast a shadow on her face.

She was slim, graceful, and had a smooth flawless complexion.

Since Mu Sheng tended to get engrossed while she was working, she failed to detect him looking at her.

Li Hanchen kept his eyes on her while she massaged him.

Mu Sheng’s arms felt sore and finally stopped about 30 minutes later.

The pain had diminished a lot and was insignificant in comparison to what Li Hanchen had endured in the past.

“Okay. I will write you a prescription tomorrow. Just take the medicine for a few days and it will help with the pain.” Mu Sheng yawned. She turned to walk away now that it was her bedtime.

Li Hanchen watched as Mu Sheng went upstairs. He pushed against the couch and stood up gradually. To his surprise, the pain had not only diminished but he could sense some warmth coursing through his body after feeling icy cold for years.

Li Hanchen frowned. He looked upstairs quizzically before heading to his bedroom.

The soft glow of the moon quietly scattered on their little villa as they slumbered.

It was a sunny day the next day and the sunlight poured in through the windows onto the bed.

The man sleeping in bed suddenly opened his eyes with a profound look in his eyes. Li Hanchen retrieved his phone from the side.

It was 8:30 am.

It was the normal time for average people to wake up at. Since Li Hanchen had been tortured by pain all night for almost ten years, it was the first time he slept in past 5:00 am.

Li Hanchen called someone when he sensed the warmth in his body that he had not felt in years.

“Morning, Mr. Li.”

“Qin Kai, did the experts say that my meridians were depleting and dying?”

Qin Kai clenched his phone before he said sadly, “Yes, Mr. Li.”

“After getting massaged last night, I can sense warmth seeping from my meridians and my pain has improved. Can you ask the experts why this happened?”

“Okay, Mr. Li.”

Qin Kai was an efficient worker, so he called back five minutes later. Despite his professional tone, he felt inexplicably disappointed. “Mr. Li, our experts say that massages done by Chinese physicians might be able to alleviate the pain temporarily, but…”

“Got it.” Li Hanchen knew what Qin Kai was going to say even before he finished his sentence.

His world-class medical team had already informed him that he was critically ill. He should not have harbored any hope when he suddenly detected some warmth in his body after so many experts had confirmed there was no chance he would recover.

However, there was certainly something amiss with Mu Sheng. “Has anything changed with Mu Sheng in the past couple of days?”

“Yes, she did.” Since Mu Sheng and Li Ming were in close contact, Qin Kai kept their eyes on them, but Mu Sheng had behaved abnormally for the past two days. “Ever since yesterday, she had been particularly strange.”

“What do you mean?”

Qin Kai was at a loss about how to explain. “I gathered some videos. You can take a look.”

“Uh huh.”

Qin Kai swiftly sent a zipped file after he hung up.

Li Hanchen watched each video.

Mu Sheng kicked Li Ming aside before she pushed Mu Xiao down the stairs. Also, her astounding skiing at the ski resort looked so professional that it was impossible to do it without ten years of training.

Li Hanchen’s eyes turned dark as he watched the videos.

She certainly was not the same Mu Sheng. Who was she? Who sent her? Why was she sent?

Just as Li Hanchen pondered deeply, someone knocked on the door. Auntie Li’s voice could be heard. “Young Master, are you coming downstairs for breakfast?”

“Uh huh,” replied Li Hanchen before he turned off the videos.

Mu Sheng and Li An were already at the dining table when he went downstairs.

“Big Bro,” greeted Li An.

“Uh huh.”

Li An glanced at Li Hanchen before looking at the empty table nearby and acted casual as he said, “Wasn’t there a heat pack on the table last night? Where has it gone?”

Li Hanchen’s eyes turned slightly and looked cold. “I threw it out. Stop buying nonsense.”

“Huh. Okay.” Li An looked sad as he prodded the bun in front of him.

Mu Sheng raised her eyes to glance at Li Hanchen. Was it thrown? She clearly saw the packaging outside Li Hanchen’s door when she came out of her room this morning.

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